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Back – the biggest part of the body. This is a perfect “canvas” for the masters and lovers of large, complex compositions. It is a place where can be shown your fancy.

Full Back Tattoo Design


Full back tattoo for female, it has a skull largely drawn on the upper part and the face of a woman down to the thighs.

A Beast Beating Drum Back Tattoo Design


A beast beating a drum is drawn here with some Celtic pattern around it.It has a very artistic colorful design.

The Fox and Basketball


Left upper back tattoo- A fox colored in sky blue and orange with a basketball hoop. A very good back tattoo design for basketball lovers.

Skull and Mandela Back Tattoo Design Idea



The mandala drawn in a triangle for the upper part, then a skull drawn in the lower part. The black ink used enhanced the design.

Elephant Headed god


An Hindu god drawn fully over the back.An elephant-headed god, a monk

Wing Feather Back Tattoo Design


Wings drawn in this upper back tattoo that extends to the arm.



This is an idea for a cool back tattoo for men, “Humphery” is boldly on the top while the faces of 2 ladies are drawn in the lower part.

Money Themed Back Tattoo Design


Money themed- This has faces, eyes and money drawn around the right corner.

Tiger and the Anaconda



Cool back tattoo of a tiger fighting off an anaconda.

Flower Themed Back Tattoo Design


This is a slight flower drawn well round the back but not fully.

Ancient Greek Back Tattoo Design


Ancient Greek inspired cool back tattoo, some ancient people drawn around it.

Rough color


Woman’s face drawn around a rough shade patterned back tattoo.

Rose and Birds Back Tattoo Design


Back tattoo of rose and birds, beautiful as it’s simplicity.

Full back tattoo of a girl in a carnival mask


Full back tattoo of a girl in a carnival mask, rose flower with butterflies at the bottom. This is a cool back tattoo for females.

Colorful Dragon and Scorpion

1-3-640x800-9636588 Colorful dragon and scorpion inspired back tattoo.

See the masterpieces of tattoo art

Oftentimes, you may see masterpieces of tattoo art as amazing refined works. On the creation of large paintings on the back, which consists of hundreds or thousands of elements, takes months or even years, so it is painstaking and scrupulous work. Withal, the finished picture can be constantly updated with new features.

Viking Inspired Back Tattoo


Viking inspired back tattoo- a viking skull for the most part then 2 dragon faces, facing each other in the lower part.


A colorful masterpiece, yellow, blue, green and pink, all nicely colored for a cool look.

Vikings Back Tattoo Design


A viking’s skull drawn largely across the back.

Lady’s Face Back Tattoo Design


This back tattoo has a lady’s face in the twilight.

Flowers, an Eagle, a Skull, Cross and the Bible


This has the combination of different items and features including; flowers, an eagle, a skull, cross and the bible.

An old castle themed back tattoo


Castle- This is an old castle themed back tattoo, clouds in the sky and roses below the castle. 2 gaurds drawn at the upper part with a flower between them.

The Hawk and the Snake


An hawk trying to attack a snake.

Ship Themed Tattoo Design


A pirate’s ship drawn full over this back tattoo for men in an enclosed flower frame.


The skull with sword through in the upper part, an eagle fighting off a snake is largely drawn in a flower frame for the large part.

Troubled Ship


A ship in distress- a pirate’s ship been attacked by an octopus, all drawn in a frame.

A Lady Wrapped By Snake


A lady wrapped by a snake largely on this tattoo with flower around it and web below.

A Dragon and a Lady Themed Tattoo Design


A dragon in the upper part with a girl below.

Large Butterfly Back Tattoo Design


A cool pattern back tattoo for female- a large butterfly drawn below dark shades pattern.

Soaring Bird Back Tattoo Design


A bird spreading its wings and soaring.


The drawing on the back can be a small size and neatly housed in a separate zone.

War Themed Back Tattoo Design



A knight welding his sword in battle with a wounded horse.

Chinese Royal


Face of an ancient Chinese royal below dark shades and some flowers around it.

Scorpion Themed Back Tattoo Design


An upper back tattoo of a scorpion.

The Mandela and Dream Chaser


The mandala and dream catcher drawn below it.

Big Flower Tattoo Design


A beautiful art, largely of flowers all shaped in a nice pattern.

Ancient Inspired Tattoo Idea


This is a majorly quote inspired back tattoo with small quotes all around.

Tattoo of peoples of the world

The tradition to cover the back with images is rooted in ancient times. Ancient Incas, who valued fighting coloring of bodies, drew the back like a complex and colorful picture. And today, the area of the back – the most convenient place to carry out patterns.

Thin Lined Back Tattoo Idea


Thin line back tattoo- A girl using a hand fan drawn all over the back.

Dragon Bird Back Tattoo Design


Dragon bird in a pose looking at the sky.

Beast and Flowers


A laughing beast with horns and flowers around it.

Fiery Character Back Tattoo Design


Another beast, but fiery looking with red eyes in this back tattoo.

Bold Dark Inked Back Tattoo Design


Looking closely at this, there are 2 characters drawn over each other, one has a sword to his mouth and line patterns are drawn around them.

Skull Frame with Characters


Skull frame- The eyes sockets has different face drawn in it, another face drawn on the forehead.

Masked Back Tattoo Idea


The mandala drawn in mask type back tattoo.

Scale Patterned Back Tattoo Design


Reptile’s body scale drawn in 2 sides of this back tattoo to the arm.

There are several reasons for applying the tattoo on your back:

A man with wings inspired tattoo, the man here is on one knee.

Application the tattoo on the back

Unfortunately, this process is very painful, but the desire to buy an unusual decoration is stronger than any pain. Another disadvantage of such a tattoo – a place at which you should take care is uncomfortable. It is also worth considering that the picture will please only other people, the owner will be able to see it only in the mirror.


This is a slightly drawn tree with birds flying around for this back tattoo.


A dark patterned environment influenced tattoo.

Attention and treatment

Nowadays, if you do a tattoo in the professional salon, the risk of harm to health is reduced to zero.



How to care for a new pattern

  1. Step one: dressing. The tattoo is ready, and you want to show it to a whole world, but you should wait a little. The master should bind it for keeping the area of application sterile and accelerate the healing process. Usually, this is done by using a thin gauze and bandage. You will be able to remove the bandage after a few hours.2-2-7908018
  2. Step two: keep the tattoo clean. Make sure that nothing rubs your skin: for patterns in the lower back, make sure that the strap not rubs it. Wash your hands before removing the bandage and each time touching the tattoo: it will greatly reduce the possibility of infection. Your daily shower is good, but try to hold it more less time. Also, it is necessary to refuse from swimming and hot tubs. The bacteria contained in the water flow may carry infection on healing skin.back-flower-tattoo-women-5729208
  3. Step three. After 3-4 days of care, you can stop to use antibacterial ointment and start to apply using lotions. 51-1-8760738


Properly care for the drawing guarantees you rapid healing.

Sacral meaning of the drawing on the back

External influence – it is a demonstration of dominance and internal protection from the environment. Internally impact – constant desire to express capabilities, demonstrate potential to people.


This is a big tree drawn largely across the back. This is a cool tattoo.


A white elephant drawn with flowers around it.

Meanings of tattoos for girls

Body drawings became a symbol of expression. When applying one or another sketch on the skin, we discover our spiritual world. Sophisticated design can tell you the secret meaning of a tattoo without words.


A Celtic patterned design fully drawn across the back.


The mandala in between continuously drawn circle shapes for the frame.


A patterned tattoo.


Butterflies, a broken watch and a girls face drawn in this cool back tattoo.


A pirate’s ship attacked by an octopus with a compass drawn around the wearer’s neck.



A lighthouse drawn in the middle, 2 mermaids can be seen on each side and and angry face behind the wearer’s neck.female-full-back-tattoo-5591032

A hand raised for help in the midst of what looks like a swampy environment.


Patterns can express anything, beginning from love and happiness, ending turmoil of life and trials. Meanings of drawings for women and men are absolutely equal. However, in the selection of the picture, there is some difference.


Best modern tattoos

Cool modern tattoos hit by striking diversity of design.


A tiger fighting off a huge snake.


This has 2 swans, a dragon and lots of coins in this full back tattoo.


A tiger faced full back tattoo.


A sorcerer’s face with a crystal ball to her hands in this full shaded dark back tattoo.



A gladiator’s helmet between circled roman numerals and a bird on another side.



An Hindu god and a temple drawn in this back tattoo.



This is a cool back tattoo.


This is a back tattoo for female- slightly drawn behind the right shoulder with birds flying to the left.


A flame with lion face in the middle with a quote “remember who you are around it”.


Selecting ideas and photos, do not forget to ask about it meaning:

Tattoo in the form of an anchor – means reliability, comfort, and safety;


Angel is perceived as the spirit that connects earth and heaven. This design is one of the most popular among female;



Lotus –  it is associated with the female principle, the bosom – as the place of origin of life, prosperity, longevity, health, life fullness, glory, immortality, purity, spirituality;




Pattern in the form of a bat- encloses its owner from illness and bad influences;

Butterfly – a beautiful creature, meaning nobility and beauty;


Heart – for each person, means something special, unique and private. However, all of them are united by one meaning – love and adoration;

Small letters – something that could not be expressed in words.



A small Chinese words written at the middle in this back tattoo.


Small words written next to a tree with birds flying around.

Men’s preferences:·

A Chinese quote.

Celebrity with tattoo on her back

Rihanna, Megan Fox, Victoria Beckham, Evan Rachel Wood, Hayden Panettiere are fans of tattoos on the back.







30 cool tattoo sketches for your back