150+ Best Lettering Tattoos Ideas for Man & Woman 2018

Decorating body with beautiful tattoo designs has become a modern trend, especially when the sketch carries some significant meaning.  Among a great number of sketches and designs, lettering tattoos became rather famous, serving as a solid motivation for you and surrounding people. 

Lettering tattoos can be done in various styles: from gentle handwritten to cool  minimalistic prints, depending on the phrase or citation and harmonizing with the rest of the body.

Why choose lettering tattoos

As practice shows, there is no better way to express your feelings and personality traits than through lettering tattoos or citations. 

It is one of the effective ways to remind the tough times a person had to go through or on the contrary bring the happy memories back. 

One of the biggest benefits of such tattoos is the fact that you will hardly ever meet the same design on somebody else’s body. You can express your individuality through the intricate letters and unique quotes. Every person puts its own meaning when applying such a tattoo. 

The most common languages used for lettering tattoos are the following:

When it comes to boys choosing such tattoo design, in most of the cases such a wish is explained by a crazy love to one of the legendary music bands or sport teams. 

However there are men who prefer to ink the kid’s names, like many celebrities do now. 

Women on the other hand are more sensitive creatures and tend to use philosophical sketches, carrying meaningful citations and phrases.

Lettering tattoos vary not only in the language chosen, but applying technique as well. 

Types of lettering tattoos techniques:

  1. 3D letterings 
  2. Ordinary black graphical text 
  3. Old English style print 
  4. Wedge writing 
  5. Arabic script 

Once you decided the exact idea of the phrase or sentence and the design the question on which part of the body to put such a tattoo immediately pops up in your head. 

Men prefer to put large scale tattoos on :

  1. Breasts 
  2. Back 
  3. Shoulders 
  4. Shoulder-blades 

But everything depends of course on the length, size and shape of the lettering. 

Women however prefer smaller, more female designs of tattoos which can fit :

If you chose a long quote or phrase, the best place would be the ribs or the back. For example, Megan Fox has a beautiful citation, crafted in Old English script on the left side of her ribs.  

Lettering tattoos are usually not painful, but everything depends on the part of the body you apply it. Gentle skin of the wrist or inner side of the hand can add a bouquet of emotions.

Types of lettering tattoos

Depending on the meaning this style of lettering tattoos can be divided into following types:

Love-lettering tattoos. No matter which part of the body this tattoo will decorate, it will always warm up your heart

Rihanna made a small reminder of ” love” on one of her fingers

Family lettering tattoos. Both men and women like to leave the lifetime marks on their bodies with names of kids, like David Backham for example. 

Philosophical tattoos. The favorite style of the girls, who try to express their emotions and feelings through meaningful philosophical citations, usually taken from Latin phrases.  

How to choose a style for your tattoo?

The best way to choose a style and technique of lettering tattoo is by looking at the photos of people who already did such a sketch. This way you will have a better vision on how it is going to look like in the reality. 

However it is not recommended to choose small fonts and thin lines, which are located too close to each other. Tattoos tend to blur a bit within some time, and such lettering sketches can eventually turn into non readable long spot. 

Lettering tattoos are probably the most direct way to show the meaning of the tattoo. While different pictures and sketches only give you a hint on what the current tattoo can mean, citations and phrases tell it out loud. 

They look absolutely gorgeous on the bodies of both men and women, and probably  that’s why this style becomes the favorite one.