150+ Crown Tattoos That'll Make You Feel Like A King

Crown tattoos are of great popularity among girls nowadays. However, what meaning do they give to such an interesting symbol and what sense does it have from the ancient times – there are two essential differences.

A crown tattoo design can include little gems and feather motifs when it is inked on women. This shows some feminine patterns for a crown.

2. Crown Tattoo Design on the Chest

A crown tattoo meaning usually just refers to a sense of victory, strength or to some extent, a person’s ego.

3. Crown on Cross Tattoo

Isn’t this a typical ‘manly’ tattoo that men like to go for? Splashes of black and red with crowns and kings to exert masculinity, it would seem!

4. Vintage Crown Tattoo

Often, a crown tattoo is inked with light rays to show that it is shining bright.

5. A Crown on the Shoulder

A design like this one can also fit nicely as crown tattoos on shoulder areas. As long as the design is simple, it works!

Crown in medieval symbolism meant an attitude to the imperial or the other dominant race. It was often painted on the arms and flags of the Knights and monarchical countries.

6. Crown Tattoos for Men

Men like to have a crown tattoo design paired with skulls or other dark design themes. Just like this one!

7. Abstract Crown Tattoo Meaning

No one can dictate what a tattoo means for you. A crown tattoo meaning is always up to its owner, wherever you ink it.

8. Lion and Crown Tattoo Design

This can be an awesome crown tattoo design! A bigger design like this one won’t fit as well as crown tattoos on wrist.

8. Shoulder Crown Tattoo Design

Since the lion is the king of the jungle, it only makes sense that this majestic creature is wearing a crown, don’t you think?

In general, the meaning of crown is the desire for power or to emphasize on a high position of man in society. Time passed and the symbolism of the crown was seriously transformed.

10. Colorful Crown & Skull

Is this the skull of a fallen warrior, later crowned as a king? Who knows? A crown tattoo meaning for designs like this can be obscure at best.

Who gets crown tattoos?

As the principal meaning of the crown tattoo is still a high social position in society and desire for power, most often such a tattoo is chosen by confident and purposeful people. Powerful men and ambitious women can get this symbol on their body parts. 

But there is a tendency among girls to tattoo the crown for emphasizing their uniqueness and memorializing that every of them is a princess. In such a case, the tattoo is small, and is stylized as a cartoon or a simple picture. 

Meaning of Crown Tattoo

Crown symbol is inherent for many cultures. In ancient times the crown was a symbol of the divine beginning. In Greek mythology, it was the laurel wreath crown of the god Apollo

In ancient cultures crowns were the attribute of people who were thought to be of a divine nature, it was a symbol of gods. 

In the Middle Ages, only monarchs had a right to tattoo a crown on the body. 

In England, a tattoo with the image of a crown started to show the supporters of the king at the time. In European countries in this time the crown was often depicted with a cross. This combination meant “glory and victory.” 

It presents in heraldry and attributes of countries where there was a monarchy. For example, the Spanish coat of arms depicts a lion with a crown on his head. 

Crown has also a strong religious meaning if speaking about Christianity. It is inextricably associated with the crown of thorns, which was put on the head of Jesus Christ during the crucifixion. 

Also, it is a significant symbol when speaking about sacred creatures. The crown here may be compared with a halo of angels, saints and gods. The Virgin Mary in Catholics is depicted with a holy halo over her head. Very often she is called the “Queen of Heaven.”

The crown itself is a very strong symbol, the basic meaning of which is power, intensity and superiority. But nowadays people endure the symbol of crown with a more figurative sense. Therefore, very often this image speaks of self-control, power over emotions and ability to put up with negative traits of character.

Body Parts For Crown Tattoo

Men and women choose different parts of their bodies for tattooing a crown. Everything depends on the size of the image and desire of its bearer to demonstrate or hide the essence of the picture showing certain traits of character. 

Besides, there are some tendencies of placing the tattoo differently in girls and boys, as well as some style peculiarities. 

So, men prefer to place crown tattoo on:

In comparison, women prefer such body parts as:

Girls are fond of small tattoos which would look pretty and elegant. This is why they often tattoo them on those places of their bodies, where a small tattoo would be appropriate.

Combinations With Other Images

Crown tattoos may be of different styles. This is represented on lots of photos of ready-made crown tattoos, as well as sketches. People trying to make their tattoo unique combine the image of a crown with various elements. They also change the meaning of the tattoo: 

If the crown is above the heart, it is a symbol of good luck. In the Celtic style, there is a pattern of the heart and crown enclosed in the hands. In this composition it has such meaning – hands are the true friendship, heart means pure love and crown marks the permanence.

A crown with three sharpened teeth is a symbol of the fact that Hope, Faith and Love are very significant for a person. 

A crown with jewels symbolizes the search for the meaning of life. 

It is often combined with Latin letterings, which has a special meaning for the owner. 

In Latin culture, it is popular the crown image with the name of beloved person below it. 

In the East, a turtle with a crown on its head is a symbol of longevity and power. However, the crown image is extremely rare in Eastern cultures. 

Celebrities’ Crown Tattoos

Victoria Magrath has a tattoo on the inside of her right wrist featuring a crown with a floral inspirational abstract design.

Katie Price had a large beautiful tattoo of a rose above a crown on her left wrist.

India Westbrooks has a little crown tattoo on her left hand on the pinkie finger.