150+ Incredible Spine Tattoos Designs & Meanings for Boys and Girls 2018

Today a tattoo is one of the most popular ways to express yourself. And if you want to speak about location of a tattoo, the spine for sure gets one of the first places. Let’s have a look at this kind of tattoo, its features and some important facts. 

Advantages and disadvantages of a tattoo on a spine

The spine is one of the best spots for a tattoo thanks for the next advantages:

  1. You have a lot of space to make almost every idea real. Exactly, you should follow your tattoo master’s recommendations. Talk about your ideas with your master first to learn if it’s possible to make it on your spine. 
  2. It’s also perfect place for a small tattoo, just to highlight your beautiful muscles or hide a scar for example. 
  3. A spine tattoo is an adorable option for both genders, whatever a person wants to get. But girls get it more often while men prefer to get tattoos on their shoulders. 
  4. Every style or technique of tattoo goes with this part of a human’s body and are really cool. You may choose almost every style you like. 
  5. If it’s important for your job you can hide your spine tattoo perfectly to avoid getting into troubles.

Definitely there are some problems you may face to if you’d love to get a spine tattoo. First of all you’d better think about small details of your sketch carefully. Especially if we’re talking about big pictures.

One more huge minus is that this kind of tattoo looks better with an athlete body type. Otherwise getting older you’ll lost the clarity of your picture. Finally, you’ll see your tattoo only using a mirror, so you won’t really enjoy your picture.

The level of pain

The majority of people think that a spine tattoo, as well as back tattoo isn’t painful. And they’re right. Frankly speaking people having a tattoo on their spines say that it’s less painful than for example on your shoulder blades. 

Tattoo masters approve of this info. Nevertheless if a person decides to remove this tattoo he or she will have a terrible pain. It happens because modern ways of removing tattoo are little bit tough, which makes this procedure really serious torture for your body. 

Popular spine tattoos for girls and guys

Let’s have a look at the most popular designs of spine tattoos for girls and boys and learn about their meaning.

Spine tattoo for boys

  1. Tattoos with a symbol of a cross are popular not only for your spine, but also for the other parts of your body. Sometimes these tattoos have a kind of religious meaning, but more often it means that this or that person respects traditions and tries to find himself in this world. 
  2. Planets are a good variant for a smart and thoughtful person. It looks very impressive on a man’s spine. 
  3. Letters are probably the best and the most popular way to decorate your spine. You may choose whatever letters you want – Chinese, English, Greek e t.c. Quotes are interesting idea you can choose for this kind of tattoo. 
  4. Different ornaments look very manly. It’s awesome for highlighting your strong muscles. 
  5. Spine on your spine? Why not! Don’t be afraid of creating such an interesting kind of combinations as it’s shown in the next photos. 

Spine tattoo for girls

  1. Different kinds of flowers have a meaning of the romantic and gentle soul of this woman. Also, it’s a very female style which looks very gentle and exquisite. 
  2. The elements of nature such as plants or animals are very interesting ways to express your feelings of love to this world without saying something. 
  3. Letters on a women’s back have the same popularity as for men. You can hide in this tattoo your own message or create your own ideas and thoughts. 
  4. If you can love strongly and take care of people around then this kind of tattoo with the hearts of differents sizes would be adorable for you. 

Taking care of you spine tattoo: rules and recomendations

The spine is an uncomfortable place for a tattoo if we’re talking about taking care of it. That’s why there are some unique rules saying how to take care of your spine tattoo right:

  1. Try to avoid using the shower or such things like washclothes and be very careful while recovering. 
  2. Try not to touch your tattoo. 
  3. Wear natural kinds of fabric because the other ones can damage your skin easily. 
  4.  Use special creams of high quality. The best variant is to prefer the cream your master recommended. 
  5.  Don’t scratch your tattoo especially while recovering! 
  6.  You’re not allowed to go to the swimming pools or to do any kind of sports the first 7-10 days after getting a tattoo. 

If you follow all the rules above you can avoid painful feelings, transformation of your picture and the other possible problems with your tattoo. 

Be very careful! Also your tattoo master should provide you with special instruction saying how to take care of your spine tattoo right. Read it carefully and don’t forget to follow every rule you got.

Celebrities with a spine tattoo

Spine tattoos are very popular around the world. And celebrities aren’t exceptions. Some of them have awesome spine tattoos and they’re not afraid of showing them to people. Let’s look at the photos below and rate celebrities’ spine tattoos:

1. Victoria Caroline Beckham.

2. Angelina Jolie.

3. Rihanna.