150+ Wedding Tattoo Ideas & Design for Man and Woman (2019)

People meet, fall in love and want to be together forever. They want to show everyone their love, stress the unity with each other and perpetuate their feelings. For this case, there are tattoos for two lovers, which symbolize the halves combined in one unit.

There is a huge selection of paired tattoos – a variety of forms and types. 

It should be noted recently that tattoos-inscriptions in Latin and English have become the most popular among young people. 

Sketches on the symmetric parts of the body will look great. It can be pictures of one subject, like hobbies – such tattoos put in the same type, with some modifications are suitable for a man or a woman

The meaning of a pair tattoo:

Infinity sign

Tattoos in the form of an infinity figure are especially popular among couples. Very often next to the picture of infinity, you can see a sketch of a heart. Such sketch is in this context means inexhaustible, and boundless love of people to each other. Commonly, the pair typically wears the same tattoo on the same place. 

The sign of infinity and heart

Such composition means a love affair between two people. 

Infinity sign and inscriptions

In one of the loops, you can quote some phrase that you liked. And you can fully repeat the outlines of the infinity figure using the letters of the selected phrase or name. 

Most often ladies and men choose a figure of a heart, birds and inscriptions. 

A sketch with the name of a loved one, in the same places on the body of each, is also a very common format of doubles tattoos. 

Tattoos instead of rings – is not just a whim or fad. Sometimes such a tattoo is a necessary measure: for example, for people who are allergic to any metals or for those whose profession does not allow wearing rings. 


Many women and men want to put a tattoo with their meeting date, names of loved ones, and declarations of love, quotes or phrases that are important to both. 

For two

Fingers are not the only place for a pair of tattoos. You can choose the wrists, shoulders, ankles, or even more secluded corners of your body to hide a sketch. 

The next type of wedding tattoos is a wedding date. In most cases, the number is written in Roman numerals. And this small picture can be not only on your finger, but on the edge of the hand or inside of your wrist

Very original looking tattoos in the format of suggestions, starting at one of the partner’s body, and ending on the second body, thereby uniting the lovers together.

Paired tattoos for two lovers still are put on in such a way as the picture become the whole, only on contact partners, transformed into a complete and unified picture. Each half has its pattern. They are put more often on the arms, shoulders, and forearms. 

The most popular figure is a heart – symbol of love. Images in the format of a puzzle suited to each other are quite common or pigeons – symbolizing purity relations. 


Howard Stern, popular radio and television presenter, got married to model and actress Beth Ostrosky in October 2008. He didn’t want to wear a traditional wedding ring as he felt discomfort, so he chose the other way: did the tattoo «B» (the first letter of the name of his wife Beth Ostrosky) in the old English style on his finger. Then his new wife put on the inner side of her wrist the letter «H» (the first letter of her husband name Howard Stern). Their tattoos are simple, but stylish.

Eva Longoria wrote the date of her wedding with Tony Parker. The tattoo is located on his left wrist and is written in Roman numerals «VII VII MMVII», which means 7.7.2007. Although this tattoo does not imitate traditional engagement rings, but the effect is similar, and this method is even more original.

David and Victoria Beckham, another celebrity couple, have tattoos in Hebrew: “I belong to my beloved, my beloved belongs to me.”

Britney Spears and Kevin Federline have chosen dice, Katy Perry and Russell Brand have pleased fans of identical marks, Chris Brown and Rihanna wear stars on their neck.