100+ awesome armband tattoos — Designs and ideas

Nowadays an armband tattoo is getting more popular. It happens because this kind of tattoo looks really impressive and unusual. Nevertheless before getting this tattoo you have to compare all the pluses and minuses of such a tattoo and we’ll try to do it in this article.

Armband tattoo: pluses and minuses

Armband tattoos are really popular now worldwide. It’s absolutely connected with their cool advantages:

Anyways you have to check some minuses as well before getting this kind of tattoo:

In comparison there are more pluses than minuses, but meanwhile you would rather make your own list to get a sound decision.

Pain level

Pain level of this or that tattoo is very difficult to define. If to speak of pain level it’s important to say that we may define it only individually. In this case we have to mention some factores:

Usually an armband’s tattoo is defined as a not that painful. A lot of people can get it without using pain reliever, but it is always a very individual feature.

Cool ideas for boys and girls

Boys and girls choosing armband tattoos usually prefer different motives and special elements in it. There is an important gender aspect, so let’s have a look at it below and name the most interesting and unique ideas for boys and girls.


Boys’ options

  1. Tribal style. Cool manlike style showing your strength and self-confidence. Different variations of this style will give you a cool opportunity to express yourself.
  2. Geometry. Very accurate and beautiful option for guys. Geometry in a tattoo shows that this person is very focused on his buseness and moving right to his aim.
  3. Lines and minimalism. This kind of armband tattoo shows the power and confidence of this person.
  4. Trash polka. Vivid and amazing trash polka in different combination is one of the rarest styles of tattoo. Usually people avoid it, but they totally forget that trash polka helps you to look and stay modern, confident, interesting and cool.
  5. Animals. Choose the animal you like and get it as an armband tattoo! It fits all the guys perfectly depending on the meaning of this or that creature.

Girls’ ideas

  1. Words. Millions of words, languages and quotes, it’s very difficult to choose something special out of this variety. Stay on your own and find something expressing your personality at its best.
  2. Nature. Different natural elements such as trees or plants show that this woman is fond of nature, very thoughtful and romantic. You may play with colours or get it just in black. 
  3. Flowers. An adorable flower is a symbol of spring and new life. If you love experiments, new emotions and even extremes then a flower is your variant for an armband tattoo.
  4. Chains and bracelettes. It’s adorable as a female style. These tattoos will emphasize the beauty of your body and become gorgeous decoration for it.
  5. Space. For those who love to dream and whose imagination is really unpredictable and rich. Stars and all these colours of space are the best alternatives for these women.

Taking care of an armband tattoo

Taking care of your armband tattoo is probably the most important process. It plays the biggest role because the result is up to this. Here are some special recommendations for people who just got their armband tatoos:

  1. Use special cream to make the process of recovering faster. Your tattoo master should tell you the name of this cream. You have to put it on your tattoo at least three times a day.
  2. Try to avoid touching or especially scratching your fresh tattoo, you may easily damage not only the whole picture, but also your skin.
  3. Don’t go to the bathhouses or swimming pools the first 10 days after getting your armband tattoo. Also don’t visit a gym or other public places too often in this period of time.
  4. Try not to wear a lot of clothes especially with sleeves. However, if you need it then you’d better choose a natural fabric, which is soft and gentle.
  5. In summer use the most powerful sunscreen you can find. It will protect the colour of your tattoo and help you to save your skin. Especially this advice is important in hot sunny days.

Remember that taking care of your armband tattoo in a right way is very important not only because of the quality of your tattoo, but also because of your health. If you get any problems with recovering than tell your tattoo master as fast as you can.

Famous people with an armband tattoo

Armband tattoos are really popular nowadays. Even famous people all over the world choose this place for their tattoo and they aren’t afraid of showing it. Let’s have a look at them below:

1. Josh Berresford.

2. Nick Lachey.

3. Pamela Anderson.