100 Best And Awesome Star Tattoos For Men And Women

Tattoo’s designed with stars appeared many years ago and nowadays it’s still popular. A star is a popular bright simple symbol and you may change it whatever way you like without loosing the main idea. Let’s look at star tattoos deeper and learn some interesting facts and info about it.

Perfect fit

Star tattoos are looking good, but they don’t fit not everybody. If you want it to be perfect then pay special attention to the next recommendations:

  1. Age. A star is a symbol for young people. Remember that getting older your star tattoo may seem a little bit weird. 
  2. Sex. Usually the symbol of a star is preferred by women. But some men also get this tattoo just in a different style. 
  3. Body shape. Almost always a star tattoo is pretty small. That’s why it won’t change alot if you easily gain or loose weight.

There are just some basic rules. So everything is your own choice depending. Cool sketches fit everybody.

The qualities of a person with a star tattoo

A person with a star tattoo usually has some of the next qualities:

If some of these features are describing your personality then a star tattoo is your variant.

Short history of symbol

In different cultures and places this symbol had its own meaning. Let’s have a look at the biggest ones:

  1. Europe. The meaning of wellness and human’s body (5 fingers, 5 senses, etc.).
  2. USA. The symbol of Kingdom of Heaven. 
  3. Asia. Very religious symbol in the meaning of holy men. 

Today the most common meaning of a star is safety and careing. But you may put your own thoughts and ideas into your star tattoo choosing the sketch, shape, and colour on your own.

Best spots for a star tattoo

There are different parts of the body for boys and girls that are the most fitted for a star tattoo. Pay special sttention to the next recommendations to choose the best spot for you. 

Boys’ ideas

You’d better shoose one of the next spots for your tattoo with stars:

Depending on the sketch you may choose another place, but these are the most common and make your tattoo looks better.

Girls’ ideas

Woman usually choose for their star tattoos one of the next places:

A female symbol is almost always portrayed small in size and that’s why it’s better to prefer so to say small parts of your body for it.

Style ideas

Style plays a very important role in your tattoo. Style can spoil your idea or the opposite – make it better and more beautiful. We may name some typical styles for star tattoos used all over the world:

  1. Old school. One of the oldest and the most popular styles of tattoo. It will show your star very bright and unique in cool colours. 
  2. Watercolour. If you are fond of art galleries and in love with professional artists then you definetely should choose this style with awesome aesthetic and poetic background. 
  3. Blackwork or dotwork. Adorable option for those who love black colours and minimalism. 
  4. New school. Modern and bright style showing that the future is already here and now. It resembles old school, but with new colours and lines. 

Firstly you would be better off taking advice about style from your tattoo master. Think about the whole sketch, pain level (because some of styles take a lot of time to get) and other details. Almost every style may look good if it’s chosen correctly.

Different options of star tattoos

Working on your sketch don’t forget about putting some interesting and unique ideas and details in it. You can find some of them below:

  1. Multiple stars. Get 3-5 or even more stars instead of only one. Combine different sizes and colours making your own way of a star tattoo. 
  2. Cosmic stars. This tattoo you may decorate with cosmic sky and the elements of the galaxy. The best style of tattoo here is realism. 
  3. Star as a detail. Add some stars to your sleeve and you’ll see how awesome it looks. 
  4. Star with something in it. Different elements putting into the shape of a star may look very unusual and gorgeous. 
  5. Solo star. Minimalism is very popular now. Put a solo star on your wrist without adding anything: it looks really sophisticated.  

Look through some photos from the Internet with star tattoos on the human body to find your own inspiration. Remember that there is nothing cooler than your own idea!

Famous people with a star tattoo

We know that some celebrities really love tattoos. And a star tattoo for sure is one of the most popular symbols among them. Look at the pictures below just to wonder how unusual this kind of tattoo looks on them:

1. Eva Longoria.

2. Liz Jones.

3. Rihanna.