120 Awesome Compass Tattoos Design And Ideas For This Year

You can keep a Compass Tattoo simple with just the basic designs, or you can make it complex with map details and more. Tattoos are your own choices, and so a compass tattoo meaning is completely up to you too! Whether it’s men’s compass tattoo or women’s, you are bound to find some fine compass tattoo selections from our comprehensive list below.

Tattoo it’s not only a beautiful image on your skin. It’s rather the symbol you want to keep as a note on your body for the rest of your life.

1. Chest Compass Tattoo

Compass tattoos on the chest area are common for men and women, although tattoos on these areas are more prevalent in men.

2. Simple Compass Tattoo for Women

A woman’s compass tattoo is different from men’s compass tattoo. You might find decorative details like the seahorses and seashells in this one.

3. Men’s Compass Tattoo Design

This simple compass tattoo features only a compass design with a view of the mountains and what we presume to be the sun. Lovely!

4. Making Out A Compass Tattoo Meaning

A compass tattoo meaning is made a little more complicated with a more detailed design like this one. A shaded design like this one is more apt to be one of the men’s compass tattoos.

5. Chest & Shoulder Men’s Compass Tattoo

This compass tattoo meaning is clear. It serves to remind the wearer about the importance of his family.

6. A Proper Pocket Compass Tattoo Design

Typically, a compass tattoo is paired with a map design, just like in this tattoo piece! The tattoo artist will need to be super skilled for a tattoo like this one.

7. Men’s Compass Tattoo Shoulder Design

What kept the compass tattoo simple in this piece is the fact that it is used more as a background item rather than the central theme.

8. Colored & Simple Compass Tattoo Design

Even while colored, a compass tattoo can still be kept simple when you don’t put too many details into it.

9. Compass Tattoo Simple & Elegant

A minimalistic compass tattoo might not even have the full compass details. Look at this piece for example. There aren’t even any letters to indicate the directions!

That is why both girls and guys prefer to think attentively on the meaning of the emblem they want to “wear”.

10. World Map & Compass Tattoo

Did we mention earlier that a world map motif mixes well with a compass tattoo design? Well, here’s a good reminder of this awesome fact!

11. Arm Compass Tattoo Design

A simple compass tattoo design like this one is good for both guys and girls. It’s simple and it sends its meaning across. What’s not to like?

12. A Compass Tattoo on the Hands

A compass tattoo can be inked on the hand too! The round shape of a compass fits perfectly in this small space.

13. Black and Red Compass Tattoo Design

Want to have a special compass tattoo meaning relayed on your body? How about including the longitude and latitude of a meaningful location in your life?

14. Mandala Style Compass Tattoo

You can see this as a mandala tattoo. You can also see this as a compass tattoo. Take your pick!

15. Back Compass Tattoo

A compass tattoo is a lot more decorated when you ink it in this size and texture. Do you prefer your compass tattoo simple or complex?

Compass it is unisex sign, which can be both male and female pattern. 

Who This Tattoo Is For?

However, before you connect your life with one symbol, we suggest you analyze sense, which was embedded into the sign and features of your character. 

So, what kind of people will feel comfortable with the compass tattoos? 

First of all, purposeful, strong personalities and those, who want to keep luck always near themselves, choose this kind of sketch. 

Talking about the girls and boys separately, we will see list of different reasons, which can explain to us why they make their choice in favor of compass tattoos. 

Such a kind of navigator was showing the way from the beginning of the times, women feel “lost” more often, than man.

And if you want to see “the exit” from a certain difficult situation or realize what way you need to choose – you can just take a look at your “personal navigator” on the body.

Guys have a little bit different situation. 

Men need to be strong and confident, according to their nature. 

Compass can help them be more holistic and brave. 

Moreover, it will be a perfect choice for travelers and those, who always look for adventures.

What Sense Is Put In?

However, it is also very important to know what this beautiful sketch means. 

Semantic load of the “navigator” picture can be different, depending on the type. 

However, from the times of the pirates, such an inscription on the body meant “clear way” and “light in the middle of the night that will make your road easy to go”. 

Moreover, as this sketch is symmetric, it also can be an embodiment of the equilibrium. 

Meaning Of Compass Tattoo In Different Cultures

Compass as a tattoo sign takes its beginning from the Viking and Feng Shui epochs. As a Scandinavian pattern, this is way home. Vikings had no navigation systems during their sails. 

That is why every marine campaign had an unpredictable ending, and the only compass could save the whole team on the ship from death and bring them back to their families, wives and children.

Talking about the Chinese approach to the transcription of this sign, they were thinking, that such a picture was a neck with the information. 

It is like a table, where you could hide everything you know about the world and yourself. 

Also, as one of the modern meanings, this “writing” on your body can mean fidelity. 

“Ideal” parts of the body for this pattern

Choice of the place you want to make this tattoo on depends on your sex. 

For example, back, chest and shoulder will be ideal body parts to put this pattern on for guys. 

If girls want their unique logo look beautiful, they can choose ankle and blade. 

In the case, you will follow these rules, tattoo will not only help you to feel more comfortable and self-confident but also look amazing and make your appearance more interesting. 

Styles To Choose

Talking about the styles, every master will give you different advice. 

 However, nowadays minimalism is becoming more and more popular. 

That is why you can make a minimalistic image and then try to put it on your body. 

It will be great choice for those, who want to have small emblems on them. 

Those, who prefer big brands should try 3D technique and even use some colors

More often you will see marine colors in such cases, as compass was one of the most favorite marks of pirates and sailors.

Different Variants Of One Symbol

If look through the photos on the Internet, you will find out a lot of variants – how to make compass tattoo “special for you”. 

Starting from the retro and vintage and up to the grunge.

The masculine part of this sign fans, usually chooses grunge and realistic styles.

They can make an accent on the confidence and strengths of the personality.

In the same time, girls more often try vintage and minimalistic alternatives. 

It helps not to lose femininity under the picture on your skin.

By the way, there are a lot of propositions, and you should make a choice, depending only on your personal taste and point of view.

Celebrities With The Tattoo You Want To Make

There are a lot of celebrities with such an image on themselves.
Among them, you will find:

30 great tattoo designs with compass

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