120 Best Praying Hands Tattoo to Remind Of Your Spiritual Bonds

More often than not, Praying Hands Tattoos are symbolic – obviously with religions to start with, but there can also be other meanings to this tattoo. The act of putting two hands flat together is what gives prayer tattoos its meaning, which could be akin to asking for mercy, guidance or just as a sign of faith and trust.

There always will be situations we will need to feel strong support in. On this idea world religious hold already for centuries.

1. Praying Hands Tattoo with Colorful Background

A praying hands tattoo design can be made to feel more uplifting with bright color tones in the background, just like in this one.

2. Hands Locked in Prayer

Whether in life or in death, it seems that the act of placing our hands together will always be linked with religious beliefs and its related themes.

3. Prayer Tattoos with Rosary Beads

For Christians, you might find that their praying hand tattoos are often accompanied by other religious items, such as the rosary beads.

4. A Christian Belief

It’s nothing special new that praying hands tattoo became so popular in the era of collapses and urbanization. Despite the fact that it is a clearly religious symbol, today we can add more meaning to it.

5. An Abstract Praying Tattoo

Keeping in mind that different religions perform their prayers in different methods, a prayer tattoo might also look something like this.

6. Statue-like Praying Hands Tattoo Design

You can make your prayer tattoo a little more unique by giving it a statue or marble-like appearance. This just looks gorgeous, does it not?

7. Enclosed in a Cross – A Prayer Tattoo

The praying hands symbol can also be inked within a cross – just like in this cross tattoo and praying hands tattoo design. It’s simple and lovely!

8. Paired with a Bible Quote

Isaiah 43:5 quotes, “Do not be afraid, for I am with you; I will bring your children from the east and gather you from the west.” What a beautiful quote to go with a praying tattoo!

9. Praying Hands Tattoo on the Back

Prayer tattoos can look extra beautiful when you decorate the surrounding areas with other motifs, such as roses as an example.

10. Wings and Praying Hands Tattoo Design

Another common tattoo design that is related to prayer tattoos would be one that is inked with a set of wings as well. You can also ink some clouds in the background.

What People Prefer This Tattoo Type?

It won’t be surprised if I say that most religious people make such a choice. It is connected, first of all, with the fact, that such a tattoo it is permanent prayer on your body and with the help of this symbol you like ask for the Gods support not once per week, but every second of your life. 

It is the only sketch that has no difference between female and male meaning. 

Of course, man and women put different aims, but still, in both cases mostly those, who have used to rely on the help of the God and who strongly believe in him prefer making this type of “note” on themselves.

What Does Certain Symbol Mean?

Before putting something on your body understanding that this image will be with you for the rest of your life, make sure that you know what it means. Praying hands it is a visualization of the prayer. From ancient times and the moment religion appeared, prayer was a certain connection between a person and God.

Anyone can talk to him this way and ask for advice or help, or something like that. That is why if you aren’t religious person you’d better not to make this tattoo. 

However, in the modern world, praying hands symbol has also the second meaning: it is Drakes logo. Drake – one of the most famous rappers today. 

That is the reason why on the west we can see such a growth of the popularity of this pattern.

First of all, it is connected even not with the religion, but with the fact, that Drakes symbol we can see almost on every building, and it is like the sign, that you are agree with certain thoughts from his 6th album.

Meaning Of The Sign In Different Cultures?

As we have already said previously, this tattoo is widely claimed mostly on the Christian market because exactly in this type of religion people can ask God for anything by themselves without the help of the priest. Meaning of this beautiful symbol differs rather by the cultures and time. 

In the same culture earlier people were making such a tattoo only in the case they always truly needed God with them. Nowadays a lot of young people prefer choosing exactly the presented symbol just because of the Drakes popularity and because they want to show that they are in, they are smart, and they like everything in that. 

Places To Make On?

Any smart person won’t put the sketch just on the part of the body they have liked the most. By tradition, for girls and boys, there are different rules where to put this image. For women, it will be better to make something like that on the small scale on the wrist or on the neck.

Ribs also can be a perfect variant. Surfing the Net, you must have seen a lot of photos with the man, who have left such a note on their bodies. Perfect places for them are hand, back, and leg.

Style To Do In?

Asking the question what style should you follow in this case, first of all, identify what style you like the most – because only in the case both your taste and advice you have got will be the same, you will like the result.

However, there are not too many basic styles for the body pictures and ordinary people prefer minimalism, grunge, hyper-reality, 3D for such a “notes”. 

Again we should remind, that female praying hands image will be more accurate and tender, that Is why they ordinary make the choice for minimalism and 3D, while men to show their strength usually like grunge and other “hard” styles.

Variants Of The Symbol?

Of course, you will see a lot of the variants if talk about the praying hands. Starting with the hands, put on the Bible and up to the hands with the brushes or number “6”. Everything depends on the sense you want to put in your personal reminding.

Celebrities With The Same Signs.

First of all, this is thought to be Drakes sign, that is why we will connect it with him. Also, and Justin Bieber had left such symbols on their bodies.

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