120+ Neck Tattoos Design, Ideas & Meanings 2018

The neck tattoos are not for the fainthearted as most employers are still pretty strict about the visible tattoos. But if you are a creative unconventional personality and you know for a fact that a neck tat will not damage your career why not just go for it. After all neck tattoos look insanely bad-ass and cool.  rose-tattoo5-1559300

The Advantages and Disadvantages

Only one obvious disadvantage is that this tat will be extremely visible and eye catching. However this can also be an advantage for some people. There might be times in your life when you need to cover the design but with some makeup or a turtleneck it can be easily done. They work best on skinny people with a good neckline as the picture will not get distorted by the skin flaps.  

When you have a neck piece, be prepared to be the center of attention. Some old fashioned people might not be able to understand you but you will definitely be a center of the party and very attractive for the opposite sex. Traditionally celebrities and other artistic creative people love to tattoo open body parts.   Another advantage is that a neck tat can be a continuation of a bigger shoulder, back or chest piece. 

Does It Hurt?

The back of your neck is a firm area and it is less sensitive than the sides or the front. So if you go for the back of the neck like majority of people you do not have to worry about the pain. But if you want something unusual, like the front of the neck or sides than prepare to go through a lot of suffering. However there is a painkiller ointment that will help you withstand the process. 

I suggest neck tattoos for experienced customers as it is definitely not a good idea for the beginners or tattoo virgins. And for the same reason the tattoo removal will hurt like hell as well. 

Symbolic Meaning

No matter what sketch you create together with your artist neck tattoos always convey a very important meaning that the owner needs to share with the world. People often go for a special quote to accompany the picture. 

It might be a photorealistic portray of your family member at the side of your neck, some dates and lettering at the back of it, a symbol like a rose or a heart at the front.

Whatever you put on a visible body area you need to think through the design well.

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Some styles that work best for the neckpiece are dot work, black and gray, fine line, American traditional and neo-traditional. Since this part of your body is relatively small the design will have to be relatively petite with bold visible lines. 

Male/Female Tattoos

Here are some creative ideas for girls’ neckpieces:
1. Various numbers and lettering as mentioned above. Those are very common for the back of the neck, 

2. Flowers and stars as a back or sidepiece for the neck, 

3. A butterfly for the side neck, 

4. A swallow or any other bird, 

5. Musical keys, 

6. Stars of different tattooed close to each other to form a pattern, 7. Celtic pattern, 8. Gothic pattern. Women love to put smaller colorful designs that flow with the body shape and a dynamic feel. 
Boys love neckpieces just as much, here are some most common creative ideas that men love:

2. Various animals such as felines, canines etc., 

3. American traditional flowers and swallows, 

4. Celtic and Gothic patterns, 

5. Ancient symbols like yin-yang, runes, hieroglyphs etc., 

6. Mythical creatures like vampire bats, zombies and other, 

7. Arms and firearms. 

Of course I can only give you some basic guidelines and ideas for a neckpiece of your own. Whether male or female you should come up with something unusual and unique. Talk to your favorite artist about your creative ideas and desires and together you will be able to design something really cool. Do not forget to send me the photos though.

Tattoo Aftercare

So how do you take proper care about the neck tat? We have some tips on how to help your skin heal faster. First of all you have to follow your artist’s guidelines but I can give you some basic tips on how to take care of the post-tattoo skin and avoid getting an infection. Keep the bandage on for about three hours. 

Remember not to touch your fresh tattoo unless you have just washed your hands. Wash your tattoo a few times per day with an antibacterial soap. Avoid pools, saunas or sweating. Maximum you can have is a quick warm shower. To keep your tattoo bright and avoid fading remember to keep your skin moisturized.

Famous People with Neck Tattoos

Check out Rihanna’s stars, Professor Green’s “Lucky” or Britney Spears Kabbalah lettering tattoos, you can find hundreds of creative ideas on my site.

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