120+ Sunflower Tattoo Ideas, Design & Meaning for Woman 2018

A sunflower tattoo always looks beautiful with its bright and joyous appeal. 

This is what a sunflower tat can tell about its owner:

  1. You are fun and adventurous, 
  2. You have a very positive outlook, 
  3. You are very creative and unconventional, 
  4. You love flowers and sunshine, 
  5. You simply love your life as it is. 
  6. You love Mandalas and sacred geometry. 


This bright yellow flower follows the sun throughout the day and has many fans. This flower is a symbol of life and joy conveying a personal symbolic meaning. Another amazing thing is that a sunflower has a specific petal pattern that resembles a Mandalasunflower-tattoo93-730x800-9064675

You can add a creative twist by adding your own touch to the flower like a lettering, framing details, etc. 

To make the sketch even more unique try experimenting with the pit of the flower, adding an illuminati eye, a key hole or any other symbol. 

Sunflower Symbol History

It of course symbolizes  sun worship. Your sunflower tat kind of says: “no matter what I am going to stand tall and follow the light.” Did you know that the seeds in the sunflower follow the rules of the sacred geometry? Sounds extremely fascinating, as sunflowers follow the sun and humans follow their belief system. 

  1. In Greek Mythology the sunflower is a symbol for Clytie, a water nymph turned into a sunflower as she grieved over the loss of her love, Apollo. The symbolism here is that the flower is facing the sun hoping for Apollo’s firey chariot to return. 
  2. In Chinese culture the sunflower symbolizes good luck and a long prosperous life. It is also believed to bring happiness. 
  3. In Christian culture this flower is a symbol for God’s love and unwavering faith that guides a soul to their spiritual atonement. 
  4. In the Native American culture a sunflower is a part of the late summer festival embodying harvest, bounty and provision. It is believed to have a vital energy giving fertility. 
  5. In Indian culture the sunflower is associated with the solar-plexus chakra or Manipura. This chakra governs intellect, self-awareness, and perception, as well as spiritual enlightment. 

The Best Spots for the Tat

Such a gorgeous flower deserves to be seen so it is best to use it as an element in the sleeve tattoo, a lower or upper arm piece, chest or shoulder. Make sure the area of skin hasn’t got any flaps so nothing distorts the design. 

As a very universal image you can incorporate some sunflowers into a bigger picture, as well as add a citation or use special lettering. It also looks beautiful as a female side- piece with the round flowers flowing onto the female curves. 

You might also opt for a petite design or a simple sketched tat. No matter what designs you prefer make sure it is all about you conveying a special meaning. 

Artistic Styles

Well first of all customers mostly want to put an emphasis on the bold sunflower colors so the majority of the tats are color realism, 3D, watercolor, American traditional or neo-traditional. 

However if you want to put an emphasis on the symbolic meaning and lining rather than the color check out the Celtic sunflower designs, dotwork, geometric styles, etc. 

Another popular theme is a sunflower Mandala tattoo. As you can see the possibilities are endless, so create a special piece together with your artist and do not forget to send us a photo of your tat. 

Boys and Girls Preferences

Guys can wear flower tats and as a matter of fact the flower theme is just as popular within the male tattoos. Boys love geometric style, trash polka, and bold lines, as well as bigger and bolder designs.


They also love to use sunflowers as an ornament or a part of some bigger design. A sunflower picture would look amazing as a sleeve tattoo against a darker edgier background.

Girls love photorealistic flowers, as well as watercolor, stained-glass, geometric styles, etc. You can go for the smaller design as well or put it onto a private body part away from the public view.

Famous People with Sunflower Tats

The most famous celebrity sunflower tattoo example is Paris Jackson with a design right below her elbow. It is a bold colorful tat with thick lines.

Another fan of sunflowers is  heavy metal singer Krysta Cameron, a former leading vocalist for the band Iwrestledabearonce. She has a large chest piece ornated by the sunflowers on both sides with a winged heart in the center and sky and  notes on the background.

Eva Marcille, America’s Next Top Model season three finalist, has a colorful sunflower tattoo on her left wrist. And by the way, bold bright yellow works wonderful with her darker skin tone, another proof that anyone can pull off a color tat.