150 Amazing Octopus Tattoos That Can Blow Anyone's Mind (2019)

An octopus isn’t a very popular tattoo. This may be explained by the ambiguous nature of its meaning, one of which is strongly associated with evil forces. Even when depicted not as a monster, but in the most positive connotation, it will heat up the imagination by its odd and mysterious look. But now, there is a growing popularity for their unique tattoo design.

Octopus and Buck Skull Tattoo

An octopus and a buck skull over a watercolor lightning cloud of black, grey, and red covers the wearer’s torso.

Fighting Octopus

An underwater battle between an octopus and a diver in robotic armor is depicted in this shoulder tattoo.

King of the Underworld

A skull as the head and snakes as the tentacles are used in this octopus tattoo design to look like Hades, king of the Underworld.

Textured Octopus

An octopus rendered to show texture crawls over the wearer’s shoulder.

Alien-Hybrid Octopus Tattoo

This tattoo, covering the wearer’s nape, depicts an alien-looking octopus design.

Giant Pacific Octopus

A life-like black and white tattoo of a Giant Pacific Octopus is shown in this photo.

Pirate-Themed Octopus

An octopus is shown with a bottle of rum and an anchor in its tentacles.

Octopus and Mermaid

An octopus and a mermaid are drawn having a conversation.

Octopus and Scuba Diver Skull

A black and white tattoo of an octopus is curling around a skull of a scuba diver is illustrated.

Who gets octopus tattoos?

People, who are fond of everything mysterious and enigmatic, often choose sketches of octopuses for their tattoos. If you have your inner underground world, your thoughts and consciousness run deep into issues of knowledge such a tattoo is for you.

Scuba Octopus and Name Scroll

A girl’s name is written in the scroll carried by this octopus wearing a scuba helmet.

Swimming Octopus Tattoo

An octopus seems to be swimming on the wearer’s shoulder.

Octopus VS Crab

A blue octopus and a crab with an eye on its shell fight over a skeleton scuba diver in this color tattoo.

Octopus and Hunter Tattoo

In this photo, an octopus brawls with a hunter underwater.

Davy Jones Tattoos

Davy Jones is the octopus-faced captain of the ghost pirate ship, The Flying Dutchman, and her undead crew.

Cartoon Elephant-headed Octopus

This cartoon octopus tattoo design uses an elephant’s head for a sense of fun and humor.

Besides, people who accept their hypocrisy may choose this sea inhabitant for their tattoo, considering its meaning. Persons, whose lives are closely connected with the sea, often get octopus pictures on their bodies, as they believe in its protective force.

Elephant-headed Octopus Color Tattoo

This color octopus design, however, portrays the elephant-headed octopus with a more serious style for this chest piece.

Benthic Octopus and Anchor

A benthic octopus is portrayed carrying an anchor in this simple tattoo.

Dancing Octopus Tattoo

An octopus looks like it’s dancing on the owner’s forearm.

Attacking Octopus Tattoo

The octopus in this piece looks like it was fighting with an unseen enemy.

Octopus Portrait Tattoo

An octopus is illustrated inside an elaborate filigree frame.

Black and Purple Octopus Tattoo Sleeve

This octopus tattoo design uses a lot of blue and purple to emphasize the underwater theme.

Blue and Yellow Octopus

A blue and yellow octopus slithers across the wearer’s shoulder blades is this photo.

As to the sex of people, who get octopus tattoos, this symbol is universal. Both boys and girls tattoo octopuses on their bodies.

Tribal Octopus Tattoo

The tribal style was employed in this simple but striking octopus tattoo design.

Octopus in Skull Tattoo

On the girl’s hip is a tattoo of an octopus hiding inside a skull with its tentacles squirming around.

Meaning of octopus tattoos

An octopus has always been considered as a patron of the sea depths, who causes horror and evokes admiration. On the one hand, it terrifies people by the impenetrable darkness arising from the ink cloud emitted by a frightened octopus. This marine animal is a symbol of the underworld and evil forces.

Cartoon Octopus and Pirate Ship

In this color tattoo, a cartoon giant octopus tries to pull down a pirate ship, like the mythical beast, the Kraken.

Eyes Wide Open

A wide-eyed colored octopus is done in the traditional style in this tattoo.

Realistic Octopus Tattoo Sleeve

This octopus tattoo sleeve showcases a life-like portrait of a Giant Pacific Octopus in full color.

Octopus in Bloom

The octopus tattoo of the girl has flower-wreathed tentacles and a stylized sun for the head.

Chrome Octopus

This color octopus tattoo design uses shades of blue and negative space to achieve a simple chrome-like look.

Blue Octopus and Diver Tattoo

A completely colored in blue octopus is wrapped around an uncolored diver for a striking contrast of color and negative space.

Alberto Daolio (@malaganatatuajes)

On the other hand, it represents the concept of immortality, as it has three hearts. Sailors often chose the image of octopus for their tattoo as they believe that it can protect them from troubles, which can happen when they are out at sea.

Octopus and Crying Girl

A crying girl’s face and an octopus come together in a collage for this sleeve tattoo design.

Octopus and Treasure Hunter

A diver holds a glowing green gem, with an octopus lying in wait in front of him.

Octopus VS Diver Pair Tattoo

On this pair piece, a harpooned octopus is drawn on one foot, a diver wrapped in the tentacles tentacles

Octopus Battle Wraparound Tattoo

A negative space depiction of a diver and an octopus is done over a colored in background for this wraparound sleeve tattoo.

In some cultures, an octopus is associated with the underground and the afterlife. Cretans believed that octopus is a symbol of the beginning of creation and mystical center of the universe.

Octopus No. 37

An octopus is hiding inside a scuba helmet with the number “37” in this tattoo.

Peek-a-Boo Octopus Tattoo

A pastel purple octopus peeks its one eye through the window of a black scuba helmet.

The Escape

A line shaded scuba diver escapes with a safety line from a dotwork octopus in this picture.

Now, people pay attention to the shape of the animal, which resembles a spiral and that’s what witnesses say about time and its eternity. Octopus also means the process of development and progress. The famous deity Cthulhu, who looks like an octopus, symbolizes wisdom and power. In addition, the spiral can mean astral travel.

Octopus Scuba Diving

In this tattoo, a dark-shaded octopus octopus appears to be scuba diving wearing a helmet.

Sleeping Octopus

An octopus sleeps upside down across the wearer’s back.

Kraken Tattoo

A pirate ship is being pulled down by giant tentacles coming out of angry waves.

Anderson Manasses (@andersonmanassestattoos)

However, you can design the sketch of an octopus tattoo in the way you consider as the most appropriate for you and put in it your specific private meaning.

Octopus and Steering Wheel

A detailed giant octopus has a discarded steering wheel in its tentacles.

Octopus and Ship Portrait Tattoo

A mottled octopus hangs from a ship portrait in a steering wheel frame.

Octopus Tattoo Girl

A realistic black and white octopus is tattooed on this girl’s hip and side of the leg.

Aztec Octopus Tattoo

An upside-down octopus with an Aztec disk in its tentacles is illustrated across the wearer’s back.

Octopuses are often ascribed the negative qualities, mainly due to the fact that it is able to change color and release a cloud of ink in case of danger. These qualities in a man may take the form of hypocrisy, the desire to avoid unpleasant situations.

Octopus and Bubbles

In this photo, the girl’s octopus tattoo has bubbles for added details.

An octopus is  illustrated swimming with a scuba helmet.

Shaded Octopus Tattoo

With tasteful shading to add to the line art, this will be a good octopus shoulder tattoo for both men and women.

Octopus Profile

In this picture, the octopus’ realistic side profile is the focus of this upper arm sleeve tattoo.

But you should remember that it is an octopus that has one of the largest brains. So, this fact allows supposing that the octopus is credited with wisdom and originality of thought.

Octopus and Siren Tattoo

A siren holding a spear in both hands is being embraced by octopus tentacles.

Japanese-style Demon Octopus

A Giant Pacific Octopus is done in the traditional Japanese-style and made to look like a demon.

Purple Japanese-Style Octopus

In the tattoo above, the purple octopus is painted in a more comedic manner, with big round eyes and a shocked expression.

Wraparound Negative Space Octopus Tattoo

The octopus sleeve tattoo above only has most of the tentacles colored in for shading.

Red-eyed Octopus Tattoo

A small, red-eyed octopus sits on the collarbones of the wearer.

Deep Sea Giant Octopus Tattoo

In this image, a giant deep sea octopus lies in wait of an unknowing diver.

“Built For Speed”

For this tattoo design, an octopus is wrapped around a pirate’s skull under the quote “Built for Speed” with “LOCAL ONLY” written below.

Octopus Compass Tattoo

An octopus wraps around a compass, with black and red dots and paint stains around it.

Octopus and Steering Wheel Anchor

Tentacles are wrapped around an anchor with a steering wheel design on this octopus sleeve tattoo.

Style of octopus tattoos

The image of octopuses in tattoos is a relatively rare, but memorable thing. They are depicted in all colors and contexts, and still look great. It is better to tattoo octopus in a large size, because small pictures won’t embody all the details of an octopus’ shape and appearance.

“Blurred” Octopus Tattoo

In the tattoo above, the octopus is colored a certain way to appear  “blurry”.

Pointillist Octopus Tattoo

Rather than solid coloring, pointillism was used on this girl’s octopus tattoo to show depth of perspective.

Watercolor Cloud Octopus

An uncolored octopus is drown over a blue and purple watercolor cloud in this picture.


The word “insistence” is written on a scroll among the octopus’ tentacles that are wrapped around an anchor.

Bumpy Octopus

The octopus in the above tattoo has a bumpy surface. The red dots and black paint blots carry on the bump/circle theme.

Spotted Octopus

This black and white tattoo has spots all over the octopus’ body.

Bubbling Blood Octopus Tattoo

This tattoo was designed to make it look like the inside of the octopus was colored in bubbling blood.

Paint Smear Octopus Tattoo

In the image is an octopus tattoo done in a sketch style is overlaid red paint smears and fleur de lis.

Line Shading Octopus and Anchor

The line shading technique was employed on this octopus and anchor tattoo sleeve.

Lighthouse Octopus Tattoo

In the picture above, an octopus with a lighthouse for a head is stylized on top of stormy night seas.

Ethnic-style Octopus Tattoo

This ethnic-style octopus tattoo uses heavy outlines and is filled in with patterns of circles and spirals.

PB&J Octopus Tattoo

An octopus is depicted with an eaten PB&J sandwich, the peanut butter and jelly jars still in its tentacles.

Kraken VS Moby Dick Tattoo

This tattoo showcases a battle between two of the most famous deep-sea monsters of literature: The Kraken VS Moby Dick.

Cartoon Purple Octopus Tattoo

A purple base and blue highlights imitate being underwater in this octopus tattoo design.

Sugar Skull Octopus and Cross Bones Tattoo

An octopus depicted with a sugar skull head and small crossbones below grace the wearer’s calf.

Tattoo Artist (@martishagreen)

The most common styles for octopus tattoo:

Women prefer to depict octopuses in realistic, dotwork and graphic styles. They also make octopuses in different colors, such as blue, rose, red, violet, etc. Men also don’t neglect colorful pictures.

Dotwork Realistic Octopus Tattoo

A realistic octopus tattoo done in the dotwork style floats on the wearer’s ribs.

Vibrant Octopus Tattoo

This octopus sleeve tattoo is colored in with vibrant orange, purple, and mauve.

Stylized Dotwork and Line Octopus Tattoo

This stylized octopus shoulder tattoo employs both dotwork and lines for extra details.

Octopus Tentacle and Fish Bone Portrait

Black and white filled octopus tentacles cover the wearer’s collar bones in the tattoo above.

Detailed Octopus Tattoo

A realistic octopus was shaded in to mimic details like wrinkles and textures.

Mandala Octopus Tattoo

On the girl’s thigh is an octopus tattoo done in the mandala style.

Octopus Chandelier Tattoo

An octopus on a chandelier of delicate lace-work pattern and jewel and bead-like accents make up this sternum/under bust tattoo.

The Girl With the Octopus Tattoo

A big neon pink octopus tattoo occupies the wearer’s side down to her thigh.

Female representatives often combine octopuses with different flowers, heart (as organ), or depict them as cartoon creatures.

Neon Indigo Octopus Tattoo

On the wearer’s shoulder is a neon indigo octopus tattoo with purple details.

Staring Octopus Hand Tattoo

The octopus tattoo on the girl’s hand seems to stare at who looks at it.

Adam & Eve

In this tattoo design, a negative space circle with octopus tentacles carries the heads of Adam & Eve.

Sketch-Style Octopus Tattoo

A small blue octopus draped on an anchor is illustrated using a sketch-like style.

Men, in comparison, choose for themselves brutal pictures of octopus, where it is a real monster, which can destroy everything on its way. Only sometimes they prefer calm creature. They combine octopuses with images of skulls, divers, ships, and even keys.

Blind Octopus Tattoo

A detailed rendering of an eye-less octopus adorns the wearer’s forearm.

Spotted Pointillist Octopus Tattoo

Pictured above is a sleeve tattoo design that uses pointillism to create the detailing of the spotted octopus.

Hindu-style Octopus Tattoo

This octopus tattoo design is done in the Hindu-style.

Octopus Mehndi Tattoo

The image above shows a mehndi tattoo of an octopus. Mehndi tattoos are made from henna and will fade in a short period of time.

Body parts for octopus tattoos

People place octopuses on different parts of their body. The main condition is having enough space to depict this sea creature with all the details and elements of its appearance. Small octopus tattoo won’t look amazing and surpassing, but it must look so.

Red Octopus Tattoo

The girl’s octopus tattoo is colored a vibrant red, with a sky blue shadow for contrast.

Line Shading Octopus Tattoo

The shading of this octopus tattoo design was done in different lengths, angles, and concentration to give dimension.

Green-eyed Octopus and Anchor

The octopus in the tattoo sleeve above has green eyes, and has an anchor in its orange tentacles.

Resting Octopus Tattoo

A black and white octopus is resting above bright blue waves.

A lot of beautiful octopuses are created by tattoo-masters for their clients. Looking to the photos of ready-made tattoos, it is easy to say which parts of the body have the most popularity for octopus tattoos.
Here are the body parts, which are the most appropriate for the octopus tattoo:

Above is a black work detailed octopus tattoo.

An octopus done in the traditional style is holding a broken steering wheel.

So, octopus tattoos are for courageous, intelligent persons with strong character and indomitable willpower. The owner of such a tattoo won’t be unnoticed.

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