150+ Best 3d Tattoo Ideas & Designs for Man and Woman (2019)

Let’s imagine an ordinary flat drawing, two-dimensional image. At once, we understand that this is just a graphical representation. The 3D is effect can be seen from our perception from the other side. We want to make sure that the image is real, to touch it, to see all sides. 

Impressive realistic tattoo eye

Such tattoos are able to create a visual impression of volume and realism. A similar effect is achieved with the incorporation of shadows and the unique skills of the performer.  

  1. Tattoos in the realism style 

These tattoos are usually cumbersome, so they are applied to large areas of the body such as the back, shoulder or chest. As a rule, it is a person’s portrait (It can be close people such as celebrities).

Unusual realistic tattoo on the chest men

Among visitors of tattoo parlors, there are fans of outer space and terrestrial spaces. 

Space tattoo on the hand of man

Tattoo for fans of space Big tattoo with a space theme Nautical tattoo with a compass and a map Tattoo with compass and rope for lovers of the sea

  1. Small animals beetles, butterflies, spiders

These drawings can be quite elegant and not so catchy, occupying small areas of the body.

Realistic butterfly tattoo on the girl’s hand Realistic spider tattoo on neck for girls Realistic tattoo of a wasp on shoulder

  1. Fantasy – the embodiment of the fairy world. 

Fabulously 3D tattoos look great with dragons and various monsters, characters of mystical thrillers and cartoons.

A tattoo of fairy on back Tattoo realistic dragon Tattoo for fans of comic books – iron man Tattoo for fans of Spider-Man Crazy skull tattoo on hand

Geometric Tattoos

Biomechanics Parts of the body can be transformed into the concept of mechanisms. You can have buttons, levers, steel and titanium muscle tendons under the normal skin.

Tattoos for men can be done in any size and style. The unusual visual effect of three-dimensional images on the body will not go unnoticed.

Abstract space tattoo amazing 3d effect Colored tattoo with an elephant Fashionable black and white tattoo shapes Two-tone tattoo of a cactus The tattoo on hand – attract the attention

Tattoos for Men in 3D

3D Characteristic tattoos for men are figures in the form of insects and all sorts of monsters

Scary tattoo on his neck – bloody mouth Charming tattoo dragon eye Tattoo with spider web on one side men

The original images of various real skin injuries are very popular (scars and other markings). Such tattoos look impressive, bright and brutal.

Biomechanical tattoo drawing full sleeve tattoo 3D drawing of the tattoo from ancient manuscript 3D figure with sparkling mechanical skull on the leg men

Actual tattoos for men in the form of abstract geometric ornament.

Fascinating and bewildering 3D tattoo on shoulder men Tattoo with space symbols in geometric style on the hand

Huge demand has 3D tattoos in the shape of a scorpion. Such images are often applied to the men, who were born in the constellation of Scorpio.

Tattoo realistic Scorpion on a man’s shoulder A terrific tattoo of a ferocious dragon on the shoulder of a man

Very impressive and stylish is looked tattoo with a dragon.

A tattoo of a flying dragon on the back men

Tattoos for men can be done in any size and style. The unusual visual effect of three-dimensional images on the body will not go unnoticed.

Tattoo a realistic portrait of a girl on his back at the man

Tattoos for Girls in 3D

The realistic tattoo of a wasp on the neck of the girl

Representative of the charming half of humanity, most tend to stay away from the subject of all kinds of monsters and human injury. Therefore 3 D tattoos for girls are gentle and graceful.
The main motifs are flowers and other plants, snakes and insects. These figures are made in juicy colors that certainly attract the attention of others.

3D tattoo, realistic Hummingbird on the stomach of the girl A cute 3D tattoo of a ladybug on the shoulder of the girl Charming 3D tattoo with a rose on the girl hand Stunningly realistic 3D tattoo of a fern on the edges of the girl Realistic 3D black widow tattoo on hand girls Funny 3D tattoo of a ladybug on the foot girls Scary 3D tattoo with a snake on the foot girls

The most popular and beautiful tattoos for women is a 3D drawing of a butterfly. Juicy colors of the image and skillfully executed work with shadows can create an unsurpassed form of real butterflies.

Large 3D butterfly tattoo on back girl Large 3D butterfly tattoo on the foot girls

Next in popularity is three-dimensional lettering. They differ from traditional tattoo inscriptions by their beauty, brightness, and liveliness.

Choosing a Place for 3D Tattoos

As practice shows, the three-dimensional tattoos are placed on locations with extreme mobility like muscles the hands, forearms, biceps. Thus, the muscles work to give a 3D image amazing mobility. This helps to give a tattoo with extraordinary realism.

Great 3D tattoo for girls photographer Scary 3D tattoo skeleton hand on arm Sinister 3D tattoo on hand for women

Very often, you can find 3D tattoos on men’s arms. The images on the hands, wrists and forearms, due to its brightness and showiness, always get into the spotlight.

Especially popular among young girls got a back. In this area can be applied 3D image of any size and theme.

Feminine 3D tattoo of a bow on the back of the girl Huge 3D tattoo with an image from the famous American Comedy Huge 3D tattoo of a scene from a fairy tale little Red riding hood and the wolf

3D tattoo is also acceptable on the feet. Now it is an incredibly stylish and progressive trend. In addition, charming women have an opportunity to emphasize and to rivet the attention of others to their stunning legs.

A cute 3D tattoo of a tropical frog leg Beautiful 3D tattoo for lovers of marine recreation Charming 3D tattoo with purple rose on the foot girls Tattoo on whole leg in the form of realistic snakes Realistic tattoo of Justin Bieber Realistic tattoo of Chris Brown

A good way – bright, impressive, surprisingly real image on the body – 3D tattoo has Justin Bieber, Chris Brown.

Sketches of 3D Tattoos