150+ Best Couple Tattoo Ideas for Man & Woman (2019)

Couple Tattoos aren’t a rare occasion nowadays. People who are in love with each other and sure in their common future often decide to bind themselves with couple tattoos, emphasizing something important and even sacred in their relationships. To make such a tattoo means that you will always remember the owner of a similar tattoo. So, if some circumstances divide you, be ready to cope with this.

Matching couple tattoos are awesome to strengthen a bond between two individuals, mostly because they are kind of being forced to be together even more after getting some permanent inking. This is why couples really need to think it through before they go for a matching couple tattoo design to ink on their body. Here are some ideas for matching couple tattoos that you can consider for yourself and your loved one!

1. Something for Both of You

Some of the best couple tattoos are not even matching types. It can be just a tattoo on the back of a hand that you can use as a photo accessory for your own partner. Just like this half-skull tattoo right here!

2. The Nightmare Before Christmas

Here’s what we’d call some of the most adorable matching couple tattoos! It only makes sense for these two characters to be inked together – even more so if you both enjoy this haunting little cartoon movie.

3. Couple Tattoo Ideas for Sleeve Tattoos

While the tattoos in this full sleeve tattoo series is by no means identical tattoos, the color schemes are similar and fits in well with each other. If you can’t set on a design that you both like, how about inking something with a similar theme or color palette?

4. Matching Couple Tattoos Coverage

This couple focuses a lot on inscriptions, words and letters in their tattoos. While the lady sports a full sleeve with more inscriptions along her chest, the man has a full-frontal tattoo with complex textures and designs.

5. Pair it with Accessories

This couple seems to have little inscriptions on their fingers, although it isn’t very obvious for the lady in the picture. It’s awesome that they topped their look off with matching piercings too!

6. Leg Tats All the Way

This couple’s tattoos are co strikingly beautiful! There are so many patterns and motifs covering their entire legs – how is that anything less than awesome?

7. Unique Couple Tattoos Ideas

We love how matching this couple looks with their bodies covered in tattoos and piercings! The man and woman both have flower-themed tattoos around their necks and arms, which gives their tattoos a sense of harmony even though there is nothing identical here.

Who Makes Couple Tattoos?

It isn’t a surprise that young people especially that who fall in love, are very impulsive and emotional. So, they are able to fly on the wings of love in the tattoo shop. However, it is a very responsible decision. The relationships between couples often end quickly and unexpectedly, even if seemed to be eternal. In such cases, some persons are necessitated to appeal to laser correction, which is expensive and painful. Therefore, before making a couple tattoos think carefully and weigh all pros and cons.

8. Up, Up We Go!

I think most of us remember the heartbreaking scene in the Up movie when the old gramps lost his wife. Sure, it can be matching couple tattoos, but maybe it would be more practical to ink something with a happier outcome or movie ending.

9. Geometric Couple Tattoo Ideas

Just in case you have the misconception that couple tattoo ideas need to be very detailed, here’s an example to show you that this expectation is not a correct one at all! These matching couple tattoos show only the moon in its different phases – simple but lovely!

10. Nature-Themed Couple Tattoo Ideas

Couple tattoos featuring birds can be a wonderful choice too! Since birds and other animals in nature are often known to be colorful and striking in their beautiful colors, couples can choose to ink their nature-themed couple tattoos in their favorite styles.

Meaning of Couple Tattoos

Couple tattoos are of great difference and body parts of application, but there are some popular images, which couples choose for their tattoos. Certainly, all of them have great meaning to a beloved boy and girl, which is obvious or exactly not. So, let’s analyze some of the most popular couple tattoos.

11. Matching Couple Tattoos on the Back

These couple tattoo ideas are wonderful choices for couples who want to keep things simple yet lovely at the same time. The tattoo of these characters each hold a string that will form a heart shape when combined together.

12. Trees & Flowers Couple Tattoo Ideas

There is something harmonious about seeing a tree and some roses together. Perhaps because these motifs exist harmoniously in nature, the tattoo combination looks good for a couple too.

13. The Old and the New

One of these two tattoos look newer than the other, and it doesn’t look like the guy’s tattoos. However, both individuals having couples on the same areas of their body helps to form a feeling of bonding in some ways too!

14. A Unique Couple Tattoos Design

The tattoos here are mostly similar, except for the watercolor pattern in the background of the flower and geometric designs. This can be one of the best couple tattoos simply for the fact that these individuals managed to have a similar tattoo design while still retaining their individuality.

15. Identical Couple Tattoos

If your couple tattoo already shows the same design – that of a lovely couple, for example, there’s no need to make a matching design that will complement it. Just have two identical tattoos inked on each other and that’s a good couple tattoo to go!

16. The Mountains – Matching Ideas for Couples

These hills have an alluring feel to it – perhaps with some help from the shadowed parts of the hills. It’s a simple tattoo design – just a few fine lines and some dotwork for the shadows. However, simplicity is elegance when it comes to couple tattoo ideas, and this concept should be retained for more tattoo concepts.

17. Harry Potter Themed Matching Couple Tattoo Ideas

Inverted eight. It is an infinity sign. Therefore, it is clear that the couple believes that they will be together forever. If you search for infinity sign tattoos on Google, you’ll be surprised how many photos of tattoos with this symbol are on the Internet.

18. The Classic Mickey and Minnie Couple Tattoo Ideas

Mickey and Minnie Mouse. Sometimes boys and girls may associate themselves with these cartoon creatures. With such a tattoo they, perhaps, tell everyone about their devotion to each other and at the same time childish adoration and clearness and tenderness of their feelings.

19. Matching & Complementary Couple Tattoo Designs

Letterings. Very often a beloved person uses the same letterings, which have great importance for them, for example, “wild,” “lion,” “I love him/her,” “together and forever,” etc. Sometimes this may be words from a particular song or poem. They are not always the same, one person’s tattoo may be a beginning and the other person’s tattoo may be an end of a phrase.

20. A Question & An Answer

This is one of the more unique couple tattoos that we have come across – at least for its concept. The couple tattoo here is presented as a question with an answer, perhaps something of significance to the couple pictured.

21. The Best Couple Tattoos for Its Simplicity

This tattoo concept is clear and straight forward. It’s a promise between two individuals to always be together, and that is enough for the most part. The little pinky promise and the lucky 4-leaved clovers are adorable motifs that add on to the entire look too.

22. A Poem

Did you meet your significant other mainly because of a poem or a work of literature? If you did, well, here’s a good couple tattoo design for you! It’s lovely and simple designs go well with couples who do not like to complicate things.

23. Colorful Matching Couple Tattoos

Anchor. This symbol’s meaning has always been loyalty and devotion. It is some kind of finishing of a person’s search, in this case, the search for love.  When you pair this with a compass design, the meanings are quite clear. We love how each design is pictured in the background as well.

24. A Couple of Puzzle Pieces

Puzzles. This unique tattoo means that every part of a couple is a single part and only together are they complete and happy. The same meaning carries over to a key and lock design. Perhaps there is some significance in the puzzle piece design for this unique couple.

25. Beauty and the Beast

Hearts. The heart was always a symbol of love, that’s why it is popular for couple tattoos. Hearts look beautiful if designed together with wings, ornaments, birds and other additional elements and are made in color.

26. The King & Queen Matching Couple Tattoo Ideas

Who can better match a King tattoo motif than a Queen? These matching tattoos have a simple and basic concept, but it is also one that is timeless and will still be just as popular in the years to come.

27. A Complete Piece Together

Sometimes couples chose more specific themes for their tattoo and they may serve both as a couple tattoo and single complete picture. In this piece, as an example, the birds can be pictured as flying around the cherry blossom tree pictured on the man’s arm.

28. Peter Pan & Tinker Bell

Do you see each other as your fairy tale come true? How about your little happy ending to your story? Well, Peter Pan and Tinker Bell is a good couple tattoo idea for those who likes to live amidst the fairy tales and stories.

29. A Complete Swirl & Matching Couple Tattoos

These two designs are not identical, but they do complete each other very well. The swirl might have started on one person’s arms, but it ends on the other person’s. You can say that they complete each other!

30. Cute Couple Tattoos Ideas

This couple tattoo design is likely to remain relevant for days and years to come. The designs are adorable, and the story is simply lovely. What’s not to like about this little matching tattoo then? The characters even look like they are holding hands!

Body parts for couple tattoos

As usual, people chose every possible part of their body for a tattoo, but for couple tattoos, there are some prevailing places. So, the most common body parts for making couple tattoos are:

However, there is a great field on your body for making a couple tattoo, just use your imagination.

Style Of Couple Tattoos

Couple tattoos may be represented in different styles. Such images as hearts, stars, key and lock, anchor, animals, robots, crowns, etc. are as a rule of small size and are depicted in black-and-white or graphics, but in the same way, they are applied in color in cartoon style, old school, realism and even trash-polka.

If the sketch of the couple tattoo is big the range of styles also enlarges.

Faces of animals, birds, skulls, moon and sun, flower compositions, wings, cartoon creatures are designed in realism, neo-traditional, old-school, line work, ornamental, etc.

Celebrities’ Couple Tattoos

Katy Perry and Russell Brand have matching Sanskrit ink on their inner biceps that translates to “go with the flow.” Britney Spears and Kevin Federline got matching blue and pink dice tattoos on their wrists. Chris Brown and Rihanna have star neck tattoos. Ed Sheeran and Harry Styles have matching Pingu tattoos. Lady Gaga and Brian Newman have couple trumpet tattoos on their inner biceps.