150 Best Dream Catcher Tattoo Ideas That Protect From Bad Dreams

Dream Catcher originates from the Native American culture. As a sketch for tattoos, it gained popularity not too long ago. There are a lot of photos of ready-made Dream Catcher tattoos on the Internet, as well as its sketches. Dream Catchers Tattoo look interesting, beautiful and are really enigmatic.

This tattoo on a lady’s back is pretty and goes well with that dinner date dress.

Green Dream Catcher Meaning Nature

Nothing goes so well with a green ring dream catcher than with green feathers.

Double Ring Catcher Tattoo

With this catcher, you can be sure of trapping two bad dreams in a night, thanks to the two rings.

Dark and Multi Feathered

This dark tattoo will look so conspicuous on your back, black beads and feathers dominate the ring.

Rib Dream  Catcher Tattoo

This image depicts a dream chaser made of wood or wood products; a perfect symbol of dry nature.

Like Pendant

With light strokes of the brush, all we end up with is a simple pendant-like dream catcher.

Wooden Hanger

Nothing holds it together and beautifully than a wooden hanger and double rings.

Blue Feathers, Light Blue Ring

If you are looking for a tattoo that looks conspicuous then color blue for every part of the dream catcher is your best choice.

Origami Owl Dream catcher

If you are looking for a taste of magic then art of Harry Potter owl with the dream catcher is mystical.

Nowadays, it may be said that a Dream Catcher is one of the most popular images for tattoos among females.

Large Middle Feather

Once the bad dreams have been chased what follows is a good night dream courtesy of the large middle feather.

Kid’s Dream Tattoo

A dream catcher tattoo meaning your childhood can take this form; it makes for a good reminder.

Sleek Catcher

With its leanness, a splash of multiple watercolors looks amazing for your arm.

Purple Splash

Purple is the one color you can add to this image to demonstrate unconditional love for someone special.

Plant Attraction

Dream catcher tattoo meaning love for flowers is an amazing way to show admiration for nature.

Who Gets Dream Catcher Tattoos?

A Dream Catcher tattoo is often chosen by the female representatives because it looks very elegant, attractive and beautiful. However, sometimes the tattoo is applied to the men’s bodies, but in this case, it is more brutal and decorated with additional details symbolizing rough force.

Patterned Ring and Hanging Leaves

Sometimes even the most iconic symbols and items can be made chaotic yet still interesting.

Under the ear

Dream catcher meaning beauty can be done in a place that adds to someone’s appearance.

Hummingbird catcher

Not only the bad dreams get caught and wished away, but this image also shows a bird attracted to a flower.

Compass Ring

Dream catcher tattoo meaning a sense of new direction can be depicted by a compass as the ring.

Pink and Blue Tattoo

This image is a girl’s choice, bright colors like blue and pink are a woman’s best taste.

Magical Mirror

Tattoo on lady’s sleeve tries to provide an illusion of a man and a woman, it is all magical.

Owl Creation

By combining the parts of a dream catcher this image ends up with an all chaotic Origami Owl.

Butterfly Attraction

Butterflies have a love for flowers, they do not mind landing on a flower wherever it is.

Foxy Ring

A fox-faced ring dream catcher tattoo meaning dreams can be deceived.

History of Dream Catcher Symbol

Dream Catcher combines a unique beauty and identity and incredible meaning, that is, the symbolic sacred significance. By itself, the symbol of a Dream Catcher is a famous and powerful talisman, which consists of web, placed in a circle and feathers tied to it.

Nightmare Catcher

If you are a victim of scary dreams then this large dream catcher will come in handy.

Double Catcher

A night can be long and the dreams can be many, a double catcher will save you the scares of heavy sleep.

Prismatic Catcher

A love for shapes and dreams can lead to an amazing dream chasing device why not try this one tonight.

Sometimes there may be braided wooden beads on the web. The circle was originally made of twigs and vines. The number of feathers may vary, especially in today’s modernized designs.  Often, feathers are decorated and painted with different colors.

Blue Disguise

If the bad dreams have not stopped coming why not try and hide behind an amazing watercolor splash.

Butterfly Dream Catcher Tattoo On Thigh

Wherever you see a flower, there is also a butterfly hovering around, always.

According to the legend, the leader of one of the Indian tribes received this amulet as a gift from the deity in the vision of a spider. The spider wove the trap of willow twigs and cobweb and decorated it with bird feathers.

Amulet Dream Catcher

Sometimes it is not just an image, it could be an expression of long ago memories, everybody has one.

Rose Flower-Grey Feathers

If you choose to have this wear like a tattoo then the colors chosen for its parts matters a lot in bringing out the hidden beauty.

Sun Face

This art on arm is a true description of what makes force, strength, energy or rebirth on a new day.

Burning Catcher

Dream catcher tattoo meaning passion or grit on the back can be signified by fire motivated images.

Nervy Catcher On Thigh

This image depicts the effects of a dream catcher flow down her thighs to the calf.

Willow branches woven into a circle symbolizes the cyclical human life and, at the same time, the movement of the sun across the sky.

Color Distraction

The artist decided that if it had to make sense then having it colorful makes sense.

Multi-Ring Grey Feathers

A dream catcher tattoo on her best sleeping side was a perfect spot.

Dropping Feathers

If there was a better way to pose for this photo, then this image deserves to be seen.

Earring Depiction

In case no one had noticed the tiny earrings on her then this tattoo made sure they get noticed.

Hanging Double Feathers

This dream catcher tattoo on thigh adds perfection to the lightness of her skin.

Multi-Ring Thigh

This image depicts a dream catcher on her worst sleeping side, the dreams have no idea what she has in store for them.

Light Arm Flower Touch

If you love the smallest of descriptions then this might be the beautiful features you have been looking for.

Ancient Indians wove this amulet of willow branches and deer veins or conventional threads and decorated it with feathers of an eagle or owl. They hang a talisman, as a rule, over the head of the bed, or simply in the bedroom. Today, people try to do the same; however, the materials for Dream Catchers are more traditional.

Tree In Ring

Willows are amazing if you do not love the web why not try a willows pattern on your night catcher.

Dots Make It Work

Once the image is there, all that is needed is some few but tiny additions to make everything perfect.

Light Pen

This simple art was done simple enough to make it easy yet beautiful.

Thick Ring

If the bad dreams are huge then a large ring is the one solution needed to fix it.

Green Chasers

Dream catchers can take many forms and colors if there is something that can scare away even the worst of dreams then add on your catcher.

Blue Drop

A simple image with a touch of blue look amazing for feet ward parts.


A big dream needs a bigger fighter and this amazing elephant rings can do all the dirty work for you.

The purpose of the Dream Cather is to scare away bad dreams. The other sources say that Dream Catchers grasp nice dreams and a sleeper sees them. Thereby, it allows a person to enjoy a restful and sound sleep. If you return to the history, evil spirits, in which the Indians believed, could not get close to the man because of the protective power of the catcher.

Classical Magic Catcher

This image represents a traditional chaser which looks pretty and colors conspicuous for your arm.

Heart Ring

Sometimes even charms are a depiction of the best of feelings, this one talks about love.

Owl-eyed Ring

Owl is scary, their eyes are amazing, they are a perfect addition to your catcher ring.

Legacy Catcher

If you are to chase bad dreams then you need to attract good ones, these words on catcher are encouragement of a better life or a good legacy.

Luke Dream Catcher Tattoo

This amazing Luke tattoo is made of a time and date, it could be a definition of once shared memories.


Dream catcher tattoos with names are usually a good way to express our feelings for other people.

Wolf Catcher

If you are chasing away a bad dream then using a ferociously looking ring is your best weapon.

The Dream Catcher tattoo was also done in Siberia. However, this amulet here was mainly used by shamans and priests in order to understand and remember their visions in a dream.

Full Front Tattoo

Dream catcher meaning with full body expression can be done in this manner of a tattoo.

Meaning of Dream Catcher Tattoo

Nowadays, the meaning of a Dream Catcher symbol is something figurative. It helps to expand the knowledge of a person about his or her inner power and energy, as well as acquire spiritual experience. Dream Catcher witnesses about the efforts of its owner to evoke the deepest unconsciousness in order to find his or herself.


The combinations of a dream catcher lead to what appears to be a roof, this could be a depiction of good shelter.

In addition, a Dream Catcher attracts attention by the bright colors, what are peculiar to Indian style. But it is more important that the image of the talisman has a meaningful significance.

Tree of Dreams

The tree tendrils on this ring are a force and strength, they are a sign of the force that comes with love.

General meanings of the Dream Catcher tattoo:

Blue Magic

A stare at the ring of this dream catcher provides a version of the mood of the sky at the time.

True North

The compass says that we need to stay calm because we are actually going nowhere.

Above Ankle

Sometimes just a single part of something will tell us of the one thing we are thinking about.

Crescent Ring

Heavenly bodies are always calm, they are the two symbol of peace, if you are looking for a peaceful time then they can catch that dream for you.

Calf Catcher

A dream catcher with wolf ring on the calf is a good idea to demonstrate the bravery within.

Dream catcher meaning nightshade

When it gets dark the real protection you need is real shelter and the only place to get that is in a well-made house.

Body parts for Dream Catcher Application

To preserve the original meaning of the symbol and empower it, it is better to place Dream Catcher tattoos on the neck or shoulder, in order to make it as close to the head as possible. Because it is exactly our mind that generates all the dreams and thoughts.

Thereby, it should be mentioned that girls prefer to tattoo their

Dream catcher shadow

Shadows are the reality of what happens when a dark object appears on top of a lighter one.

Right Cover

If you do not love small images, this tattoo along rib to thigh is a good recommendation.

Eagle Ring

If you are looking for a symbol of divine immortality an eagle-ringed catcher makes a for a good catch.

Rabbit Ring

A dream catcher tattoo meaning abundance or prosperity can be demonstrated in the image of a rabbit.

Antelope Ring

Art is known for the many things it can do, this one will look amazing on your back.

Eared Ring

This image is a demonstration of a simple dream catcher with ear-like extensions on its ring.

Flower-made Ring

Flowers can do wonders, this neatly done flower molds are a representation of a simple dream chaser.

Flowered Baby Catcher

This makes for a good baby dream catcher choice.

Pink Ring, Multi-Color Feathers

This image with wing addition is perfect for your backless dinner dress.

Lady dream catcher back

This image depicts a dream catcher jewelry on back.

Blue Medal

This image is a perfect representation of a jewelry symbol that syncs well with you back.

Flowered dream catcher tattoo on thigh

With nice art, all she needed was some watercolor splash for a conspicuous thigh tattoo.

Love Ring- Love Feather

This tattoo goes well with her neat sleeve.

Leafy Pattern Rings

If you are tired of the webs why not try the leafy patterns for your dream catcher ring.

Twin Ring Catcher

People love the ring part in a dream catcher, often times they choose to have more than one of those.

Sketchy Sleeve Catcher

Sometimes the perfect drawing does not do the magic, trying the simple strokes can cause a stir.

Bark-Covered Ring

A dream catcher strong enough to chase tough dreams will need a tough back to hold its ring together.

Amniotic Catcher

Art expresses nature if you love the birth of a child expressing it in this kind of tattoo is mind-boggling.

Scratchy Catcher

Once the art is done, a few scratches make a perfect finish.

Owl Ring Rose Catcher

This bird and flower are a representation of both good and bird dream desires.

Dark Sleeve Catcher

This large piece of art makes for a good sleeve cover.

Leno A D

Names of people against dream catcher meaning specific special memories.

Tape Ring Catcher

What makes a difference for multiple dream catchers is the choice of the ring’s design.

These tattoos are usually not small in size.

Style of Dream Catcher Tattoos

The sketches of Dream Catcher tattoos are of different styles, but as they are more preferable among women their design has female tints. So, Dream Catcher tattoos are colorful and are decorated with additional elements, such as wooden beads in the web or complex ornamentation of the web, a heart instead of the circle, flowers, traces of paws, letterings, etc.

Dreamer Calf

Leafy feathers and lady color makes for a good calf tattoo.


Small tattoos a good for lean leg parts.

Large Thigh Catcher Art

Dream catcher tattoo on thigh like this one makes good use of your height.

Wood Ring-Paw Web

If you are looking for anything classical then a paw on hiding ring is perfect.

Blue Center

A few blue bead additions to your arm tattoo make for a good dream catcher.

Leafy Ribbon Ring

For something someone might have thought was good for the neck, this is amazing for the leg.

Elephant Illusion

One would have expected to see a web but all they can see is an elephant filling the web space.

Tussled Heart

This dream catcher tattoo with tussles on the web is an incredible piece of art for your arm.

Brown and white dream catcher

Without extra colors, this tattoo on arm is a masterpiece.


Not only is it good for the neck but also better for the ankle.

Thin Flowery Ring

Even with the leanness of the ring, it still holds together the beaded feathers.

Owl Eyed Ring

This dream catcher went fully natural with its perfectly original parts.

Howling Wolf Ring

This image represents purple beads and a howling wolf ring.

Sometimes, there are two or more styles combined in one sketch of a Dream Catcher tattoo. For instance, aquarelle background and realistic Dream Catcher, or realistic Dream Catcher and Polynesian symbol in the circle of the tattoo.

Woven Wing-Double Feather

If you are looking for a simple dream catcher, this is a perfect representation of simplicity.

Beaded Owl Ring

This dream catcher tattoo on arm makes a good Harry Potter dreams catcher.


A dream catcher with someone’s name can be a good expression of special feelings for someone.

Inverted Triangle Ring

There are multiple ways of doing dream catchers, an inverted triangle one good way.

Serpent Ring

This scary serpent will definitely scare off the worst of dreams in the night.

Very often boys and girls add the picture of an animal’s face into the center of the Dream Catcher, for example, such wild animals as bears or wolves. Sometimes they place some landscapes into the circle.

Celebrities’ Dream Catcher tattoos

Vanessa Martinez has a Dream Catcher on her body side.

Vanessa White has a colorful tattoo of a Dream Catcher on her right forearm.

The large Dream Catcher tattoo on Miley Cyrus’ side represents protection for her family. Four feathers symbolize each of her siblings.