150 Best Infinity Tattoos Design To Try Something Different 2019

These beautiful tattoos are very popular among the young men and women. The infinity tattoo though simple in design, can be interpreted in several ways.

Infinity Tattoo Disney Design

Disney animation, sly fox, the hound, the lazy pig and a chameleon inspired tattoo, with a Merry go round beneath it as in Disney land.

The earth drawn inside a thread that holds the compass as a guide with slightly drawn kites flying in opposite directions.

Per ardua ad astra

Per ardua ad astra, Latin sentence for through struggle to the stars, an old motto for British royal Airforce.

Watermark Flower on the arm

A colorful flower, just blooming,  choosing to be of different identity. “meri pechan” means my identity in Hindu.

Flowered Infinity Sign Tattoo

 A majorly love tattoo on an infinity shape with flower as a reminder of affection and a minor twist to complete the infinity tattoo design.

Entangled Seaweeds Infinity Tattoo Design

Sea weed entangled as flowered to form an infinity shape

Flower Anchor  Infinity Tattoo Design

An anchor that holds a rope with fairly painted roses on each sides. family written in Italian. “familia”.

Beautiful Anchor Design

An anchor with heart shaped ends that holds belief. Artistically written is “belief”.

Watercolor Design

 A fairly painted flower with pink and blue in between life and love, with 3 birds departing.

Lovely Family Design

A bird family with heart shaped on their chest on a slim feather. The artistic blending of colors with nature is really breathtaking

Who Likes Infinity Tats?

This sign has nothing to do with religion, however; it has a huge personal and spiritual value with lots of different meanings depending on what you personally put into the design. If you want something really trendy and recognized, yet customized and unique, think about having an infinity ink with some personal details and a message.

Love Birds Infinity Sign Tattoo

2 doves holding on to a piece of rope, entangled in the infinity shape. The painting maybe be said to be of love birds.

Paint brushes

2 paint brushes crossed and a sign of animated guitar with bubbles and paint splash.

Pop Artist Infinity Tattoo Design

A musical art, a person with a radio head, playing a guitar, widely opening his legs to line an infinity sign in red smear color.

Basketball Lover

An infinity tattoo displaying a basketball hobby. Splashes of blue and red at the edge of the a quote which says “basketball is my life”

Artistic Creative Art

A painting of art in a watercolor splash of pink to blue in the right. Dotted shapes, triangle, circle, square and a think dot.

Fist Fight

This shows dark shades in a busy area between the word Tempus Fight. Closely locked between a bloody arena, for fighting sport lovers.

Locked Rings Sign Tattoo

2 locked rings with cross at the end of the rings, signifies union in religion together forming the infinity sign.

Butterfly Infinity Sign Tattoo

A butterfly on the color splatter of blue, yellow above the wings. The name “Ashlie” written on a blue watercolor.

Bold Design

Bloodied anchor with a side of its hook pulling on to a red rope and birds flying to safety.

Usually people come up with sketches by themselves adding hearts, flowers, anchors, birds, feathers, yin yang and whatever else you can think of. It is pretty easy to come up with your own picture incorporating the infinity sign and add your own words and dates into it. Also it is a great idea for a couples tattoo.

Beautiful and Artistic Rose Tattoo

2 rose tattoos with one with a black top and the other with a red top.This tattoo is perfect for couples

Flight Hope

This tattoo shows 3 birds, from the biggest to the small one. They are all trying to hold into each other with a small rope and “hope” is written.

Fingers Matched Infinity Tattoo Idea

A couples hand drawn on a blue shaped circle, the thumb and index finger touching each other forming infinity on the left rib.

The Eternal Cycle of  Ouroboros Infinity Design

A dark painted snake swallowing it’s tail, holding on to it on. Drawn on the left side of the wearer’s tummy.

Dark Painted Heart Pendant

A beautifully painted dark heart pendant. This art is for couples as it has a key to the heart as a sign mutual affection.

Sisters Bond

A small simple infinity tattoo with sister written on the 2 wrists. This is simple but cute!

Infinity Hand Formed with  Sun Above

2 hands entangled to form the infinity sign, above is the sun drawn on the wearer’s arm

Stay Gold

A small vertical infinity shape drawn at the back of the left ear. As seen, a quote “stay gold” is written between.

To Infinity and beyond 

This shows a tattoo on both wrists, to infinity sign, with birds departing. As seen, when the wrists are put together it say, “to infinity and beyond “.

Numbered Infinity

A plain infinity tattoo with numbers written above at both curves, top and bottom with the midpoint of the infinity sign.

If you are a tattoo virgin I suggest you start with a small simple design and the infinity one would be just great for the first time customers.

Feathered Faith with Birds

A feather, with 3 birds flying away onto to words “faith”, with dots between each.

Cute Chinese Alphabet Infinity Tattoo Idea

An infinity tattoo with Chinese words written to form the infinity shape on the wearer’s arm.

Crossed Infinity Designs

A rope-like themed infinity tattoo, a vertical and horizontal infinity sign, drawn on each other to form a cross and some Chinese words written above it.

Family Designs

Here, family is written in a simple infinity sign in dark ink to the sides of the wearer’s wrist.

Infinity Love on the Arm

A simple infinity tattoo with love written on the left side and 2 words written slightly below it in the wearer’s wrist.

Finger Infinity Tattoo

Two hands in which the infinity tattoo is drawn on the fourth left finger. The infinity tattoo is drawn between 2 lines to make it look like an hour glass.

Arrow Pierced Infinity Tattoo Design

An arrow, between an infinity sign with the word “strength” on the right side. It also shows a feather tail to the left, with birds departing.

Blue Feathered Tattoo

A blue feather, twisted in an infinity sign. Looking at the words written on it, it means an infinite love for the family.

What Does Your Tattoo Say About You?

The infinity symbol defines limitlessness and endlessness. People will see it as a sign that you are:

  1. Very sentimental and romantic.                                                                                                                                            This shows green leaves and flowers of purple and pink color on the wrists of the wearer.
  2.  Very Spiritual                                                                                                                                                                        A dark infinity tattoo drawn in the theme of a mask, hiding feelings just a little below the knee of the wearer.
  3. Gentle
       Slightly painted in purple till fade,  is an infinity tattoo with the quote “amigos de adra”
  4.  Like to follow the new trend                                                                                                                                                

Shape of the heart with curly lines beneath it, drawn on it with infinite sign with a heart shaped by the left.

Meaning and History

The infinity symbol is also called lemniscate and is used in math, the symbol derived from the Roman numeral for 1000 (ϲIͻ) or omega ω. First it was used by the mathematician Leonhard Euler.

Rainbow Design  with Birds

Two dives at each ends of a colorful infinity sign, painted in green, blue and yellow. Slightly looks like a rainbow meeting as a sign of peace.

However, in the modern mystical symbolism the infinity sign is also associated with the ouroboros. It’s an ancient snake eating its tale symbolizing infinity. It is often painted in the 8 shape rather than the traditional circular form.

Purple Splashes Infinity Tattoo Design

An infinity tattoo drawn with mix of purple and blue beautifully drawn shape.

Anchor Infinity tattoo design

An anchor with a heart at the 2 sharp ends, leading to a quote “love anchors the soul”, written above the fore arm. Clearly explained infinity tattoo.

Computerized heartbeats

A simple infinity tattoo drawn above the wearer’s elbow with a word written below, also a computerized heart beats theme.

Flower roped anchor

An anchor on one leg with flowers at the base of the anchor leading a rope to the top while the other leg has an infinity sign drawn like a flower stem with names written across it.

The Best Spots for a Tattoo

You can put an infinity sign on any spot on your body as long as it is not distorted by the skin flaps. If the design is small and restrained you can put it on the wrist, inner arm, lower belly, back of your neck, behind your ear, or even on the side of your finger, it all depends on your imagination.

Live the life you love and love the life you live

This is just a quote “live the life you love and love the life you live” written into an infinity sign. The word “life” is the meeting point of the quote.

Entangled Flowers

Stem entangled to form an infinity sign, the flowers painted in a far shade of purple with names written on it.

Mother’s love- Family Bond

A mother, 2 children with a heart shape and a name under each side where the child is drawn.  This is lovely, showing a mother’s love to her children.

Dark Feather Infinity Tattoo Design

This is a feather, shadowed and the end shaped to form an infinity symbol all painted in black

Roman numerals

A flower with blue head and internally painted yellow with a tail to hold. It contains Roman numerals for 8,20 and 15 written beneath the midpoint.

A neatly drawn feather where the tail ropes to the word “love” and links back to the feather top.

Boys love to make a bigger ink that they put on their chest or back or use it as a part of the sleeve tattoo. Whatever design you choose do not forget to send me the photo.

This is also a feather, painted in shades of blue, purple and black. The tip is joined to a coordinate. It is more like an earthly location themed tattoo.

Splashed Arrow

An arrow drawn on a blue and orange paint splash, twisting to an infinity sign putting the nice colors together.

Love Infinity Sign Tattoo

Red infinity sign with 2 heart shaped upwards and downwards over the symbol, a blue and a purple one on the wearer’s arm.

Fade Design

A feather drawn on each wrist while there is a faded rope drawn to join the tip and end to form the symbol.


Typically the infinity tattoo styles are:

Fine line black and gray

A small infinity tattoo drawn on the second finger to compliment the ring on the next finger.

  1.  Color                                                                                                                                                                                           A red infinity sign outlined with black ink with names written between, this will be a good one for those who wants to write a name.
    A fine blue feather linked to the word “moon” and entangled into the infinity sign.
  2.  Illustrative
    3 feathered themed infinity tattoo drawn on different parts in blue, purple and brown color. Sisters is written across the midpoint to explain kinship.
  3. Tribal
    Artistic writing of initials “A” and “K” with a little heart shape between them on the midpoint of the tattoo.
  4. Neo-traditional
      A leaf with a long stem colored in blue, green at the middle and purple at the tip. Love, family is written slightly below the infinity tattoo.
  5. Traditional
    A shadowed feather with plainly red and blue colors, written around the heart shape. Love is then written to compliment the infinity tattoo.Two heart shape drawn upside down on each other, forming a diamond shape at the middle and the tail of it. Can mean a priceless love as the diamond.
  6.  Lettering
    In this tattoo, an arrow is drawn in black ink on the arm with the infinity symbol slightly between the arrow.

     Music Notes Infinity Sign Tattoo

  7. Musical notes are painted to form the infinity sign. This can be interpreted as an endless love to music.
  8.  Black work

A big feather is portrayed on the wearer’s arm and it includes roman numerals of “XVIII & VIIIX”.

Variations for Men and Women

Male infinity tats traditionally look very bold made with thick lines and in the dark colors. Guys also prefer the traditional ouroboros inking an infinity sign in the shape of a snake eating its tail.

Chained Anchor

An anchor is drawn with a chain around it’s left side, while a name is written below the right where two blooming flowers are drawn.

I refuse to sink

Here, an anchor holds a climbing tree with flowers and the quote “I refuse to sink” as an act of holding onto faith.

I refuse to sink design

Here, an anchor is drawn on the left of the infinity sign, climbing trees rounds the rope leading to the anchor. The quote “I refuse to sink” is also written here, this tattoo is across the back.

Forever in my heart

A bloomed flower with birds flying away to form an infinity sign. “forever in my heart” written across the middle.

Rose flower Infinity Tattoo Design

This is just a simple rose flower, painted in green and pink top

Thin line with Words

A thin line infinity tattoo with words written between.

Couples Match

This is an infinity tattoo for couples, a red shaped heart inside it with the name of the couple around it.

Bow Tie

Here, there is a red heart shape below the middle where the name “Bella” is written and a blue scarf knot to the right.

Plain Infinity Tattoo

This is a plain infinity tattoo, colored in blue and red on either side.

You can also try the traditional tribal tattoo style for the infinity sign, a Celtic or modern tribal tat looks very masculine. Another trend is adding an anchor to the sign showing that you will never sink. You can also check out the Buddhist infinity tattoos. Or make an ink in the neo-traditional Japanese with a tiger or a dragon biting on its tail.

Geometric Shapes Infinity Tattoo Idea

This is a heavy tattoo below the back above the buttocks. It shows various geometric shapes between, all in black ink.

Antonina 13.08.2017

There are two birds, drawn to face each other to form the infinity sign.  “Antonina 13.08.2017” written on the middle.

Love for the Sea

The first has an anchor themed infinity tattoo but the second is completed with a turtle above, painted in green with red spots. Japanese words of written below the sign.

Lovely Infinity Design  for Lovers

A drawing that depicts a woman and a baby girl with their foreheads meeting. The name “Ronya and Matilda” written are the middle of the infinity sign.

Shades of green feather on one side and a series of connected birds to form the infinity tattoo, with a name written at the right side.

Religious Themed Infinity Tattoo Design

This is a religious themed tattoo, it shows an anchor drawn with arrows going opposite ways around it. “love create souls” and “Hebrews 6:19” is written around it.

Dark Feather

A ribbon-like infinity sign with some scribbles over it,there is also a dark feather to the left side.

Simple Infinity Tattoo

These are lots of simple infinity tattoo with names written between. The first one shows 2 birds flying away.

Cute Infinity Tattoo Design

A simple infinity sign with heart shape drawn over it and “L” and a musical note written on either side.

Dark Feather Infinity Tattoo

Shows a feather, painted in grey, in the middle of an infinity sign fairly shaded.

Roman Numerals

This is an infinity tattoo with heart shape on the left and it include 2 dates on either side. A date is written in roman numerals 19.7.1959 and 16.9.1962.

Arm Tattoo Infinity Design

Dark shades of infinity tattoo on the arm of the two wearer’s, with name “Tyler” and “Sabreena” written on it.

Female infinity tattoos are very beautiful with lots of lettering, dates and elements. You can also add flowers, hearts, anchors or anything you want. The design can be as small as you want.

A fairly painted feather in blue, purple, green to mix with a slightly shaded tail. The quote “I am because she was” written at the midpoint.

Thumbprint Love Shaped Design

Two thumbprints to form a heart shape in an infinity tattoo, as a sign of 2 different identity coming together as one.

Family Bond Infinity Tattoo Idea

A thin line infinity tattoo doubled across, with the word “family”

Bent Arrow

This is an arrow bent into an infinity sign, the tip and feathered end not meeting.

Ankle Infinity Tattoo

A dark simple infinity tattoo on above the wearer’s ankle.

Shaded Blue Anchor Flower

An anchor with a rope and there are 2 flowers painted in pink with green leaves. Looking at the shaded blue at the midpoint and orange beneath the anchor, it compliments each other.

Bold Roman Numeral Tattoo

Large dark infinity tattoo in roman numerals date.

Pizza Themed Tattoo

This is a good themed infinity tattoo, with pizza drawn to the middle of the sign. Mainly for foodies.

Bond Infinity Design

This infinity tattoo on 3 wearer’s wrist has 3 heart shape on the right side of the tattoo. This can be a sign of the connections between each wearer.

Ocean Waves

This is a water influenced infinity tattoo, with water splashing painted in grey and fishes jumping around.

Another popular detail is adding birds and feathers. Girls typically go for softer more feminine designs to work with their curves. You can also make a double infinity sign like Emily Thorne from the TV series Revenge, this design is getting very popular with women.

Here, a message is been passed on quote “always on my mind, forever in my heart”. “mama and nana” written below and above to say they are both not forgotten.

Brooke Stevie

This is a star themed  tattoo, it has “Brooke Stevie” written boldly between and 2 stars before and after the sign.

Sea Inspired Infinity Tattoo Design

This has the sea, drawn at sun down,  a dark can be seen approaching with the sun already setting. The right has birds and a sea wave, this is for the enjoyment of lovers of sea life.

Dark Anchor Infinity Designs

An anchor is drawn between the infinity sign and there is heart shape at the middle of the anchor head.

“Love” and “Always”

This is an infinity tattoo on 2 wrists with 2 quotes written on each. “love” and “always”, with love birds seen flying away.

Famous People with Infinity Tattoos

A British model Daisy Lowe has got an infinity sign inked at the side of her left middle finger. An American singer and actress Ashley Tisdale has got her lemniscate in the side of her wrist. An American singer Sierra Key has got the same symbol on the back of her left wrist.

A Danish singer and songwriter MØ has got an infinity ink on her left wrist. An American actress Kristen Stewart has a sideways infinity sign tattooed at the back of her palm, it is a matching ink with  fellow actress Scout Taylor-Compton.

A Canadian singer and actress Shay Mitchell has a white infinity tattoo with the word love added to it on her left inner wrist. As you can see there are endless ideas for the beautiful artistic tattoos, it is all about your own style and taste.