150 Best Shoulder Tattoo Designs & Ideas for Men and Women (2019)

Say what you want, but Shoulder Tattoos are some of the most popular tattoo designs around the world. Perhaps part of the reason is that it can be easy to notice, but also cleverly hidden in other scenarios. Shoulder tattoos are very popular nowadays for both men and women for this reason!

Perhaps you already know where you are going to have your next tattoo – on the shoulder, but you are not sure of what to ink on that spot. If that is the case, don’t worry too much – we got you covered. With over 140 shoulder tattoo designs, there has to be at least a few designs that will catch your eyes. Let’s take a look at some of the tattoos we have here!

1. Metallic Shoulder Design

This is a cool one. The tattoo design looks like your metallic parts broke through your skin! If you have watched Full Metal Alchemist, you might see a subtle similarity in this tattoo and the main character.

2. Make Shoulder Tattoos A Form of Art

The details in this tattoo are incredible! The shadings of the angel carrying the bow are breathtakingly stunning to say the least. If you want your tattoo piece to be an artistic one, this is the design that you can go for.

3. 3D Shoulder Tattoo Design for Men

Men will definitely be attracted by a unique tattoo design like this one. The simple shadowing under the blue tattoo design makes it look as if the tattoo is floating atop the man’s arms! Cool, isn’t it?

4. The Manly Shoulder Tattoo for Men

Just in case you don’t feel manly enough, a tattoo like this could make you feel fiercer and manlier – hopefully. We love how realistic the tattoo looks; we can almost feel the texture!

5. Rose-Themed Shoulder Tattoo for Women

Women are like a garden – it only makes sense that their tattoos are also floral like this one – pink, rosy and absolutely gorgeous!

6. Combat Angel Shoulder Tattoo

This looks like the type of shoulder tattoo we would get if we have been playing a tad too many games. We can definitely picture this as a character in an MMORPG game!

7. Black & White Floral Garden Shoulder Tattoo

Some might say that tattoos make ladies look less feminine. We agree to disagree with this elegant floral shoulder tattoo!

8. Shoulder to Back Floral Tattoo

You can also request for your shoulder tattoos to extend to a small section of your back if you so wish. Flowery tattoos definitely work well when expanded!

9. An Asian Touch to Shoulder Tattoos

One can’t help but to think of the Sakura blossoms and its Asian heritage when looking at plum blossom flower tattoos. A shoulder tattoo like this can be very artistic and elegant, making it one of the best shoulder tattoos for women!

10. There Is More Than to the Eyes

Take a look at the flowery tattoo on the shoulders, It wouldn’t immediately occur to you that there could be more at the back! The other section of the tattoo can be expertly hidden – a smart move!

Advantages of Shoulder Tattoos

The shoulder is one of the best places for tattooing because of a whole range of reasons.  For one, shoulder tattoos look accomplished and aesthetically attractive in pictures. You can embody any idea that you want, as such a place as a shoulder gives you enough space and good area for making tattoos of different genres, sizes and designs. It will be realistic, extensive and cool. Shoulder tattoos also give you the opportunity to develop your sketch if needed.

Pictures on the shoulder will be bright and colorful for a long time because they are protected from sunlight through most periods and these tattoos don’t hang about the clothes. Skin on the shoulders isn’t susceptible to age changes. It is elastic and doesn’t strain as much as other areas on your body. However, it’s all on you to keep yourself fit to make your tattoo look more attractive.

Shoulder tattoos are also easy to take care of during the period of rehabilitation without someone’s help. You can also hide your creation of art as well as leave it for general view.

11. A Fluttering Butterfly

Try a butterfly tattoo design for a change when you aren’t sure what to go for. Butterfly tattoo designs have been popular for the past decades – who knows when it will finally stop being so in-demand?

12. More Roses & Leaves

Floral tattoo designs seem to be a top favorite among women – perhaps due to how feminine and beautiful it is perceived to be. This tattoo is no exception!

13. Realistic Animal Shoulder Tattoo

There are tattoos for everyone! Even tattoo designs that take on your affection for animals such as this elephant tattoo is available. You can commit to a personal cause through a shoulder tattoo like this one!

14. A Bunch of Orchids

Just as we were about to say that shoulder tattoos for women are always all about roses, this one comes along in the form of orchids. We sure aren’t complaining – it looks beautiful!

15. The Contrast Between Colors

One way to make any tattoo look special is by focusing on the colors. A contrasting color like the black and red in this tattoo is one excellent example!

16. A Shoulder Tattoo with a View

To be fair, no one specified that tattoos cannot be comprised of scenery like this one. Somehow, we feel like this artistic shoulder tattoo would go on someone who likes the gothic culture.

17. Red Indians Shoulder Tattoo

Here’s to making another tattoo piece look like an art piece! If you have a special someone in mind, you can give them a tribute tattoo in a similar piece.

18. Shoulder Tattoos Looking Like Sketches

The design of the tattoo on the shoulder of this girl – a sketched bear looked unique because it looks partly unfinished, yet it actually is!

19. The Skull & Rose Combo

This grotesque looking tattoo on the shoulder consists of red roses and a skull. Perfect for when you go for Day of the Dead!

20. A Rosy Diamond Shoulder Tattoo Design

Yet another shoulder tattoo for women, this tattoo depicts a red rose, diamond and some ornamental pattern. We love how the stalk of the rose looks like watercolor brush strokes!

21. Your Personal Angel on the Shoulders

If you have ever lost someone important to you, a tattoo like this will make for a beautiful tribute to their time with you. You can think of them as your guardian angels!

22. Shoulder Tattoo – Extended Version

This complex tattoo a girl’s shoulder comprises of intricate mandala patterns. Just in case it hadn’t occurred to you before, tattoos can be continued to a neck area!

23. Chains and Roses Intricate Tattoo Design

This tattoo on the shoulder extends to the girl’s forearms as well. The gentle red roses turn out to be a good contrasting design as compared to the metallic chains!

24. Tribal Shoulder Tattoo for Men

If you have watched Moana, the Polynesian tattoo on this man’s shoulder and chest would look familiar to you. That’s because The Rock, starring as Maui in that movie, is also sporting a tattoo similar to this one!

25. Sakura Blossoms on Shoulder

This flowery tattoo design for girls can greatly enhance girls’ aesthetics. The details of this tattoo – down to its shadows, is just lovely! This tattoo can extend down an arm or the back as well.

26. A Painting On Your Shoulder

The tattoo on the shoulder of this man depicts an eagle, while a depiction of a Red Indian is shown on the chest. That’s the beauty of a shoulder tattoo – it can be extended so easily!

27. The Wings of an Angel

This tattoo extends the wings from the shoulders all the way to the forearm area. A unique shoulder tattoo that seems to be integrated onto the man’s body!

28.  The Girl and the Beast

Tattoos that depict a person wearing the hide of an animal on their head as a sign of victory is common. This fact applies even for shoulder tattoo for men and women like this design above!

29. A Viking Tattoo Design

Tattoo on the shoulder of the man – Viking

Ever wondered how a tattoo depicting the Vikings could look like? The details in the ship and the warrior is clear in this tattoo piece!

30. Masquerade – Venice Themed Shoulder Tattoo

Color tattoo on the man’s shoulder

If you have visited Venice, Italy, then you might know about the masquerade festivals that they hold. The ornamental masks and the boat sticks true to real life!

Are Shoulder Tattoos Painful?

You will find that shoulder tattoos are not very painful as compared to some other body areas. The tattooing process on the shoulders is made more bearable due to the fact that the shoulders have quite a thick layer of fats.

We aren’t saying that there will be no pain at all, but it is definitely a lot more bearable than, let’s say, a tattoo around the wrists or the back of your knees. So, if you’re worrying about your pain threshold, you can relax a little if it’s just tattooing the shoulders. Getting tattooed when you’re feeling calm and having a good mood will further help to decrease the level of pain you feel!

31. Blooming Flowers and Leaves – Colored Tattoo

Tattoo on the shoulder of the girl – flowers

Notice how the outline of the blue flower is faded in comparison to that of the red floral patterns. That is because the red flower tattoo is a new addition!

 32. Owl Shoulder Tattoo for Girls

Tattoo on the shoulder of the girl – owl with lock and key and roses

Owls are among the top few tattoo designs that are popular among women and young girls as well. It’s easy to see why, with the owl being depicted as a wise and sage-like bird!

33. Toothless Shoulder Tattoo Design

Tattoo on the shoulder of the girl – cartoon dragon Toothless

Have you ever loved a cartoon movie so much that you decide to get it tattooed on yourself? You won’t be the first nor the last to do this! Take the Toothless tribute shoulder tattoo above for an example and you’ll see why!

Meaning of Shoulder Tattoos

An interesting fact is that tattoos on the shoulders have some meanings attributed to it. It is important to pay attention to it in order to attract success and fortune to your life as well as not to negatively impact your faith and luck.

Tattoos on your left shoulder are said to provide you with protection, capacity and skills to attract easy money and unexpected profit. The right side meanwhile is connected with a person’s desires, wisdom and family prosperity.

Here, you can find a place to immortalize photos of people who are close to you, symbols connected with your relatives, children or beloved person. A nice idea is to tattoo animals which highlight your inner features or they are simply pleasant for you.

You must be careful with placing different aggressive symbols on your shoulders. For example, tattoos of skulls, wild animals, arms (guns),death, pictures of hell, and purgatory etc are not appropriate for the shoulders. You can consider your shoulders as the place for defensive signs, ornaments, inscriptions and images.

34. Japanese Warrior Shoulder Tattoo Design for Men

Men love to show their manliness even through tattoos. A shoulder tattoo like this could be a tribute to the samurai in Japan or just something that the men feel like they can relate to.

35. Lucky Horseshoe and Clover

Tattoo on the shoulder of the man – Horseshoe and clover

If you believe that tattoos can make you lucky, then how about this one for starters?

36. Everything Lucky on a Shoulder Tattoo

Tattoo on the shoulder of the man – clover, horseshoe and dice

There’s a golden horseshoe, there’s a four-leaved clover, some dices and God knows what else? There’s so many to look at in this tattoo!

37. An Owl on Fire – Majestic Shoulder Tattoo

Tattoo on the shoulder of the man – owl

This tattoo looks like an owl that is emerging from the flames of the underworld. It looks absolutely fierce and stunning!

38. Tattoo a Loved One

Tattoo on the shoulder of the man – girlfriend

It looks like this man has tattooed his girlfriend right onto his shoulders – at the very least, she has to be someone really important for him. What a lovely gesture!

39. Spawning Cacti

Tattoos on the shoulders of the sisters of girls – cactuses

So, this isn’t exactly a tattoo on the shoulders. Nevertheless, these cacti are definitely an adorable addition to your arms or right at the top of your shoulders!

40. Elephant Tattoo Design for Men

Tattoo on the shoulder of the man-elephant

This is one unique way to show off your muscles! The elephant tattoo spans over one side of the chest and across a segment of the back as well. It sure looks fantastic!

41. More Animal Tattoos

Tattoo on the shoulder of a man – a lizard

Tattoos of lizards or griffons on the right shoulder are said to bring good energy and harmony to your life.

42. Griffon Tattoo Design for Men

Tattoo on the shoulder of the man – griffon

With such a ferocious beast guarding you on your shoulder, it’s no wonder that this tattoo brings you harmony and peace!

43. Horror Themed Tattoo for the Horror Fanatic

Tattoo on the shoulder of the man – vampire

The bloody details of this vampire tattoo look realistic – we do say so! Would you want this horror to be permanently tattooed on yourself?

44. A Realistic Skull

Tattoo on the shoulder of a Man – the skull

The shadows in this skull shoulder tattoo make it look as if you can actually touch all of its details. Imagine this as a painting you can hang in your room!

45. Lion Tattoo Design for Men

Tattoo on shoulder of a man-lion

If a full-color tattoo takes too much time, you can probably cut down some time with a tattoo like this one. The lion tattoo is half colored and half monochrome.

46. Guns & Arms

Tattoo on the shoulder of a man – a pistol, bullets and brass knuckles

We are not sure why anyone would want to tattoo weapons on their shoulders, but each to their own!

47. Looks Like Devil Worship!

Tattoo on the shoulder of the man – the pentagram and skulls

There’s a pentagram, there’s a goat-like creature with its horns, and skulls floating nearby. Quite a dark tattoo to have on your shoulders!

48. Pinhead Tattoo

Tattoo on the shoulder of a man – Hellraiser

Apparently, people can love horror movies so much that they have the most horrifying character permanently inked on their shoulders! Would you?

49. Mandala Pattern

Tattoo on the shoulder of the girl – a symbol Om

We think girls who practice opening their chakras and practice yoga would be happy to have a tattoo like the one pictured above.

50. Feminine Mandala Shoulder Tattoo for Women

Tattoo on the shoulder of the man – Mandala

Women and ladies might appreciate intricate details much better than men do. This is especially true when mandala tattoo patterns like this are involved!

Men’s Tattoos on Shoulders

Making tattoos on shoulders was traditionally for men for a long time ago. Indians marked on their shoulders their belonging to a specific tribe. Today, shoulder tattoos are a symbol of courage and endurance. Popular themes for boys and men are letters, predatory animals, cosmic motives, biomechanics, lacerated wounds, skulls and bones, marine subjects and so on.

Japanese styles are also appropriate if you want to emphasize on your perfect muscles. Such images attract a lot of attention because they are voluminous and expressive. It is interesting if tattoos have catchy lines and colors as in such styles as trash polka or dot work. Thin lines, bright colors and shadows create a unique and attractive picture on your shoulders.

One of the most popular and unique tattoos on the shoulder during the latest time is bogatyr. This is a purely manly tattoo, which is peculiar for its meaning, e.g. physical force, bravery, vigor, honesty, kind heart and nobility.

51. The Tattoo of an Adventure

Tattoo on the shoulder of the man – the inscription in Turkish, watch and the swallow

There’s a pocket watch with a necklace, a letter in Turkish writing and a swallow. What could this all mean? Only the person with this tattoo knows its significance.

52. Totem Pole Tattoo

Tattoo on the shoulder of the man – Totem

Totem poles might not be so colorful, but the one in this tattoo sure is! We love how bright the color turned out to be.

53. 2D Drawing Shoulder Tattoo

Tattoo on the shoulder of a man – Indian girl

This tattoo just goes to show that shoulder tattoos do not need to be realistic all the time. This one looks beautiful just as it is!

54. Full Portrait Shoulder Tattoo for Men

Tattoo on the shoulder of the man – the Indian man

Men’s top choices for shoulder tattoos seem to always include a tribal theme or at least that of the Red Indians – something like in this picture. How many Red Indian tattoos have you spotted so far?

56. A Tribute to Science

Abstract tattoo on the shoulder of a man – Einstein and formulas

We understand that the world will not function without Maths and Science, but do we really need to go to the extent of making a tattoo to celebrate it? Hmm, we wonder!

57. Like A Shoulder Armor

Celtic tattoo on the shoulder of the man

This Celtic-themed tattoo will remind you of the really cool armor that you see in Medieval-themed movies.

58. Polynesian Tattoo Design for Men

Polynesian tattoo on shoulder of a man

Muscular shoulders can be painted not only with abstract, Celtic or Polynesian patterns, but you are also able to create whole stories and even masterpieces of prominent artists.

59. A Tattoo for Mother Nature

Tattoo on the shoulder of the man – the wood

They say that the forests will be gone in a few decades at max due to human activities. Perhaps this shoulder tattoo is preserved to reminisce these green beauties when Mother Nature fades.

60. Inscriptions on Torn Skin

Tattoo on the shoulder of the man – the inscription

If you have to choose one type of inscription to tattoo on your shoulders, what text will you ink, and why?

61. Of Leopards & Flowers

Tattoo on the shoulder of a Man – a leopard and flowers

This shoulder tattoo has both a fierce element and a soft, gentle element. Is this a leopard prowling through a garden in search of its prey? What do you think?

62. Mindblown – Planetary Shoulder Tattoo Design

Tattoo on shoulder of the man – space

You can disagree that other tattoos on this page are just okay, but this tattoo definitely takes the cake! After all, there is nothing but wonder in space.

63. Mechanical Gears – Steampunk Shoulder Tattoo

Tattoo on the shoulder of the man – Biomechanics

Steampunk culture is all about all of these gears and old-timey pocket watches. This probably makes this tattoo a steampunk one too!

64. Alien vs Predator Tattoo Tribute

Tattoo on the shoulders of the man – lacerated wound

This tattoo is not only a tribute to a movie. It also focuses on the lacerated wounds on this person’s shoulders. Is this a big thing for men with shoulder tattoos?

65. Skulls & Bones Shoulder Tattoo Design

Tattoo on the shoulder of a man – a skull and bones

Do you like skull tattoos? Why not take it a step further by tattooing an entire skeleton just like in this picture?

66. Neptune and the Ship at Sea

Tattoo on the shoulder of the man – Neptune and ship at sea

Maybe you really like ancient folklore from different regions of the world. Have you heard the tale of Neptune? If you have, you might be inclined to have a tattoo like this one too!

67. Dragon Tattoos on Shoulder

Tattoo on the shoulder of the man in the Japanese style – the dragon

Dragon tattoos on the shoulder are popular both in men and women. Chinese and Japanese dragons embody wisdom, celestial force, harmony, kindness and nobility.

68. Japanese Dragon Shoulder Tattoo Design

Tattoo on the shoulder of the man in the Japanese style – the dragon

Dragons with horns add for the bearer decisiveness and bravery. In western culture, the dragon symbolizes independence, strength and aggressiveness.

69. Japanese Warriors & Samurais

Tattoo on the shoulder of the man – the samurai

Images of warriors and samurai are also frequently seen on the shoulders. After all, it appears that men like sketches of armor or war motives.

70. Armored Shoulder Tattoo Design

Tattoo on the shoulder of the man – armor

This looks like a battle armor after a particularly straining fight! Note the little crack at the top half of the armor where a weapon has managed to slice through.

71. Trash Polka Shoulder Tattoo

Tattoo on the shoulder of the man in trash polka style

Trash polka tattoo styles have always been famous for its mix of surrealism, naturalistic and photorealistic styles. Which part of the tattoo do you like the most?

72. Dotwork Shoulder Tattoo

Tattoo on the shoulder and forearm of a man in dotwork style

Dotwork tattoos can be particularly pricey because every single dots affect how the final tattoo is going to turn out. The results definitely are worth it!

73. Dotwork Geometric Shoulder Tattoo Design

-Tattoo on the shoulder of the man in the style of dotwork

There’s a huge mix of patterns that we see in this tattoo design. However, they are all made up of dotwork, which makes the colors spread in a lovely way as the patterns transition!

74. Shark Tattoo

Tattoo on the shoulder of the man – the shark

This is no baby shark rendition! The shark tattoo is seen as a fierce tattoo, and we don’t even need to guess why.

75. Black and White Shark Shoulder Tattoo

Tattoo on the shoulder of the man – the shark

Sharks on the shoulder are associated with cruelty, strength, being cunning and speed. However, they are also symbols of the consistency of aim, freedom and self-sufficiency.

76. Cartoon Shark Tattoo

Ancient Polynesian tribes believed in the protective forces of sharks. Indians considered that this symbol can help in hunting and survival. Now it is also a sign of dominance in business or games.

77. The Shark Is Dead

So we have seen all the fierce shark-themed shoulder tattoos. What does that make this dead shark?

78. Just Like a Gentleman

Tattoo on the shoulder of the man – the shark

This shark is dressed in a suit, has a monocle and even a top hat to match! This is an image that one will not associate with a shark’s natural predator traits.

79. Roman Warriors

Tattoo on the shoulder of the man – the hero

Battles, warriors and fighters are a consistent shoulder tattoo theme for men. This heroic tattoo is not an exception.

80. Ancient Japanese Samurai

Tattoo on the shoulder of the man – the hero

The outfit alone is enough to tell that this is another tattoo of Japanese samurais. We love the strings of light/fire at the bottom of the tattoo!

81. Buddha Shoulder Tattoo for Men & Women

Tattoo on the shoulder of men – Buddha and lotus

Image of Buddha are also popular for men. It is for people who are interested in Buddhism and eastern philosophy. People with Buddha on their shoulders are protected from evil and different misfortunes.

82. Buddha Tattoo in Dotwork Inking Style

Tattoo on the shoulder of the man in dotwork style – Buddha

Don’t want to appear too religious? This dotwork tattoo can probably change other people’s perceptions of your Buddha tattoo!

83. Buddha and the Lotus Flower

Tattoo on shoulder men – Buddha and lotus

Buddha is always accompanied by Lotus flowers whenever God is depicted. It can be a sign of peace and harmony, which aligns well with Buddhism!

84. Japanese Dragon & Ornamental Tattoo

Tattoo on the shoulder and the chest of a man – a Japanese dragon

Along with the Japanese dragon, a couple of Japanese warriors are also seen on this shoulder tattoo. There is a lot to look at!

85. Single Color Dragon Tattoo

Tattoo on the shoulder of the girl – dragon

A full colored dragon may remind onlookers of ‘yakuza’, the Japanese gangsters. If you want to avoid that perception, a single colored tattoo like this could help!

86. A Single Dragon Head

Tattoo on the shoulder of the man – the Chinese dragon

This Chinese dragon shoulder tattoo is depicted with a pearl on its forehead. The bright colors look like they are ready to glow in the dark anytime!

87. Japanese Dragon Tattoo & Sakura Blossoms

Tattoo on the shoulder of the man – the Japanese dragon

If you weren’t sure whether the dragon is considered a Japanese or Chinese one, a glance at the flower tattoos beneath the dragon will confirm your assumptions! Yes, it’s of a Japanese heritage!

88. Chest & Shoulder Dragon Tattoo

Tattoo on the shoulder and the chest of a man – a Japanese dragon

The shape of a dragon makes it suitable for the dragon to be tattooed across the chest and the shoulders. The head, a bigger size, can be tattooed onto the chest while its body can swirl all around the shoulders and the forearms!

89. Chinese Dragon – Rarely Represented

Tattoo on the shoulder of the man – the dragon

You will usually see a long dragon with only its two front legs depicted. This one looks unique in comparison – we don’t even know if it’s really a dragon!

90. Artistic Wolf Shoulder Tattoo Design

Tattoo on the shoulder of the man – the wolf

A wolf stands for cleverness, bravery and vigor. It is also a symbol of loyalty, freedom and endurance. This tattoo is inappropriate for light-minded, indecisive and weak persons.

91. The Wolf & Its Dreamcatcher

Tattoo on the shoulder of the man – the wolf and the Dream Catcher

When the symbol of wolf tattoos are made clear, its appearance together with dreamcatchers may be confusing in comparison. What do you think this tattoo means?

92. A Wolf Howling at the Moon

Tattoo on the shoulder of the man – the wolf howling at the moon

Not too surprisingly, a wolf tattoo usually depicts a wolf howling away at the moon. After all, this is what we usually see on TV!

Women’s Tattoos on Shoulders

Women and girls often choose more color in their tattoo designs or black-and-white pictures of small sizes. We aren’t very shocked to reveal this finding. After all, it’s girls and women that are depicted as being more artistic in nature as compared to men. Here are some shoulder tattoo for girls and women that females might like.

93. You Are My Sunshine

Tattoo on the shoulder of the girl – sunflower and the inscription

This lovely song serves as a melancholic song to most ladies – it sounds like a beautiful love song until you slow it down and hear the sadness behind it.

 94. Polynesian Tattoo with Flower Design

Polynesian tattoo on the shoulder of the girl

Don’t think that girls do not like Polynesian tattoos! These tattoos still look very feminine and beautiful when inked on a girl’s shoulders – especially when a tattoo of a flower is included as well.

95. 3D Buddha & Temple Shoulder Tattoo

Girls may also try to make their shoulder tattoos look more unique and original by inking different tattoos in 3D.

96. 3D Gaming Console

I mean, just look at how photo-realistic this tattoo of a joystick is! We also love the Dr. Strange tattoo in the background with his majestic cloak.

97. Inking a World Map

Even among girls, shoulder tattoos with a map or a compass can still be significant – reminding them of their journey around the world.

98. A Bird Tattoo with Geometric Designs

Tattoo on the shoulder of the girl – the bird

So maybe your girl has ethnic images as part of her tattoos. That’s cool too! Different ethnic images depicting different animals are often seen on girls’ tattoos.

99. A Wolf Among the Roses

Tattoo on the shoulder of the girl – a wolf and dog rose

Shoulder tattoos design for girls may also include a mix of florals and predators. When a wolf is surrounded by flowers and a beautiful garden, should you still be fearful and cautious?

100.Colorful Splatters in Your Shoulder Tattoo

Even the world’s scariest tattoo designs can be tuned down with colorful splatters of colors. A colorful wolf tattoo would be easier to expect to see on a girl as compared to a fierce one in common scenarios.

101. Initials & Inscriptions

Tattoo on the shoulder of the girl – gothic inscription

Some shoulder tattoos for women may include just simple names, initials as well as inscriptions in graffiti or gothic styles. The style of the font may be different among ladies.

102. Painted Butterfly Tattoo

Tattoo on the shoulder of a girl – butterfly

In the female world, the most popular insects are also butterflies, which isn’t too surprising. After all, butterflies are often portrayed as being graceful, beautiful and even elegant!

103. Starry Starry Night

Tattoo on the shoulder of the girl – stars

Tattoos of stars are also a common choice among women. This particular tattoo above, however, sure does remind us of the American flag!

104. A Snarling Tiger

Snarling tiger tattoos like the one presented above may be adopted by ladies who are tired of being looked down upon. It’s a warning that says, “Be careful, I’ll bite!”

105. Cobra and Flowers

Tattoo on the shoulder of the girl – snake and flowers

The fact that the term ‘snakes’ are often related to a negative personality did not seem to deter this lady from getting this tattoo! I suppose the snake’s poison is made softer by the surrounding flowers.

106. Ornamental Mirroring Shoulder Tattoo Design

Tattoo on the shoulder of the girl – Mandala

Ornamental tattoos like this one can be placed not just on the shoulders, but on other body parts as well. Perhaps that is part of the reason why tattoo patterns like this are popular all around the world!

107. Pet Cat Tattoo

Tattoo on the shoulder of the girl – cat and flowers

Of course, we have to include our beloved pets as part of the most popular shoulder tattoo designs! Even when our dearest furry friend is gone, this tattoo will still remain.

The Significance of Floral Tattoo Patterns on Shoulder

Needless to say, floral tattoo patterns will probably be among the top 3 list of tattoo designs for women. Flowers have different meanings however; as an example, the below floral compositions at the top of shoulder tattoos for women could carry different meanings depending on the type of flowers they are.

108. Rose Floral Shoulder Tattoos

Tattoo on girl’s shoulder – the roses

A rose on the shoulder is a symbol of beauty and love. Even for roses, there are different meanings for different colored roses. White roses, for one, is a sign of innocence, clearness and honesty.

109. Black Roses

A black rose is a sign of a difficult soul state.

110. Black Roses with Stalk & Thorns

Tattoo on the shoulder of the girl – black rose

Now that you know the significance of a black rose tattoo, do you still want to ink a flower with such dark meanings on your shoulder?

111. Orchid Shoulder Tattoo for Women

Tattoo on the shoulder of the girl – the inscription and orchids

Tattoos of orchids may signify magnificence and luxury, harmony and beauty, fertility and women. Perhaps it is due to how orchids’ petals are so special as well!

112. A Peaceful Lotus Tattoo

Tattoo on the shoulder of the girl – lotus

Meanwhile, if you have a tattoo of a lotus on your shoulder, you might be associated with a peaceful mind and creativity.

113. The Sakura Blossoms

Tattoo on the shoulder of the girl – Sakura

Sakura blossoms carry symbols similar to those of lotus flowers – a flow of creativity and a peaceful mind as well.

114. Shoulder Tattoos of Lilies

Lilies symbolize dignity, clearness and superiority, while tulips are signs of passionate love.

115. A Painted Lady

In some cases, tattoos for women can even appear just like this – you don’t need to expect to see flowers all the time!

116. Tulips

Tattoo on the shoulder of the girl – yellow tulip

Yellow tulips tell their own stories of separation or treachery, a bitter tale that you can show to everyone.

117. Red Tulips Shoulder Tattoo

Tattoo on the shoulder of the girl – flowers

Well, this tattoo is definitely more than just red tulips. It’s an entire garden in all its glory! Perhaps there are different meanings for all the flowers depicted in this tattoo.

Peculiarities of After-care

If you take good care of your shoulders after your tattoo session, the after-effects will heal in a maximum in two weeks. The best variant is to make shoulder tattoos in autumn or spring, because you don’t need to wear warm clothes, which brings a lot of inconveniences. The tattoo location should be washed periodically and treated with cream. Summer heat and dust are also unfavorable for tattoos.

The less you let your tattoos brush against other materials during the healing period, the better it would be!

Celebrities’ Shoulder Tattoos

Even celebrities are seen sporting tattoos on or around their shoulders. How many of these tattoos do you know about? These celebrities have extensive tattoos on their shoulders. They diversify from letters and quotes to large pictures in black and white.

Lady Gaga

Tattoo on hand of Lady Gaga – quote

A German poem script by Rainer Maria Rilke is translated here, “In the deepest hour of the night, confess to yourself that you would die if you were forbidden to write. And look deep into your heart where it spreads its roots, the answer, and ask yourself, must I write?”

Tattoo on the shoulder of Lady Gaga – letters

This Tokyo Love tattoo commemorates Lady Gaga’s collaboration with a Japanese contemporary artist, Nobuyoshi Araki, back in 2009. Their collaboration involved a bondage-themed photoshoot for Vogue Hommes Japan.

Tattoo on the shoulder of Lady Gaga – inscription “Dad”

The ‘dad’ inscription inside a heart was Lady Gaga’s tribute to her father, Joe Germanotta, who refused to go for an open-heart surgery despite her pleads.

Angelina Jolie

Tattoo on the shoulder of Angelina Jolie – inscription “geographical coordinates”

Most of us know that Angelina Jolie adopted a few children of her own from various places. These coordinates detail the birthplaces of her these children!

David Beckham

Tattoo on the shoulder of David Beckham – the inscription

When David Beckham faced some challenges in his life regarding some affairs, he had this tattoo inked, with the phrase ‘In the Face of Adversity’ included in it.

Adam Levine

Tattoo on the shoulder of Adam Levine – inscription

Adam Levine’s shoulder tattoo simply said ‘Los Angeles’, to represent his love for that region.

Sketches of tattoo

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