150+ Best Small Tattoo Ideas & Designs for Man and Woman (2019)

The main principle of any tattoo is that it must keep some significance. With tattoos, you can express love for someone, capture a trial which you have passed or it will mean luck and happiness. 

“Small” doesn’t mean “dull”: there are hundreds of nice small tattooes for everyone’s taste

Tattoos for Girls 

An elegant ancor tattoo on the shoulder blade A nice ancor tattoo can accent the gracefulness of woman anchors

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Tattoos with the form of an anchor are usually associated with longevity, dependability and durability. It is also considered that the anchor is a signifier of good luck. For some, it is a religious sign, similar to the first outline of a cross.

A nice and simple wrist anchor tattoo A very tasteful anchor tattoo highlights its owner originality

A tiny anchor looks great on a wrist or an ankle. 

Very often, an anchor is “hung” on a chain.

A rather complicated but still very attractive anchor tattoo design for girls Anchor is a nontrivial choice for a couple tattoo


A bird tattoo on the back of the girl’s neck stresses her natural beauty and charm A small neck swallow tattoo – nothing in excess

The image of a bird on the body talks about freedom and inspiration.

The idea for a small tattoo – two swallows sitting on wires Little tattoo – combining signs and images flying bird

The bird is considered an independent and bright feathered animal.

Women’s cute tattoo geometric style – two swallows

The best tattoos depict a bird in a flight with spread wings. Almost all birds carry positive energy.

Another feminine bird tattoo on the shoulder blade

You can represent more than one bird. Such a pattern would look great on the back of a shoulder

Pretty nifty tattoo with a flock of birds A cute line of bird tattoos along the sharp of the hand


Neck is a perfect place for a bow tattoo One should really brave and confindent to have a bow tattoo inked on the ring finger

A bow – has not the meaning of this figure has not, it only emphasizes your elegance and femininity.

A fine bow tattoo a bit lower the wrist

A small bow is usually placed on an ankle or a wrist.
Alternatively, you can do a tattoo behind an ear or on the neck. 

An original choice of the place – thumb bow tattoo


Butterfly tattoos are extremely frequent but still attractive and elegant A cunning butterfly tattoo on a girl’s neck

Butterflies represent a complicated female nature, emphasize the elegance of its existence. In Japan, for example, one butterfly symbolizes femininity, two represent happiness in marriage. In China, the butterfly is associated with prosperity and wealth. In Greece, it stands for a mental quest.

A very simple butterfly tattoo design – the stuff but not the fluff

These tiny creatures look great on the shoulders. A very original and stylish place for the butterfly is on a finger.

In some Eastern cultures a pair of butterflies in a tattoo stands for marriage happiness Simple but cute idea for a couple tattoo


A Cat line tattoo on the neck – a defenite sign of a cat person

Little tattoo of cat muzzle on the female foot Small tattoo with a cartoon cat in woman’s leg

Cats – In some nations, they represent the mind and quickness.
In others, a cat is a mysterious and an enigmatic animal.

Therefore, a tattoo with a cat depicts that your nature is mysterious and free.

A lovely cat snout tattoo on the finger The hip is an unusual but clever place for a cat tattoo

It is best on an ankle or the neck. Cats will look great on your back.

A black cat silhouette tattoo on the neck will give you mysterious air


Wrist crown tattoo is definetely meaningful for the one who chose it

Small tattoos for girls in the form of a crown say the person is an authoritarian and has a proper nature. If you put a little heart into the crown, it will mean good luck.

A heart and crown tattoo is to attract good luck A remarcable collarbone simple crown tattoo gives a touch of royal character A finger crown tattoo – you are Queen of your life

It will look good on the coccyx or the back of your head. Also, an unusual option is a tattoo on a finger.


A gorgeous dolphing dhoulder blade tattoo

Dolphins are sea creatures, known for their friendliness. Consequently, a tattoo of a dolphin represents friendship. These figures have an additional meaning: playfulness, intellect, power.

A catching ornate dolphin tattoo on the lower belly

A small dolphin can accommodate the bottom of your back or a shoulder.


A heart tattoo between fingers – not to be seen by everyone – but by someone special

No need to be a genius to figure what the heart symbolizes. This tattoo talks about love, friendship, and loyalty.

Extremely tiny but very eyecatching heart tattoo

Tattoos in the form of the heart will look nice on then back, on a wrist or an ankle.

A lovely wrist tattoo consisting of the heart and the infinity sign. The meaning is obvious One more wrist tattoo design for a couple

Tattoos for Men

Most men prefer their chosen tattoo emphasizes their individuality and is meaningful. 

Some guys can be very extravagant in their tattoo choices. Here’s a wild but striking caligraphy tattoo on the guy’s forearm

Oriental characters

Neck Chinese hieroglyph tattoo looks very manly

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Tattoos with Chinese and Japanese characters can now be found in almost every tattoo parlor. And all because they attract people with there mystery and mysticism.

Chest – is a superb place for a man Japanese character tattoo

The best place on the body for tattooing is the neck, a shoulder, a forearm and an ankle.

A much talked about David Beckham’s ribs Chinese tattoo represent a traditional proverb. It reads “Death and life have pre-determined appointments; riches and honor are from heaven”


Scorpio neck tattoo – probably the most brutal variant

Scorpio – a popular symbol of today’s tattoos. Dangerous and beautiful in its own way, it is representative of the animal world which has attracted many fans of tattoos.

A scorpio chest tattoo is an obvious sign of masculinity

The best places are: the chest, the back or a shoulder

A scorpio tattoo on the back of the palm – a conservative but splendid variant


A star shoulder tattoo – to help to find the right way in life

The star is one of the oldest signifier of many cultures and it has a lot of different meanings. Star tattoos on an arm of sailors and soldiers spoke of their belief in their protector beacon and a hope that they will certainly return home.

Symmetrical star shoulder tattoos – a nice addition to a complex tattoo design

It is considered that the star tattoo on the chest or a shoulder will help a person to get back on the right path.

Celebreties’ tattoos

Cara Delevingne always surprises her fans. There is a number of tasteful simple tattoos in her right ear that reflects her individuality Miley Cyrus has a surprisingly modest ancor wrist tattoo

At least one small tattoo has been seen on many well-known celebrities like Reese Witherspoon, Katy Perry, and Britney Spears.

Britney Spears has a sun and a cross tattoos on her hip-bones Katy Perry has a very feminine and cute lotus tattoo on her wrist

Sketches of small tattoo