150+ Best White Ink Tattoo Designs & Ideas for Man and Woman / 2018

Ornametnal White ink hand tattoo

Today, anyone can afford such an extravagant and unusual variant of skin decoration such as white tattoo, the meaning of which can be varied depending on the selected drawing.

White ink mehndy tattoo

White ink tattoos can be taken as a henna tattoo, because the colors are natural and they look like henna tattoos. 

But this is only at first glance. In general, white ink tattoos often look more graceful and subtle, and sometimes are made with a glow effect under ultraviolet rays.

Glow in the dark white tattoos in daylight and UV lamp

An interesting variant of the white tattoo on the hand of man – bones

Terrific option white tattoos glow in the dark – zipper

Elegant white tattoo on back – angel wings

Sweetheart white, glow in the dark tattoo of a constellation on a woman’s thigh

Amazing glowing white tattoo of a dragon on a woman’s foot

First of all, this type of tattoo is suitable for girls with dark skin, because with this shade of skin it will look impressive. But the pale-skinned ladies also can draw attention to the tattoo with white ink.

White cute butterfly tattoo on neck


Simple white tattoo with an elephant on your leg

This tattoo may be advisable for those whose way of life is connected to communication with young children or the elderly or have a strict dress code.

Ornamental white tattoo with a dream catcher on female hand

White tattoo with Oriental motifs on the female body

Lovely white flower tattoo on women hand

White lace mandala tattoo on a woman’s shoulder

White tattoo with flowers on a woman’s shoulder

White tattoo across the girl hand

Simple white tattoo with the letter for the women’s eye

If a tattoo is small in size, the finest white lines will be practically unnoticeable, and only upon closer inspection (for example, in intimate communion), your body finds so attractive point.

White tattoo with feather on the edges

Popular images

Strict white tattoo with quote on arm

Glowing white tattoo with a snake on the hand

Simple white tattoo with a note on female hand

Neat white tattoo with continents on a woman’s wrist

Floral ornaments

Neat white tattoo with rose for girls

White tattoo with floral for girls

White ink floral ornament shoulder tattoo

Striking white ink flower tattoo

Geometric figures

White ink symmetrical hand tattoos

White ink geometric chest tattoo

White ink snowflake wrist tattoo

White ink geometric palm tattoo

Inscriptions from Mandala

White ink Mandala tattoo

Cool white ink chest tattoo

White ink mehndi shoulder tattoo

White ink mehndi hand tattoo

Lace patterns perfectly replace Mehendi and do not require any extra care. 

Bride’s garter belt, in this way it will stay for many years.

White ink garter belt tattoo for girls

White ink geometric chest tattoo for girls

Nice white ink ornamental foot tattoo

White ink anchor tattoo for girls

White ink anchor finger tattoo

Tribal white ink upper back tattoo

Since these unusual tattoos are less noticeable than traditional, people pack them typically in places where they will be visible.
Girls choose the most uncovered parts of the body such as

Flower Tattoo

Nice white ink rose arm tattoo for girls

As ink tattoos are white and opaque, a complex pattern will not be noticeable. Such designs are typically selected by girls. 

Flowers tell the story of femininity and subtlety. And it is small enough to fit on your wrist. You can also try a floral design with birds or butterflies which represent beauty and freedom.

Ornamental white ink flower arm tattoo

White ink floral foot tattoo

White ink floral ornament collar bone tattoo for girls

Tattoo with an Image of a Bird

Sweet white ink bird tattoo

White ink swallow hand tattoo

Whiite ink bird flock wrist tattoo

White ink bird ribs tattoo

Simple white ink bird tattoo

Stylish white ink bird finger tattoo

Fabulous water ink bird ribs tattoo

Tattoos with White Ink Birds – These are among the most chosen, because they are considered as a signifier of freedom, love and peace. You can choose a tattoo with images of doves, hummingbirds, swallows, birds or eagles. 

Tattoo with a Drawing of a Tree

White ink symmetrical tree tattoo

White ink tree quote tattoo


White ink contour tree tattoo

Such schemes are very simple to ink in a circle, and they can be used as to represent nature. They are beautiful and stylish in white ink. To make a tattoo easier, you should select the image of a leaf of a tree with the words which are meaningful for you. 

Men prefer tattoos with images of animals.

Magnificent white ink dragon tattoo for men

Original white ink lion shoulder tattoo

Tiger and Dragon – some of the most widely used animal tattoos. You can depict the head of the animal or its entirety.

Other Variants

There are a huge number of images that will look great in white ink

Tattoos with a barbed wire are also very famous. Also, you can prick initials, or important words and phrases in a decorative font.

Original white ink Mexican skull tattoo

Miraculuos white ink angel wings back tattoo

Brutal white ink UFO chest tattoo for men

Simple white ink sword arm tattoo for guys

White ink heart with initial arm tattoo

Glowing white ink scorpio tattoo for man

White ink quote wrist tattoo

White ink quote tattoo

What is essential to know before applying white tattoo

1. First of all, you need to take into account the color of your skin.

It is considered that pale skin is best suited for white tattoos. On the white skin, the tattoo might be similar to a scar, and it is very rarely visible on darker skin.

White ink Roman numbers collar bone tattoo

White ink shading quote tattoo

White ink rose shading foot tattoo

2. With tattoos of other colors, you can get black outlines, but in white tattoos you have a light purple border or no border at all.

3. Much depends on the master, his experience and professionalism.

White ink geometric chest tattoo for woman

Wedding ring white ink tattoo

4. White ink – not an ordinary ink.

Beautiful white ink compass tattoo

White ink lace ornamental hand tattoo

Tattoo artists are used to filling the color in colored tattoos. Such paints are very thick and therefore have to be very good quality.

White tattoos are liked by girls who love to try new things and are not afraid to change their image. For example  the top model Kate Moss (few white ink hearts) and Lindsay Lohan have a tattoo in a form of inscriptions “breath” on her wrist.

Cara Delevingne white ink quote bicep tattoo

Lindsay Lohan white ink wrist tattoo

Rihanna’s water ink quote knuckle tattoo

Pictures of White Ink Tattoos