150+ Phoenix Tattoos Ideas & Design for Men and Women (2019)

Phoenix tattoo is extremely popular because this character carries a very serious meaning.

The image of the mystical and legendary phoenix bird is beautiful and unique.

A phoenix bird tattoo can be easily assimilated into another tattoo design. In this one as an example, the phoenix tattoo is joined with a girl tattoo.

2. Full Back Phoenix Tattoo

We can only guess that the phoenix tattoo meaning is very significant for this person. I mean, it has to be, right? The tattoo is basically covering his entire back!

3. Japanese Style Phoenix Tattoo

There’s something about the way the fire bends and turns that makes this phoenix bird tattoo look like something with a Japanese style to it. What do you think?

4. Abstract Phoenix Bird Tattoo

If you don’t want to show too much significance to a phoenix tattoo meaning, you can make your phoenix tattoo a little abstract. This is one example of an abstract phoenix tattoo!

5. Full Back Phoenix Bird Tattoo

The highlight of a phoenix tattoo is the striking colors, so try to make use of that! These tattoos would look the best in full color, just as the majestic creatures deserve.

Who Makes Phoenix Tattoos?

Tattoo with phoenix means patience and strength. 

This bird has become a symbol of the human spirit, which is in the eternal struggle with life’s difficulties and obstacles. 

Phoenix is often mentioned in alchemical allegories, where it symbolizes purifying and transforming fire. 

A mind-bending view of the huge Phoenix applied to the body attracts everyone.

A fantastic powerful creature with giant wings is often portrayed in multicolored fire theme.

When looking at the most difficult pictures on the body, surrounding people fall into a pleasant shock from the majestic and mysterious type of this unique bird. 

Phoenix in fire usually attracts people who have suffered enough challenges in the past and managed to step over them and live in peace in the present. 

This sketch is for the winners and those who believe in eternal life. 

Among the fans of Phoenix are many people who adhere to Christian beliefs.

They are sure in the existence of a new life after the physical death. 

The ancient inhabitants of China had their own explanation about the Phoenix, as the bird which means grace and virtue, emanating from the feminine.

Therefore, it is the female representatives, who often select these sketches.

Meaning of Phoenix Tattoos

Meaning of phoenix tattoos is endowed with complicated and rich symbolism. 

The main meaning of this bird expresses categories such as immortality and rebirth.

This mystical creation has also become a symbol of renewal and cyclical nature of the life. 

Since ancient times the Phoenix has been associated with the element of fire, as well as with the sun.

As a symbol of immortality, Phoenix is considered the saint patron of long periods of time.

Thanks to the meaning of phoenix tattoo, it is often taken as a powerful amulet – a talisman gifted by the sun, which is able to maximize the earthly human life. 

Phoenix tattoo is in some degree a deep consciousness of the bearer of the fact that everything in this world comes back, develops in a spiral way, and the events are repeated, differing only in the conventions and scope. 

The tattoo represents the knowledge of the owner that everyone will have to give up his place in the earthly life for someone else, for his or her children or own incarnation. 

Meaning Of Phoenix Symbol In Different Cultures

For the first time, the legend about a great magic phoenix originated in Heliopolis (Egyptian center of heliolaters), where people made sacrifices for Ben – the God depicted with the head of a heron. 

The word “phoenix” coincides with the Greek name of a palm tree – “the tree of the sun”. According to the legend, the Phoenix is an amazing bird that lives a very long time – five hundred years or even more.

Sensing the approach of death, phoenix starts to build a nest of herbs, where it sets itself on fire in order to be reborn and resurrected in three days. 

After that, the new bird brought the nest and ashes of the past existence in Heliopolis to the altar of the sun temple. 

Phoenix was portrayed on Roman coins as a symbol of the Roman Empire immortality.

It is often painted like an eagle taking off from the Emperor’s funeral pyre. 

You can see the bird on the graves of the early Christians as a symbol of the eternal life of the human soul and hope of victory over death. 

According to some Jewish legends, Phoenix got its immortality, refusing to taste the forbidden fruit in the Garden of Eden. 

In China this fiery bird is associated with the feminine force, so a tattoo is often chosen by girls and women. 

Phoenix, along with a dragon, forms a powerful symbol for the fusion and interaction of male and female energy, the same as the famous yin and yang. 

In Russian tales, the closest bird to the phoenix is a “firebird”, which is considered a symbol of wealth, good fortune, wisdom, and kindness. 

Phoenix Tattoos For Men And Women

As it was already mentioned, phoenix tattoos are of great popularity among women.

They tattoo their back and sides with this beautiful bird. 

These tattoos are of big size and bright colors. They are really of large scales and wonder everyone. 

You can make sure of this by searching for some photos of the tattoo.

Sometimes, instead of the entire image of the bird girls and boys choose a fiery red or black phoenix feather.

The symbolic meaning, in this case, isn’t changed. These tattoos are often applied to the neck or feet

The female version of the tattoo is a phoenix-hummingbird or peacock from the Chinese miniatures. 

On the contrary, more rigid, masculine phoenix tattoo is created by imitation of Celtic patterns. 

Celebrities’ Phoenix Tattoos

Margaret Cho has a tattoo on her left upper arm of a bird with the body of a phoenix and purple peacock feathers as the tail.  Former Spice Girl Melanie Brown aka ‘Mel B’ had a large tribal-inspired bird tattoo on her right upper arm.

Aline Weber, a model, has a phoenix on her left side.

30 best sketches tattoo phoenix

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