150 Realistic Hand Tattoo Ideas and Meanings 2018

A hand tattoo is an unusual way to decorate your body. It’s a very visible zone, so you should think twice if you want to get this kind of tattoo. Let’s see at some special features of hand tattoos to help you with making such a difficult decision. 

Hand tattoo: pluses and minuses

The hand is a really unique place for tattoo: if you are going to get it be ready to get a lot of attention as well later. This tattoo will show that you’re a brave and interesting person. Also, it has some other advantages:

  1. A hand tattoo doesn’t deform a lot. Even when getting older it keeps its color and size almost like the same as when it was new. 
  2. This picture looks really beautiful and can highlight the beauty of your hand, like for instance long fingers. 
  3. As we said above, it’s really an unusual and unique place for a tattoo. If your are tired of hip or forearm tattoos, then this is supposed to be your choice! 

But there are not only pluses in here. We have to figure out what minuses are possible to identify about getting a tattoo on your hand:

  1. It is a very visible place which is almost impossible to hide. If you work in a sphere where people are not allowed to wear a free style of clothes, then it’s not your variant. 
  2. Hand tattoos look cool if you’re young. When you are old it may loose its attractiveness. 
  3. It’s pretty hard to choose a really fitted sketch. The point is that you don’t have a lot of space to make your ideas real.
    Look and compare all the pluses and minuses which you find reasonable for you. If you doubt anything, then you would be better off not getting a hand tattoo because such a decision must be sound. 

Let’s detect a pain level

Alright, if you have decided to get a hand tattoo for sure, then you may probably be puzzled about the possible pain level. There is no answer here. The point is that there are a lot of factors having strong influence. Let’s have a look at them:

The same is with the process of removing a tattoo. Pay special attention that in general it’s more painful to remove your tattoo than to get it. So, that’s why you must be sure in your decision 100%.

The best ideas for hand tattoos for boys and girls

The next photos can play the role of inspiration for you if you’re still looking for a good idea for a hand tattoo. Read the meaning of each carefully.

Hand tattoos: ideas for boys

  1. Tribal style tattoo. One of the most manlike styles of tattoo. It’s an awesome way to clarify your confidence and strength. 
  2. Flowers. Untypical for man, but still cool. It may highlight your romantic perconality, and your real feelings hiding inside. 
  3. Watches. If you wanna show your special philosophy and wisdom, then watches as a hand tattoo -– are your perfect choice. 
  4. Letters. One of the best things for your hand. Letters are pretty small if speaking about composition, but at the same time you may put a lot in them. Different quotes, ideas, thoughts – whatever you want and like. 
  5. Animals. Do you have your own spirit animal? If your answer is no, then it’s a perfect time to find it. What kind of animal reflects your personality clear enough? 

Hand tattoo: ideas for girls

  1. Animals. This is the best way to show how strong your love for animals and nature is. Whatever style of tattoo you choose, the meaning of it will be really deep. 
  2. Flowers. Beautiful female symbol of recovery, of spring and new life. So, behind your flowers may be a hidden really wise philosophy. 
  3. Different symbols. If you are fond of different symbols and you cannot choose only one, then why not get all of them? That’s a cool idea that will help you to put a lot of deep thoughts and ideas just on your little hand. 
  4. Letters. Different languages and fonts, cool ideas and thoughts. It’s everything that can be hidden in the letters on your hand. Actually, it’s one of the most common ideas for a hand tattoo for a woman. 
  5. Butterfly. The best meaning of the butterfly is freedom. A butterfly on your hand will show that you’re a thoughtful and open-minded person who can make very wise and sound decisions.  

Help your body and skin to recover in a proper way

Probably the worst process of getting a tattoo is its recovery. Just imagine, firstly you damage your skin with a special ink and needle and then you look for an easy recovery. But if you don’t help your skin and body, then you may just loose not only the quality of your tattoo, but also your health. If you want to avoid such difficulties then follow the next recommendations:

  1. Don’t do any kind of sport or go to the swimming pool for 7-10 days after getting your tattoo. 
  2. Be very careful with your damaged skin! Try not to touch it and don’t scratch it! 
  3. Use only soft and natural kinds of fabric. Especially if you have any allergies. 
  4. If you get any problems with the process of recovery, then talk to your tattoo master and explain your situation carefully.

Your master has to give you special recommendations saying how to take care of your tattoo right. Follow all of them and you will avoid any troubles with it for sure!

Celebrities with hand tattoos

Some famous people are not afraid of showing their hand tattoos! They are:

1. Gary Allan. 

2. Rihanna.

3. Zac Efron.