150+ Remarkable Angel Tattoos Design with Meaning for Man & Woman 2018

Your angel tattoo will always have special individual meaning

Today, tattoos in the shape of an angel are popular among women and men. For many, this tattoo holds particular importance, they consider tattoos a talisman. Many seek salvation in religion and get an angel tattoo as a sign of their faith.

Geometric Graphic Abstract Angel

This angel tattoo design uses many geometric shapes and a rough sketch-like style. The coloring employs different techniques, such as line shading, patterns and prints, line shading, and watercolors.

Immaculate Conception

The image above is a reference to The Immaculate Conception where an angel of God disguised as a bird visited the Virgin Mary to tell her she will be the mother of Jesus Christ.

Archangel Michael Portrait Tattoo

Archangel Michael is the leader of the angels who lead the holy war. Rendered above is one famous poses of Michael.

Navigating Angel Tattoo

The tattoo of an angel holding a sword and looking away shown above combines black work, line shading, and color print.

The Victor Archangel Michael

The angel chest tattoo on the right features Archangel Michael standing over a defeated Lucifer, while the back tattoo on the right shows Archangel Michael with angels flying behind him.

Justice Guardian Angel Tattoo

This angel tattoo showcases the representation of Justice, wearing a blindfold and holding weighing scales in one hand and a sword in the other.

Wingless Angel Tattoo

On the wearer’s back is a tattoo of a female angel with her wings cut off done in black and white.

Armored Angel

Above is another tattoo of Archangel Michael. The art is made to look like the Roman Art Style.

Graphic Sketch-style Angel

A crucified male angel with geometric wings and realistic detailing and sketch-style designs is rendered on the wearer’s back.

Angel VS Demon

Shown in the image is St Michael and Lucifer fighting done in black and white.

Angel Statue Tattoo

A realistic image of an angel statue is the focus of this angel chest tattoo.

Angel With Cross Tattoo

This colored angel tattoo showcases an angel carrying a wooden cross.

Michael VS Lucifer Angel Tattoo

This black and white tattoo of St Michael and Lucifer is done to look like the Greeks’ statue style.

Assassin’s Creed Theme Angel Tattoo

The angel tattoo design featured above is done in the art style of Assassin’s Creed, a popular video game franchise.

Flying Angel Tattoo Design

A flying angel with detailed shading is rendered on the wearer’s upper back, right shoulder, and side.

Holy War Torso Tattoo

Pictured is St Micheal standing over a fallen Lucifer with waves underneath.

Angel On Your Shoulder

A portrait of woman with her chin on her hand and angel wings peaking behind her head is rendered on the wearer’s right shoulder.

St Michael Angel Tattoo Sleeve

In this black work angel tattoo design, Archangel Michael has his spear raised and poised to pierce Lucifer laying at his feet.

Flight of Icarus and Daedalus

Looking like an angel, Icarus was the son of  Greek craftsman Daedalus, creator of the Labyrinth. Using wax wings he flew to the sky but fell to his death when he flew too close to the sun and his wings melted.

Jesus, Mother Mary, and Angels Tattoo

This upper arm sleeve tattoo features Mother mary carrying the body of Jesus Christ after his crucifiction, with angel sabove them.

Wishful Angel Tattoo

A dark haired girl with angel wings has her hands clasped together as if wishing.

Reverent Guardian Angel Tattoo

A female angel dressed in traditional Greek attire has her head bowed and hands entwined in reverent prayer.

My Guardian Angel

A render of a woman’s face is with an image of a male angel looking upwards.

Host of Angels Sleeve Tattoo

A group of angels, or  host, in different poses and activities, is tattooed on the wearer’s arm.

“Peace of Mind”

The quote “Peace of mind” haloes the head of a hooded angel carrying a budded cross.

Angel Collage Sleeve Tattoo

This angel collage sleeve tattoo design showcases angels in varying scenes and positions.

Angel in Victory

Archangel Michael raises his spear high as Lucifer lays down underneath him, angels and demons still fighting in the background.

Statue Guardian Angel Chest Tattoo

An earlier piece shown in a different angle. The angel is done in great detail, with focus on each crease of cloth and curl in the hair.

Of course, such a tattoo for each person will have its own special meaning. A man points to his faith in the special conversion and hope for anything, when applying such an image.

Sketch-style Dancing Angel

A sketch of a female angel dancing is shaded in for extra details.

Fallen Angel Wings

On the wearer’s back are demon wings, who are fallen angels.

Sleeping Angel Tattoo

A naked female angel is folded over, wings spread out, as if asleep over a render of a small cemetery.

Sketch Collage Angel Tattoo Sleeve

A rough sketch of an angel is included in a collage of patterns, shaded shapes, and names.

Black Work Angel Michael

Above is a detailed depiction of St Michael wearing armor done in black and white.

Lying Angel Shoulder Tattoo

A cute arm sleeve tattoo with a female angel may be a talisman for a man

An angel lying down on clouds is tattooed on the wearer’s shoulder.

Vanquishing Angel Tattoo Sleeve

An admirable forearm angel tattoo with a complicated sketch

On the wearer’s upper arm shows St Michael standing over Lucifer. a dream catcher in his hand.

Fallen Angel Tattoo

A fallen angel tattoo is a sign of of a very decisive person that has taken his Destiny in his own hands

This angel tattoo design is of an angel falling or descending done in black work.

Female Guardian Angel Shoulder Tattoo

An exquisite angel tattoo: men often prefer female angels to protect them

A figure of a curly haired angel woman is tattooed on the wearer’s upper arm.

As an angel is a keeper of people, you can often find their figure as defenders against the evil eye or mischief and misfortune. Usually, the drawing is performed in the format of a man with wings and a halo, which represents the belief that angels are a kind of people, but have wings and are sent from above.

Angels of Life and Death

This angel collage sleeve tattoo features a render of a realistic angel statue on the upper arm connected by a transition of orange roses of a portrait of a woman’s face, the right side of whic is a skull.

Angel With Spear and Chain

A severe angel with a baculus is inked as a tattoo owner’s guardian

This realistic black work depiction of St Michael shocases him carrying a spear and a chain.

Haloed Angels Shoulder Tattoo

Very tranquil and graceful forearm and shoulder angel tattoo.

Two female angels have halos, or circular light around their heads. Angels are commonly depicted with horizontal hoop halos rather than the vertical circular ones displayed above.

If a crucified angel is painted, it testifies about the memories and the hope of a thriving future and the Lord’s mercy and attention.

Pensive Angel Chest Tattoo

This detailed black work small angel tattoo is shaped like a heart over the wearer’s left chest.

“Free like a bird”

On the wearer’s back are black and white angel wings with the quote “Free like a bird” on a scroll on top.

Temptress Angel Tattoo Design

This angel tattoo design features a temptress angel, with the red coloring matching the apple and poisonous coral snake on her arm.

Crying Angel Line Shading Tattoo

A nude crying angel is sketched and line shaded on the wearer’s upper thigh.

Cherub with Scythe

This line art angel tattoo is of a cherub carrying a scythe with four-point star details.

Angel Spine Tattoo Design

On the wearer’s back is a tattoo of molting angel wings attached to a protruding spinal column.

Bowed Angel Spine Tattoo

Angel’s wings are spread in a form of Crucifixion. Such angel tattoo stand’s for hope

In the image above is a naked female angel bent forward and her wings spread across the wearer’s shoulders.

Angel with Laurel Wreath

A remarkable angel tattoo on the forearm

A thoughtful angel kneels down with her head in one hand a laurel wreath in the other. A laurel wreath is a symbol of triumph.

Angel Tattoos carry a positive meaning  because if you literally translate the word from Greek, it means “a messenger or an ambassador”. For most people the character means peace and beauty, love and forgiveness, and good memories about events or people.

Dynamic Rough Sketch Angel Tattoo Design

Swift lines of graphic forearm tattoo represent angel’s speed. An unusual tattoo design

This above angel tattoo utilizes a rough sketch art style with visible guide lines and the angel in a dynamic position.

Black Work Avenging Angel Shoulder Tattoo

Angel tattoo forearm man

Pictured above is an angel and a man in a struggle by the ocean, waves at their feet.

One of the most famous tattoos is Cupid, who connects together hearts and brings love. This is a good solution for people who believe in true love.

Pixie-style Angel Tattoo


An angel drawn like a pixie blows out sparkles and is done in black work and detailed shading.

Angel’s Feather Wings Tattoo

This back tattoo is of detailed angel wings combined with scrolls of words.

Angel in Praise

In the image, a detailed depiction of an angel statue with arms raisd in praise is don e in black and white on the wearer’s arm.

Angel Wings Back Tattoo

All across the wearer’s back are a pair of detailed white wings with dark shadows and shading.

Shot Through the Heart

An outstandind complex tattoo with a cupid reveals a romantic character of its owner

Cupid is poised to shot a woman through her chest with his arrow of Love.

Cupid Small Angel Tattoo

A miraculous tiny cupid tattoo on a girl’s collarbone

A cherub is holding a lightning bolt in this small angel tattoo.

Cherub with Pocket Watch

It takes time to find your true love. A superb forearm cupid tattoo is a reminder of its tip

A realistic cherub holds a seemingly gigantic pocket watch in its arms.

On the most drawings there are some attributes of the Divine Providence like a staff or a sword, or perhaps a small harp or a pipe.

Archangel Michael in Victory

A spectacular shoulder tattoo – an angel with a sword – holy protection

Archangel Michael is about to pierce Lucifer with his sword.

Angel With Sword Tattoo

Alluring angel tattoo on the forearm

This black and white piece focuses on an angel who is holding a sword still in its scabbard, with shaded roses underneath.

Valkyrie Themed Angel Sleeve Tattoo

A striking female angel with a sword – a protective tattoo on the forearm

The angel tattoo design in the image above features a female angel dressed as a valkyrie, which mean choosers of the fallen. In Norse mythology, valkyrie chose who lives and dies during battle and bring them to Valhalla, the afterlife hall of the slain.

Admonishing Angel

Divine admonishing angel tattoo on the forearm

A female angel points the sword towards the looker with her pointer finger up as if scolding.

Flute-playing Cherub

A lovely angel boy with a flute – perfect tattoo for a girl

This angel tattoo design has a cherub playing a flute.

Angel with a Harp

A ravishing Angel tattoo on the forearm. The harp represents gospel power

Usually, angel tattoos for men employ a realistic style of art, like the piee above of an angel with a harp done in black work.

Bard Angel


A bard angel with a cithare is still a divine messenger. A witty small tattoo for a girl on the shoulder blade.

This small angel tattoo features pixie-like angel playing a cithara, a Greek stringed instuement.

Angel’s wings

Nowadays, it is very popular a tattoo with the form of an angel’s wings. This tattoo has many meanings. This tattoo has exactly the same value as that of an angel tattoo. The design is often chosen to protect, spirituality, love, and wings tattoos depicting initials or dates in memory of the departed person in another world. This tattoo has the value of striving for freedom, liberation from any burdens of worldly life.

Angel Wings With Quote

The angel wings showcase very fine detailed shading.

The quote “Free like a bird” is done in a handwritten font.

The angel wings are done 3d; the shadows add depth so the tattoo does not look flat.

“His Angel”

The words “His Angel” are written in cursive script between a pair of gray angel wings.

Watercolor Sketch Angel Tattoo Design

This abstract angel tattoo design uses sketching, watercolors, and line shading to create the rough figure of a female angel.

Black and White Angel Wings Shoulder Tattoos

If you seek inner freedom – a pair angel wings tattoo may help you

A pair of dark colored angel wings start on the wearer’s shoulder blades ad extend down to her upper arms.

Black Work Detailed Angel Wings Tattoos


An Angel wings back tattoo in a brutal variant for men

This black work pair of angel wings occupy the whole upper back, across the shoulders, and continue down until the wearer’s elbows.

Falling Angel Chest Tattoo

This detailed angel chest tattoo has the angel positioned as if he was falling.

Bathing Angel

An angel is kneeling by water and bathing.

Angel and Butterflies Belly Tattoo

On the wearer is an angel dancing with wings spread across the entire stomach with butterflies as added details.

Steampunk Cross and Angel Wings

This traditional style angel tattoo has a steampunk theme, with chains, gears, vials, and leather straps in the design.

Nymph Angel Sleeve Tattoo

A nymph-themed angel poses gracefully on the wearer’s forearm.

On which parts of the body do people get an angel tattoo?

Often men get an angel tattoo on their chest closer to heart. The heart has always been considered a signifier of love, and loyalty. Tattoos near the heart have meaning of eternal devotion to God.

Geometric Sketch Angel Tattoo Design

A gemotric graphic style angel with a bird on the arm is the focus of this angel sleeve tattoo.

Gladiator Angel Tattoo

This angel tattoo features an angel wearing gladiator-style clothes, with the arm straps, giant shield, and the pteruges, or leather defensive skirt.

Half Angel-Half Demon Sketch Tattoo Design

In this angel chest tattoo, one side is drawn in detail, with a demon’s wing, while the angel half is done in minimalist line art.

Angel and Succubus

A succubus tries to tempt an angel in this sleeve tattoo design.

Two Sides: The Angel and The Demon

In the image above, the figure is drawn half as an angel and half ass a demon.

Black and White Blonde Angel

This guardian angel tattoo features a windblown angel on the wearer’s upper arm.

Archer Angel Shoulder Tattoo

It is common for angel tattoos for men to have special themes, as in the image above of an archer angel wearing a fantasy costume.

Angel Stepping on Sinner

This detailed black and white piece showcases an angel stepping on a sinner or unholy man.

This tattoo is usually hidden from view under clothes. Tattoos with an angel at heart has a special significance for men. This may be a mark of the memory of someone.

Memorial Angel Tattoo

A touching angel tattoo to remember someone special

This small angel tattoo was done for a departed special person. The name and birth date are written above the angel holding a child, the words “Forever Loved” written in flowing script below.

Angel VS Giant Snake

A tremendous tattoo with a fighting angel inked on the chest

Occupying the wearer’s chest is a tattoo of an angel holding a baculus fighting a gigantic snake. Snakes were symbolically commonly used in the Bible by demons.

Observing Angel Chest Tattoo

Thrilling angel tattoo on a man’s arm

This angel chest tattoo features an angel gazing far away on the wearer’s left pectoral.

Tattoos with an angel on a forearm – Usually men prefer tattoos with an angel on a hand. This tattoo looks beautiful and courageous. This tattoo makes a man more gentle, because an angel is a signifier of love and tenderness. Tattoos with the angel should be chosen by men who are confident in their actions.

Angel Sitting on Tree Branch

Thrilling angel tattoo on a man’s arm

This black work tattoo angel is sitting on a branch and watching something below.

Sleeping Cupid Small Angel Tattoo

An amazing sleeping cupid tattoo on a girl’s wrist

A small cherub sleeps on the wearer’s wrist. Cherub tattoos are often chosen by parents to signify their children.

On a shoulder or on a collarbone – Such a tattoo looks very beautiful and attractive. It will look nice with the image of a fragile little angel with wings. It will also look good as a tattoo with the figure of a slim girl with angel wings. This tattoo draws attention, but if you want to conceal it, it will be very easy.

Angel Yeiayel

A captivating angel tattoo on the forearm

Yeiayel means “The Right Hand Of God”. Angel Yeiayel is the angel of Fame and Renown. A render of a statue of Yeiayel is the focus of this angel sleeve tattoo.

Tattoos with an angel on a leg – Girls often make a tattoo with the image of a little angel on a shin. This tattoo looks stylish and interesting, attracting attention of others and brings admiring glances.

Mysterious Shrouded Angel

A catching angel figure tattoo on the leg

In the image is a black work angel tattoo. The angel is shrouded, with cloth wound around her body.

Shaded Traditional Style Angel Wings

Accurate small angel wings tattoo looks stunning on foot

This traditional-style angel wings tattoo uses shading for added details and depth.

Tattoos with angel’s wings are chosen equally by women and men. Usually wings are depicted on collarbones. This looks interesting and bright. Men usually do tattoos with the image of a guardian angel with wings and girls also get tattoos only with wings. Men’s tattoos with wings usually look more masculine, as feminine tattoos look gentle and soft.

Angel Wing Full Sleeve Tattoo

An angel wing as a sleeve tattoo is an astonishing design

A detailed angel wing adorns the wearer’s entire arm for a stunning angel sleeve tattoo.

Single Angel Wing Chest Tattoo

A wonderful angel wing tattoo on a man’s collarbone

Common angel tattoo designs for men are angel wings, such as the image above. An angel wing is spread from the wearer’s right pectoral, over the collarbone, and ending on the right shoulder.

Minimalist Line Angel Wing Finger Pair Tattoos

Sweet fragile angel wings on thumbs – stupefying girl’s small tattoo

Small angel tattoos can also be worn on the fingers. The wearer has a minimalist angel wing inked on each thumb.

Long-feathered Sweeping Angel Wings

Woman Angel wings tattoo variant on the back

A pair of angel wings with long sweeping feathers grace the whole of the wearer’s back.

Feather Angel Wings Shoulder and Back Tattoo

Gallant Angel wings tattoo on a man’s shoulder

Shaded angel feathers embellish the wearer’s back, upper arm, and side.

Spread Wings Shoulder Tattoo

Outstanding female angel wing tattoo on the shoulder

This angel shoulder tattoo employs an angel wing stretching from the shoulder to the upper arm.

Detailed Angel Wing Shoulder and Sleeve Tattoo

A fine angel wing shoulder tattoo

An angel wing where short feathers occupy the back and shoulder ends with long feathers on his upper arms.

Praying angel is also one of the most popular tattoo styles in both sexes.

Kneeling Legionnaire Angel Torso Tattoo

A bowing angel tattoo on ribs symbolize fidelity and nobility

The kneeling angel tattoo is designed like a legionnaire: a soldier during the Ancient Roman times.

Praising Angel Chest Tattoo

A spectacular splendid angel tattoo on the chest

The angel is posed is if singing praises, his hands meeting and raised as he looks above.

Kneeling in Prayer

A tremendous praying angel tattoo

A tattoo of an angel kneeling in prayer occupies the wearer;s back with his immense wings.

Feeling great significance and sacred meaning of this symbol David Beckham, Pink, Nicole Richie have done such tattoo on their bodies.

Rainbow Pastel Angel Wings

Nicole Richie has tiny elegant angel wings on her shoulder blades

Nicole Richie’s small angel wings tattoo at her shoulder blades are done in fine detail and colored in rainbow pastel.

Themed Angel Tattoo Designs

David Beckham often turns to angel theme in hes tattoos

Football Superstar David Beckham has many themed angel tattoos: a haloed tattoo with the words “In the Face of Adversity” and clouds framing her. cherubs representing his sons, Roman literature characters Cupid and Psyche, a flame-bearing angel with the quote  “Let Them Hate as Long as They Fear”, and a bald guardian angel tattooed on his upper back.

Guardian Angel and Star

Angel tattoo is a surprising choice for such a “bad girl” as Pink

On singer P!nk’s left shoulder blade is a black work guardian angel looking after a flaming star. The star represents P!nk herself, meaning the guardian angel is looking after her.

Sketches of Angel Tattoos