150+ Tender Mother Tattoos Ideas for Man and Women 2018

We often come across the couples tattoos, who are eager to show their deep love and special connection to each other by placing the same sketches and images. 

But what about that one person in your life who will be always there for you no matter what? 

The importance of mother in life of every single person is hard to describe especially when it comes to the relationship between mother and daughter. 

That’s why mother daughter tattoos have found its popularity within families. 

What does the mother daughter tattoo mean?

The eternal bond between mother and daughter is often found in the form of art. 

And there is no other meaning of such beautiful tattoos than showing pure love, devotion, support in any situation, for the mother her daughter will be the most precious person no matter what. 

While the daughter shows her gratitude and will try to make the best to make her mother proud. 

The mother daughter tattoo is another way or form to show the connection between these two women, who will be always united. This is what makes this relationship special. 

What are the most common designs?

There are no specific sketches or images for mother and daughter tattoos, they can be either small or big and designed in any possible patterns. 

The most important is to show the link and strong bond between mother and a daughter. 

But of course there are still more favorite pictures that became popular within the time, that are both exclusive and female. The designs can be divided into two categories. 


  1. Infinity heart tattoos: the most favorite tattoo chosen by mother and the daughter, the symbol of eternity and love in one. It also means respect that will last forever. 
  2. Puzzle pieces: these sketches may vary in design and size, but the whole picture should make sense only when both of the ladies stand next to each other. This way they complement each other and show that they are complete only when together. 
  3. Ying Yang pattern: another classical and traditional image that has existed for centuries already.Women choose this symbol again to underline the meaningful bond they have and how strongly they need each other. 


  1. Ankle bracelet tattoos: these small but elegant tattoos should be done exactly the same for both ladies and will mean true, unconditional love for each other. 
  2. Japanese art tattoos: be careful while applying this tattoo as basically the initial will say “mother and “daughter” but in Japanese, so take an extra care while checking the spelling and meaning. 
  3. Key and lock tattoos: this design may complement each other, for example, mother is applying a lock tattoo while the daughter has a key to it. Such a sketch will also mean how lonely and incomplete mother is without her daughter, the key to her happiness. 
  4. Elephant and a baby: it has become also one of the favorite designs for mother and daughters, as the image is not big, but rather cute. The design vary but the most common one is the picture of mother elephant holding the trunk of her baby. 
  5. Though you can always go for something unique and extraordinary, making your own image that only two of you understand, or some meaningful and cute inscription. 

It might be either childhood memory or even event. The tattoo is special the same way as relationship between mother and daughter.

Placement of the tattoo

While some people believe the place of the tattoo doesn’t really matter it would be more logical to place it exactly at the same part of the body for both ladies. 

This way you show your identity and similarity as well as mother daughter tattoo will look more natural and understandable. 

The mother daughter tattoos are getting more and more popular which is totally incredible how world is changing. 

Would you even imagine a few years ago to ask your mom to make a tattoo for yourself only, without even daring to offer mutual one? 

Such tattoos become socially acceptable and moreover valuable. 

Just take a look at celebrities like Julia Roberts,

who has the names of her kids inked at the back or Angelina Jolie who didn’t risk to put all the name of the kids, but instead chose smarter way and inked the geographical coordinates of their births.

The fathers celebrities are much more active, caring for their daughters and sons, like Johnny Depp or Sylvester Stallone.

The relationship between parents and kids is truly special, while mother and daughter one is really something unique and precious, there will be not enough words or tattoos to express its importance.

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