150 Unique Hip Tattoos Designs & Cool ideas for Man and Woman

Hip tattoos are preferred by brave people who aren’t afraid of showing off their bodies. It looks sexy and impressive, especially on a fit strong body. Let’s learn more about hip tattoos and their unique features.

If you have doubts about getting a hip tattoo, then you should compare all the advantages and disadvantages you may have in case you get it. First of all, let’s look at the pluses:

  1. There’s enough space for a pretty big design. So, you can make almost every idea real. 
  2. This kind of tattoo can be helpful for hiding some of your extra weight, which is usually a problem for girls. 
  3. A hip tattoo looks very sexy. 
  4. Almost every sketch goes well with this part of your body. But first you’d better get some recommendations from your tattoo master.

Speaking of hip tattoos we should also pay attention to its minuses:

  1. If you gain or lose weight easily then be ready to see transformations of your tattoo. Eventually, it may become faded. 
  2. Getting older we can see that skin loses its elasticity. It’s one of the reasons for a hip tattoo to lose it’s quality and sharpness. 
  3. If you prefer big pictures to small ones, then be ready because they give in to transformations easier because of their size. 

Obviously, we can speak about all these things only individually. There are a lot of people who get a hip tattoo and have no problems with it.

How painful it is

The level of pain can be named individually. It depends on several factors:

If we want to generalize all the information about the hip tattoos and their pain level then we may say that it’s not so painful to get a tattoo on the upper thigh. The inner thigh is known as a very painful space for a tattoo.

Hip Tattoos For Boys And Girls

To choose a perfect picture for your future tattoo on the hip you may be inspired by the ideas shown in the photos below. Pay attention to the meaning of every sketch. Hip tattoos are more common among the girls and that’s why for women it’s easier to find a good variant than for men. 

Hip Tattoos For Girls

  1. Animals are one of the most popular ideas for girls’ hip tattoos. It symbolizes independence and freedom and looks really cool. 
  2. If you wanna show your romantic personality and express all your kindness, then you’d like flowers on your hip. 
  3. Ethnic motives are really popular among girls. It means that this or that woman believes in the power of nature and really loves this world. 
  4. Skulls can be frightening. They look crazy and very unusual. A skull means that this person is very brave and strong inside and ready to do crazy things. 

Hip Tattoos For Boys

  1. Journeys and animals. Two ideas at the same time. Usually, the motive of travels (such as a ship or car) is preferred by persons who really love traveling. It means freedom and the will of learning this world.  Animals are symbolizing power, strength and confidence. The perfect animals for men are wolves and bears. 
  2. The face is a modern cool idea for men’s tattoos. Some guys prefer ugly faces showing their inner world. Some of them like the opposite thing – the face of a pretty girl, which shows their special love to this or that time of a woman. 
  3. A skull on a man’s hip has a meaning of confidence. It shows that this person will never give up and is ready to fight till the end. 
  4. Cross. One of the best ways to decorate a man’s body. A cross shows that this man believes in himself, but sometimes it may have a religious meaning. It’s very popular to put wise quotes near your cross to highlight its meaning and express your own thoughts. 

Taking care of a hip tattoo

There are no special features in taking care of your hip tattoo. But you must follow some rules if you want to keep the quality of your picture and the bright colors of it:

  1.  Don’t take a bath the first 7 days after getting a hip tattoo. Also, it’s not recommended to go to the swimming pool. 
  2. It’s better to avoid doing any kind of sports the first 5-7 days after getting a tattoo on your hip. It may damage the quality of your pic easily. 
  3. Use special cream 3-4 times a day to expedite the process of recovering.  
  4. Don’t touch and scratch your tattoo while recovering. 

After making you a tattoo your master should give you special instruction with some important recommendations on how to take care of your tattoo. Read it carefully and follow all the rules written on it. Remember, it’s not only about the quality of your tattoo but also about your own health! 

Remember that your skin is damaged really hard from a tattoo. That’s why you should be very careful with it. If you have any problems with the process of recovery or your skin hurts you should call your tattoo master and tell them everything about your problem in details.

Celebrities with Tattoos on Their Hips

Tattoos on hips are really popular all over the world. Some of the celebrities such as actresses or actors, singers and some others have them and aren’t afraid of showing them while staying on the red carpet. Let’s have a look at these famous people with hip tattoos:

1. Pink with her dragon tattoo.

2. Rihanna with letters on her hip.

3. Lady Gaga and the unicorn on her hip.