152 Best Tattoo Quotes To Express The Inner Word Of Yours

If you are more attracted to tattoos of inscriptions, you should think about the quotation, and the content of the tattoo. Then think about it’s image, shape and size.

German Quote Tattoo

The German script in this tattoo is written in a beautiful style that looks like a poem on her body. Quote tattoos on arms are some of the most popular styles.

Delicate Japanese Quote

“Whatever happens, you should overcome it” is a strong statement paired with a light and delicate print down her spine. It shows that strength doesn’t always have to be bold. Spine tattoo quotes look great with Japanese symbols.

English, Khmer, and Thai Quotes

Angelina Jolie is a spiritual person who beautifully blends three different languages into harmonious tattoos that exemplify her spirituality and passion.

Symbolic Animals Mixed With Khmer Quote

These Khmer quotes paired with the strong animal tattoos gives an impression of power and mystery.

A Circular Quote Within A Larger Tattoo

This enchanting inscription blends in with the leafy design of the whole tattoo, with the quote as the centerpiece.

Bold Yet Simple Shoulder Statement

The dark ink and thick lines of this shoulder tattoo make it stand out against her light skin, but the size and design are both simple. This is the perfect example of a bold yet simple tattoo.

Small But Mighty Arm Quote

This small inscription really stands out on her bare arm and creates a powerful image, that something so small can demand so much attention.

Simple Khmer Designs

This Khmer quote is meant to accentuate the power of the tigers. In this tattoo, the quote is not meant to stand out, but to enhance the tigers.

Japanese Cherry Blossoms and A Small Quote

Pairing the tattoo of gorgeous cherry blossoms with the small Japanese text shows how well nature and man go together.

Striking Face Quote Tattoo

The best way for people to get to know you and take you seriously is by declaring who you are by tattooing the best words that represent you, right on the most visible part of your body.

Tattoo Quotes for Men With Personal Meaning

Sometimes tattoos aren’t meant to be beautiful quotes or witty words. Sometimes they are meant to be meaningful just for one person.

You Don’t Have To Know The Language To Love The Quote

It’s easy to fall in love with inscriptions from other languages when they look as beautiful as this Khmer script. If you love what it means, you don’t need to know the language for the inscription to have meaning to you.

Strong Back, Strong Words


Life quote upper back tattoo

Inspiring quote tattoos make a bigger statement if they’re design if they stand out, and this quote design, on a strong back shows the strength behind the quote.

True Dedication

Quotes for tattoos, as a rule, should be appropriate to the nature and desire of people, illustrate feelings and principles. Tattooing your face shows true dedication to your love of tattoos.

Forearm Quote Tattoos Can Be Small And Sweet

Tattoos don’t always have to be bold statements. Sometimes they can be short and sweet statements meant to create joy.

Powerful Chinese Quote Tattoo

One Chinese word can convey more than an entire quote in another language. By tattooing the word “force”, we can tell this person is strong and a force to be reckoned with.

Gorgeous Hand Quote

The beauty of this simple flower paired with the flowing script makes this hand tattoo seem like it has magical meanings.

Tattoo Quotes That Honor Ancestors

There is no better way to show your love and respect for cultures and your own history than by using tattoos of their inscriptions and pictures. This is an example of deep respect created with quotes and pictures.

Wise Upper Back Tattoo

And tough people aren’t afraid to let you know how tough they are, by boldly announcing it as a strong upper back tattoo.

Song Lyrics

Life quote wrist tattoo

Song lyrics can have so much meaning in them and are great choices for tattoos. Songs relate to us like nothing else, and lyric tattoos allow us to express how songs make us feel.

Delicate Collarbone Quote

Life quote collar bone tattoo

Birds are a symbol of freedom and their presence in this quote tattoo makes it clear that sometimes you have to free yourself from the past to move toward the future.

Small But Mighty Statement Tattoo

Reassuring life qoote collar bone tattoo

She refuses to sink, and her tattoo rises high on her body, to declare that she will not sink. Sometimes small quote tattoos have the biggest messages.

Scripture Tattoo

Girl Shoulder Scripture Tattoo

Scriptures tend to be very popular tattoo quotes for girls. When religion and scripture mean everything to you, there is no better way to show your love than by quoting the scripture on your body.

Leaving It Up To Fate Quote


Girl quote tattoo on the ribs

This bold red and black rib tattoo says that reality is created by the weaver, meaning we don’t guide our actions but Fate has a plan for us.

Matching Wrist Tattoos

Though these two inscriptions are not the same, they mirror each other to create a sense of delicate harmony.

Brushstroke Chest Quote

Chest quote tattoos for guys is currently a huge trend. This quote looks like it was painted on with brushstrokes, to look like traditional Chinese writing. The tattoo’s position close to the heart shows it has deep significance.

Japanese Symbols and Quotes

Quote tattoos on arms always look great, but the pictures add a nice flair.Ravens and katanas are big parts of Japanese culture and mythology. Pairing them with this quote shows a love for Japanese culture.

 Unique Back-Of-The-Arm Tattoo

Quote tattoos on arms are common, but you don’t often see tattoos just on the back of the arm, so this inscription is unique and stands out against the rest of the bare body. The simple designs are made powerful by their uninterrupted presence.

 A Bold Inscription With Simple Design

The blacks and reds of this calf tattoo accentuate each other and make the quote stand out amongst the flowers. Calves seem to be popular spots for quote tattoos for guys.

A Quote That Accentuates The Design

In some cases the inscription is meant to enhance the beauty of the rest of the design. The dragon stands out more but it is more powerful because of the inscription. Tattoo quotes for men are often simple like this, paired with interesting designs.

French Song Lyrics

Song lyrics allow us to put into words what we are feeling in our hearts. Putting song lyrics on your body, as a tattoo, allows the world to see your heart

Wrist Tattoo Quotes For Girls

Bigger isn’t always better. This simple wrist inscription may seem small, but its meaning is large.

A Tattoo Quote Down The Spine

The spine is the most important group of bones in the body. A quote that follows the curve of the spine becomes just as important and meaningful as the spine itself. Spines are some of the most popular locations for tattoo quotes for men.

Watercolor Quote

This inscription looks like a watercolor painting on the body. Not only does the quote have meaning, but the watercolor design makes the meaning become more beautiful.

Delicate Spine Tattoo Quotes

Tattoos down the spine show importance but the delicate design of this inscription only adds to it’s power.

Over-The-Heart Quote

Tattoo quotes for men that are on the chest look extra manly. Quotes that are close to the heart are not only meaningful, but have deep significance that should be shared with others in the form of a tattoo.

Doctor Who Quote

When you really love something and you want the world to know, pairing quotes and images from the thing you love is the perfect declaration.

Tattoos-inscriptions about the family – they’re not just pretty pictures, but also a kind of symbol, a reminder of the family relationship and the love of family, a constant source of inspiration and a kind of amulet.

Family Quote Tattoos On Arm

Family quote tattoo on the forearm

Family should be the most important thing to people, and getting tattoos about your family shows how much you love them.

Sad Family Rib Tattoo


This beautiful, yet sad, tattoo shows that leaving is only done so you can come back together. Ribs are a hidden but beautiful place for tattoo quotes for girls.

Family Is A Haven

In a sometimes cruel world like ours, family can often be the only thing keeping us sane. Sometimes a tattoo reminder of this can give us clarity.

Forearm Song Lyrics

Life affirming quote hand tattoo

Small forearm quote tattoos have become more popular for quotes that have a lot of meaning. When you have meaningful song lyrics you want to be constantly reminded of, the forearm is the perfect place for a tattoo.

Where can you get a Quote?

It does not matter, the primary goal is that these words have a special secret meaning for you.

Alice In Wonderland Quote

Tattoo with quote for girls

Lovers of Alice In Wonderland will recognize that this quote shows how lost in the world this person is, though the permanency of this tattoo will probably always guide them back.

Powerful Thigh Quote

Tattoo with quote for girls

Your legs are what keep you moving, your source of power. To make a bold statement, quotes that are tattooed on the thighs do not have to be large to convey their power.

Quote That Makes You Think

Tattoo with quote for girls

Sometimes we don’t understand how much we mean to someone. This beautiful quill and quote combo really make you think.

It may be sayings, wise sayings, and excerpts from the Bible or just quotes from favorite books, pieces of poetry or sonnets, or passages of good songs.

Elaborate Forearm Quote

This cardiology line that becomes a quote is a simple reminder to take a breath, and life will go on.

Upper Back Latin Tattoo

Upper back Latin quote tattoo

The quote itself is subtle but it stands out in the spot just below her neck. “Life is Beautiful”, just like the tattoo.

Bible Verse Rib Tattoo


Bible verse ribs tattoo

Bible verses have so much meaning and are the perfect way to always have His word and touch with you wherever you go.

The meaning of a tattoo should reflect on the person; it must illustrate his or her life principles, his or her personal position with regard to some things, or life in general.

Inner Arm Tattoo

The inner arm is a very sensitive place for a tattoo, and is often only used for tattoos of great importance. She has placed this quote in this sensitive place because “this is on account of my loving you forever”.

Tattoo inscriptions are popular in Latin and English. But this is primarily due to the beauty of the picture, because the letters of these languages are considered more beautiful than, for example, in Russian, and there are many different calligraphy fonts.

Seize The Day

Carpe Diem collar bone tattoo

This gentle collarbone tattoo is a reminder to everyone to seize the day, Carpe Diem. This quote shows a great love for life. Collarbone tattoo quotes for girls are very popular.

Chinese characters have a remarkable property; a small number of signs can express the great content and deep meaning.

Back-Of-The-Neck Tattoo

Back neck Chinese hieroglyph tattoo

This Chinese inscription on the back of the neck looks elegant and is meant to always be seen, never hidden.

Chinese Inscriptions On The Wrist

Chinese hieroglyph wrist tattoo

Wrist tattoos are meant to be seen, by the viewer, and the one with the tattoo. Quotes on wrists are meant to be reminders that you need to see every day.

Upper Back Chinese Quote

Back neck Chinese tattoo

Spine tattoo quotes look very elegant. This simple Chinese inscription has a prominent place on her bare back, demanding attention as the only thing marking her skin.

Tattoos with Arabic inscriptions translated deserve special attention in the art of drawing patterns on the body. They have quite an interesting history.

Beautiful Arabic Design

Arabic ligature tattoo

Sometimes simpler is better. The small quote below the shoulder looks delicate and easily shows its beauty without being ostentatious.

Almost A Necklace

Arabic ligature collar bone tattoo

The placement of this Arabic tattoo makes it look almost like a necklace. With the intricate Arabic words, it is pretty enough to be a necklace.

Arabic Wrist Tattoo

The Arabic inscription is beautifully written and is in a place that is meant to be looked at often. It’s message is something that needs to be seen every day.

Neck and Upper Back Tattoo

Tattoos in this position are meant to be seen, which means that the quote’s meaning is something everyone should learn.

Tattoos found with inscriptions in Spanish are especially popular. They have not only an infinite number of fonts, but also excellent statements and touching phrases.

Spanish Forearm Tattoo

The beautiful flowing script of this quote makes the tattoo seem to have some divine or elegant meaning.

A Painting Without Paint

“Amor Vincit Omnia” is a phrase that describes a deep love. It is also the name of a famous painting from Renaissance times. A tattoo with this quote shows an appreciation of art and love.

Spanish Song Lyrics

Just like with English, song lyrics in Spanish can make a beautiful and important message in the form of a tattoo quote.

Artistic Forearm Tattoo

Beautiful Spanish arm tattoo

Not only is this quote simple and sweet, but the font and design are eye-catching and beautiful. Forearm word tattoos are meant to be seen.

Tattoo-texts can be done in various styles, from elegant to minimal printing.

A Gentle Reminder Tattoo

Tattoo quote on girl’s hand – be here now

This simple quote is a command, a reminder to always be present and be here now.

Magical Tattoo Quote

Tattoo quote on girl’s hand – feel the magic

With the quote between the artistic hands, it looks as if the quote IS the magic. The hands have created the beauty of the quote.

Minimalist Yet Stylistic Quote Tattoo

Tattoo with quote on arm girls – hold your own

Rather than having just a simple font for a quote, adding some flair to short quotes can make them more impactful.

Quotes That Accentuate Other Designs

Tattoo with quote on girls body

Sometimes quotes are meant to get lost in the design, making it more interesting when you do find them and figure out what they mean.

An Actual Quote With Signature

Tattoo with quote on men arm

You don’t often see quotes that come with the author’s signature, but when you do you know the quote has changed this person’s life.

A Quote In The Shape Of A Pawn

Tattoo with quote on men

Tattoos like these, with the quote in the shape of a pawn, are just waiting for people to interpret the meaning. The quote by itself is interesting but there is a deeper meaning here that wants to be found out.

Harry Potter Quote Tattoo

Tattoo with quote on men

Pairing this quote with a stylistic version of The Deathly Hallows shows a love for Harry Potter, and the impact the books and this quote, has had on their life.

Design Is Everything With Forearm Word Tattoos

Tattoo with quote on men

Just like this quote says, “attitude is everything”, this tattoo’s design is everything. The statement wouldn’t be nearly so bold without the artistic design. Quote tattoos for guys tend to have bold designs like this.

Interesting Forearm Quote

Tattoo with quote on men

The love of food and the love of people resulted in this quote. This tattoo is an interesting way to say that we are all the same and food brings us together. This is definitely one of the more rare forearm quote tattoos!

Large Wrist Quote

Tattoo with quote on men

The letters in this quote stand out, due to their simple font and offset design. The message is clear, though, and should be a life lesson.

Long Quote On The Back

Back tattoo quotes

Long quotes will either take up a lot of space, or will be so small they’re almost unreadable. The perfect place for a long quote like this is the back, where the quote can be displayed in the way it should be.

Edgar Allan Poe Quote

Text tattoo on the back

This macabre poem paired with the skull and raven is a testament to this person’s love for Edgar Allan Poe. The beautiful yet extravagant font perfectly fits the dark theme.

Long Thigh Quote

Girl text tattoo on the hip

For long quotes that need to be read again and again, the thigh is a perfect place. Rather than trying to fit a long quote on the arm or wrist, this person can easily see this tattoo whenever she wants to.

Words of Affirmation

Star Text Tattoo wirh cracked skin effect

Individual words can be just as meaningful as sentences. With these words this tattoo tells us all the things this person holds dear.

Ankle Quote Tattoo

Text ankle tattoo

You don’t often see long quotes on ankles, so this tattoo is very unique. Long Bible verses are meaningful and the placement on the ankle makes it doubly interesting.

Pictures with words or quotes are better than others as they reveal the essence of man (some events or happy moments in life).

Lewis Carroll Quote

Lewis Carroll quote tattoo

Even if you don’t know where the quote came from, sometimes the design can give you hints to figure it out.

The Hunger Games Quote

Hunger Games quote tattoo

Pairing the mockingjay with the quote emphasizes this person’s love for The Hunger Games. Forearm word tattoos look even better with pictures added.

Sweet Collarbone Quote Tattoo

Love quote tattoo collar bone

The simple butterfly designs add beauty to the delicateness of the quote by complementing the font.

Stephen King Quote Tattoos On Arms

Unique Stephen King dark tower tattoo

Sometimes you don’t need the quote in order to know where the tattoo came from, but the quote is what adds meaning.

Metaphors Make Good Tattoos

Tattoo quote on the ankle

Quotes can sometimes have a meaning that won’t be understood without the picture. In this case, her heart is a cage, keeping the bluebird captive.

Tattoos with Latin text often express philosophical sense, they usually have sayings from noble and great men of antiquity.

Large Shoulder Tattoo Quotes For Men

Carpe Diem upper back quote tattoo

A tattoo this large sounds like a scream. This one screams “Seize the Day”, demanding that you live your life to the fullest.

Latin Tattoo On The Hip

You don’t often see tattoos on the hip, but this one looks dignified with the Latin quote and the extravagant design of the letters.

All Or Nothing

“Either a Caesar or Nothing”. The archaic-looking script makes a bold declaration that the tattooed person will see and be reminded of every day due to its location on the forearm. Forearm quote tattoos are great for bold declarations like this.

Latin quotes can be chosen both by men and by women.

Tattoo-inscriptions can be done anywhere on the body, but most request for quotes are placed on a hand or arm. The format of the tattoo is also determined by human preference. It can be a single word or phrase. You can put on your body a passage from liked works or expressions.

Ink And Pen Forearm Quote Tattoos

Motivation quote arm tattoo

This tattoo looks like it was written using ink and a quill. The script is so beautiful it almost looks like calligraphy.

One Worded Tattoo

Single word quote tattoo

It doesn’t always take a long quote to get your meaning across. Sometime one word is enough. With the addition of the bird and the loose font, everything about this tattoo is “free”. Small quote tattoos still convey their meaning easily.

Vertical Back Tattoo

Women quote spine tattoo

What Men Prefer

Part of a hand from the wrist to the end of the fingers – a very important place for the application of an image.

Bold Forearm Placement


Man quote arm tattoo

Tattoos with this placement are meant to look bold and make people interested in what they say.

Tattoos On Both Forearms

These two tattoos are meant to go together, and look natural when his arms are crossed. They are simple quotes when apart, more meaningful when together. Forearm word tattoos can make your arms look more fierce.

Delicate Tattoo, Strong Forearm Quote Tattoos

The gentle script and pretty birds mixed with the strong arm and bold placement shows that strong men can also be gentle.

The inside of the biceps – This place is quite difficult to hide, but is less noticeable if you do not raise your hands often.

Underarm Quote Tattoo

This tattoo can only be seen when he wants to show it. It’s a secret he only shares with people he wants to know about it.

Inner Bicep Tattooquote-tattoo-on-man-inner-bicep-5417578

The script on this tattoo is so perfect it almost looks like it’s still in a book. It looks almost perfect on his bicep.

On the neck (back) – Tattoos  made here look quite impressive.

Neck Quote Tattoo

Quote Neck Tattoo for Man

Tattoos on the side of the neck are meant to be seen. They can’t be easily covered up, so the meaning of the tattoo is something really important that needs to be shown to the world. Neck quote tattoos for guys make a bold statement.

What Girls Prefer

Tattoo with inscriptions – on the wrist.

Graceful Wrist Tattoo

Girl Quote wrist tattoo

Not only does this tattoo say “by Grace”, its design is graceful and elegant.

Nicholas Sparks Quote

Quote wrist tattoo for girls

Girls who love romance love Nicholas Sparks books. The subtle beauty of the script and the bold birds speak of romance and love.

Imaginative Quote Tattoo

Wrist quote tattoo for women

Again, sometimes one word quotes make the boldest statements. This wrist tattoo inspires artists and creators to imagine better things. Small quote tattoos look extra delicate on wrists.

Statement Wrist Tattoo

Quote wrist tattoo for woman

Women are often told they aren’t enough. But they shouldn’t have to do more for others, if they feel that they are Enough.

One of the least painful places for a tattoo is an ankle and it’s the most popular among girls and women. The ankle can be called a mini place for tattoos.

Perfectly Placed Ankle Tattoo

Girl quote ankle tattoo

This inscription is in the perfect place, where it can still be seen when wearing shoes. It’s simple and pretty design should not be covered.

Foot And Ankle Tattoo


Fantastic quote foot tattoo for girls

The quote travels across the foot where the birds fly up into the ankle. It’s easy to imagine the quote as a journey that the birds flew.

The Deathly Hallows Quote Tattoo

Harry Potter and Deathly Hallows quote ankle tattoo

This is an example of a simple quote paired with an image that enhances its meaning. The quote and the image are from the last book in the Harry Potter series.

small tattoo on a shoulder is just right. Especially at this point to do it almost painlessly.

Small Quote Tattoos Below The Collarbone

Cute small shoulder quote tattoo for girls

This part of the upper shoulder is the perfect place for small and delicate quotes like this.

Longer Bible Verse Tattoo

Psalm verse quote tattoo on the shoulder

Backs and shoulders are perfect for longer quotes, so they can be written in the clear and beautiful script they deserve.

David Beckham shared his passion of tattoos for a long time. The names of four children and his beloved wife Victoria are sealed on the neck and the hands of David.

Everyone knows that Angelina Jolie is a big fan of tattoos. The most famous inscription of the actress was considered a sign with the name of her ex-husband Billy Bob Thornton’s “Billy Bob”.

Name Tattoos

Angelina Jolie’s quote tattoo

Names can be as meaningful as full quotes, as usually they are the names of loved ones.

Katy Perry’s Arabic Tattoo

Katy Perry’s Arabic Tattoo

Arabic tattoos are always intricate, and Katy’s is on a sensitive part of her arm, making the quote seem extra important.

Victoria Beckham’s Spine Tattoo

Victoria Beckham’s Lettering-Tatto Spine Tattoo

Victoria Beckham may look delicate, but she’s a strong woman. In the same sense, her tattoo may look thin but it has an important meaning. Victoria makes spine  tattoo quotes sexy.

Megan Fox’s Shoulder Tattoo

Megan Fox’s quote shoulder tattoo

Megan’s tattoo fits perfectly on her shoulder, allowing the design and font to be large and intricate.

Sketches of Tattoos