Top 100 Best Dragonfly Tattoos — Manly Designs And Ideas

In different cultures the symbol of a dragonfly has its own meaning. But the general idea is almost the same: a dragonfly symbolizes new beginnings and fresh ideas. Let’s get acquainted with this idea better and learn some special features about it. 

Does dragonfly tattoo fit me?

The design of a dragonfly is more common among girls. But sometimes we can see it on the man’s body just in a different style or combination. Speaking about special features of personality, we may say that a dragonfly goes perfect with the next ones:

If you think that these unique qualities describe you pretty well then this tattoo is for you.

What ideas does a dragonfly tattoo emphasizes?

In general we may explain the meaning of a dragonfly tattoo using following ideas:

  1. Different life metamorphoses. 
  2. Revival. 
  3. Transformations. 
  4. Freedom. 
  5. Spirituality.

On your body this tattoo will reflect these ideas and show your agreement with them.

Dragonfly in different cultures

The dragonfly as a symbol was very common all over the world. In different culutures it had its own meaning. 

Let’s learn some more information about the most popular ones:

  1. Japanese culture. Dragonfly in this culture was the symbol of a successful battle. It showed the strength and braveness of the army and was used during the war. 
  2. American culture. Native Americans believed that a dragonfly takes souls of dead people. That’s why a dragonfly tattoo for them symbolized renewal and revival. 
  3. Chinese culture. Chinese people think that a dragonfly is a symbol of coming summer and a new beginning. A dragonfly for them is a weakness, but they mean the best qualities of it. As we can see this tattoo is very femine in this culture.

It’s important to say that in Europe s dragonfly is associated with witches and black magic. It was a black sign and people used to be afraid of it.

Choosing the best spot for a dragonfly tattoo

If you’re looking for the best spot for a dragonfly tattoo then pay special attention to the next ideas separated according to gender:

  1. For boys. The manlike tattoo of a dragonfly looks perfect on a hand or forearm. It’s a good addition for your whole sleeve as a small detail. 
  2. For girls. Female tattoos of a dragonfly are usually put on the back or hip. More rarely on a hand or forearm.

You may choose whatever spot of your body for a dragonfly tattoo, but it can look unusual or even inappropriate. Be careful choosing a suitable place and ask for some recommendations from your tattoo master about it.

In the search of perfect style

Sometimes the style of tattoo can easily spoil the idea or sketch. That is why it’s important to choose the proper style of your dragonfly tattoo at first. Professionals think that the coolest options here are the following:

  1. Dotwork. Perfect idea for those who appreciate black colours and want to express his or her idea into imagination by putting in it some fantastic or magical details. 
  2. Realism. Awesome way to show your dragonfly as it is. You can make it even more real using special shadows or 3D effects. 
  3. Minimalism. If you prefer small pictures on your body without difficult structure and things like that, then you should pay attention to this style. It consists of simple lines and ideas and usually uses only one colour. Also, it’s the best style of tattoo for people who have a low pain tolerance. 
  4. Watercolour. The style which perfectly repeats watercolour pictures on your body. It’s usually chosen for tattoos of nature and animals. Very artistic and unique way to make your dragonfly tattoo.

Depending on the whole tattoo and your own sketch it may be any other style. But these styles described above are more common and convinient. Also you may choose several matching styles to make your tattoo more interecting and unique.

Dragonfly tattoo and its variations

Men and women prefer different variations of a dragonfly. Modern options include different additions and absolutely new ideas. Let’s have a look at them:

  1. Man style. Boys usually prefer the classical symbol of a dragonfly. It can be used as a part of a sleeve. The dragonfly as a tattoo for men doesn’t move, just sits naturally. Men choose natural styles for their dragonfly tattoo.
  2. Girls’ ideas. A dragonfly tattoo for girls usually is portrayed with some additional elements like flowers, plants or the other dragonflies. The most popular tattoo style here is watercolour.

Look through the next photos, they can help you to choose the best idea for your tattoo of a dragonfly.